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Last updated 05:00 03/11/2012

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A labour of love

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OK, so I am sitting here in front of my computer waiting patiently for the arrival of my third baby. I'm uncomfortable, and hoping that this little one arrives sooner rather than later.

My first little girl was six days late. My waters broke around 36 hours before, so I had plenty of warning.

I went to the hospital at around the 36-hour mark (that is the suggested time before the risk of infection increases I believe), where I was monitored. Nothing. So I was induced.

After a whole night of increasing contractions and pain, with no sleep, my midwife decided an epidural was the way to go so I could have a decent sleep before I had to start pushing.

The epidural was heavenly - I fully recommend it. My little girl was born weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces.

My next child, a little boy, was 2.5 weeks early. Again my waters broke, but this time I was ready to go back to the hospital after 24 hours at about 8am.

Contractions started very slowly and I was given a drug to speed things up. After an epidural that took three attempts to get right - while I was having pretty major contractions and being told to keep still.

The relief to finally get it in place was amazing. In my first birth I had an episiotomy, and I just couldn't imagine my midwife having to slice me again without the epidural. A few hours later he was born at 4.30pm. He was expected to arrive on January 5, but he arrived on Christmas Eve. He weighed 7 pounds 8 ounces.

My next baby, another boy, is due on November 11. I am hopeful that he too will be early. He already seems massive, so I want him out before he gets an bigger.

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