Ever been a lab rat?


Have you ever been part of a drug trial or social experiment? We want to hear your story.

Does NZ need a new anthem?

Does our national anthem make you proud to be Kiwi?

The Labour leader says our anthem is a 'dirge', what do you think? Does it inspire or bore you?

Offenders in our communities

Should you be told if there is someone dangerous in your community?

Why I learned te reo

te reo

Have you learned te reo or has it been passed on to you? Share what the language means to you.

Mental illness discrimination

Dr Sarah Gordon advocates for people with mental illness.

Tell us about your experiences and views on attitudes towards mental health in our country.

Are you 'middle class poor'?


Are you and your family feeling the financial squeeze? We want to hear about your experiences.

Original Mini memories


The Mini is a tiny car with a big history - what kind of mischief did you get up to in the tiny original?

Building a better construction industry


Have you experienced a botched building job? What needs to change in NZ's construction industry?

Tell us your Expat Tale


If you're a brave Kiwi living the expat dream abroad, share your experiences with us.

Select your All Blacks first XV

All Blacks

It's a NZ rugby depth dilemma - how to choose a top team from such a wealth of All Blacks talent?

Public transport etiquette

Wellington bus

Anyone who rides public transport knows those difficult moments when no-one is quite sure how to act.

Help young business women


Share the lessons you've learnt in business that you wish you'd known when you were starting out.

Born too soon

The rollercoaster of having a baby born prematurely is one you cannot prepare for. Share your story.

Do we need a rental WoF?

Do we need tighter controls of the quality of private rental homes in New Zealand?

Medical cannabis: Your views

Should New Zealand legalise cannabis for medicinal use?

Should New Zealand legalise cannabis for medicinal - but not recreational - use?

Single parent struggles

single parents

We're looking for single parents to share an insight into the challenges they face in bringing up kids solo.

Aurora Australis in your skies

aurora australia

Bleary-eyed photographers have been up for the past few nights taking extraordinary photos.

Have you studied abroad?

studying paris student

A semester overseas can open up a whole new world - both in education and life experiences.

Unofficial in-flight etiquette

flight plane

We've all felt it. It starts as a small twitch of testiness when your tired arm finds the armrest occupied.

Gambling on our kids' future


Should we be doing more to educate young people about the risks of gambling? If so, what?

Go Pro whoa moments

Kite surfing

Whether it's wind, water, or wild sports in some other realm, the Go Pro can provide some wicked footage.

Winning winter veg recipes

Root vegetables

Roasting, baking, frying or transforming them entirely, how do you make the most of your veggies?

Was the test in Samoa worth it?

All Blacks

Was the All Blacks test in Samoa a risk worth taking in Rugby World Cup year? Should it happen again?

Wwoofing around the world


Sometimes the true local experience when travelling is just a wwoof away.

Want a side of child with that?

child coffee

Parents, punters and hospo workers with a position, tell us how you feel about children in cafes.

A Kiwi winter wonderland

As the snow flurries spread, share photos and videos of your favourite wintry moments.

Making the move to NZ

New Zealand

Have you moved from overseas to make New Zealand your home? Share your story.

ABs v Samoa: Back your boys

All Black Sonny Bill Williams

Are you amping for the All Blacks' first ever game in Samoa? Get involved by sharing your support.

Your Super Rugby final

Highlanders celebrate Super Rugby final win

The Highlanders beat the Hurricanes to claim their first Super Rugby title, but what did you make of the match?

How do you rate the NCEA?

NCEA exams

Is the NCEA still the best way to measure Kiwi kids' academic achievements?

Fighting fat in NZ

child on scales

Banning junk food advertising... taxing fizzy drinks... what would help tackle NZ's obesity crisis?

Social media dos and don'ts

Social media devices

What are your biggest bugbears when it comes to social media? Shares your online dos and don'ts.

Fixing Auckland's traffic woes

Evening traffic crawls along Auckland's Northwestern Motorway

Share your vision on the best ways to ease congestion and keep people on the move in Auckland.

An awesome group of mates

All Blacks haka

Do you have the best neighbourhood, community group, or support team in town?

Kids and doppelganger dolls

Doppelganger toys

Do you know a child with a doll or toy that looks just like them?

Is your pet an 'ugly' beauty?

world's ugliest dog

Do you have a pet with a face or attitude that only a mother could love? Celebrate them here.

