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Last updated 05:00 31/10/2012

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A labour of love

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I finished work on the Friday and had my little man on the Tuesday at 2.45am, so much for my three weeks off.

I was looking forward to doing a bit of nesting, but it didn't pan out that way.

The Saturday night was taken up with a speedway meeting in Dunedin, where my partner and friends kicked me out of the pits - to fat to work on the car, apparently.When I was leaving I said to my friend Nic that I couldn't wait for the baby to come. Nic helpfully, lightly and jokingly, pressed on the top of my bump and said: ''Out baby, out.''

And that was the start of it all. After a long trip home I spent most of the day in my spa bath suffering from Braxton Hicks.

On Monday I felt better, so got a few jobs done. Then I got a reminder call from my midwife about an appointment. At that, she said I was all good to go some time in the next three weeks.

In the afternoon, even more bored, I decided to clean out my linen closet. As I couldn't get down that far to the floor I piled some towels and sat down. After half an hour of cleaning my waters broke - on the towels. No mess to clean up here.

I was in labour from 2.30pm till 2.45am. He arrived three weeks early.

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