Your dream movie sequels

Maverick is returning to our skies and screens. Who else deserves a comeback?

The news of Top Gun 2 took our breath away, and got us thinking about what we'd make next.

Show your Super team pride!


Do you bleed blue and gold or black and yellow? We want to see your fan support ahead of the Super final.

Auckland: rate the rates rise


Are you concerned about the impact of Auckland's new long-term plan on your household budget?

Your Auckland property plan


The Auckland property market is continuing its meteoric rise. What you think should be done?

My job isn't what you think

job frustration

Do you have a job that everyone misunderstands? This is your time to set the record straight.

Rate the Black Caps' tour

Ross Taylor

Who were the Black Caps' best performers during their England tour and who needs to raise their game?

Your fave movie characters

Daniel Craig

Whether it's a hero or villain, friend or foe, tell us about the movie characters you can't get enough of.

NZ film festival highlights

Film festival

What are your favourite movie memories from New Zealand's International film festivals past and present?

The best to wear black?

Steve Hansen

The All Blacks wider squad has been named, who are the charmed, the lucky and the unfortunate?

My NZ sevens dream team

Julian Savea

Savea, SBW and Barrett - awesome All Blacks who'd run amok in sevens, who is your dream seven?

Cyclists, do you feel safe?

cyclists cycling

We want to hear from cyclists on what it's like to ride the roads in your city.

Your favourite Makos moments


The Save the Makos campaign? Winning the ITM Cup in 2013? Share your Makos highlights.

Should schools rule looks?

Lucan Battison

Are rules on appearance necessary at schools or should we be focusing on behaviour and learning?

Pet of the day

pet of the day

Does your pet deserve a moment of glory on New Zealand's biggest news website? Bring it on.

Women making a difference

Women of Influence 2015

Share your experience of the reality of being a working woman and making a difference in 2015.

Who's your favourite pro wrestler?

The Ultimate Warrior

It's never been fashionable to admit you're a wrestling fan, but we're keen to hear about your favourite star.

Is it time to vote reality TV off?

American Idol

Watching people attempt to cook, sing, fix houses or be ninjas is fun, but how much more can we take?

Women who inspired us

Helen Clark

We want to hear about the women who have had a lasting impact on your life.

Budgeting tips from Kiwi savers

Piggy bank, money

How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them here.

Dinner party delights

Dinner party

Share your menu choices and top tips for hosting a winning dinner party.

What's hot on your TV screen?

Watching TV

Does something on the small screen have you hooked? What is this gem and why do you like it so much?

Only ODIs or tests are best?

Some cricket fans love the tradition of the five day ga me, others prefer the thrill of smashing out 100 overs.

Organised fun at work

work drinks

Work-related 'fun days' and activities - what are the best and worst ones you've been part of?

Your best trick photography


What are the best images you've created through apps, filters or editing in post production?

What motivates you?

Motivation success exercise

What gets you up and at 'em, when you'd secretly rather be taking it easy?

Locked-in love stories

love locks

As Paris' famous bridge of locks is dismantled, we want to hear about your love mementos.

Doing daddy daycare

baby daddy

Have you been a stay-at-home dad, or the partner of one? Share your experience here on Stuff.

New ideas for old junk


Have you taken rubbish like tyres or bottles and made them into something beautiful?

Organ donation in NZ

Heart and organ donation

New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of organ donation. What can be done to change that?

Travel photo competition


Do you have a holiday snap that deserves a bigger audience? Send it to us and be in to win a camera!

Rate your school reports

school pupil

Do you get the right information to understand how your child is getting on at school?

Crusaders, what went wrong?


How the mighty have fallen. Fourteen years in the playoffs and now this. How did the Crusaders get here?

Breast cancer battle scars

Emerald Reid

Help raise awareness of the impact breast cancer has on Kiwi lives by sharing your story.

Your 2015 Budget reactions

Budget 2015

Did the government get it right for the 2015 Budget? What would you have done differently?

Religion in schools: your views


A father is taking his daughter's school to court over Bible classes - where do you stand?

What next after Campbell Live?

Campbell Live is coming to an end. Is that the right decision and what do you want to see replace it?

What does NZ represent?

New Zealand flags and the Beehive, Wellington

What does being a New Zealander mean to you and what do you want our national flag to represent?

In the (school) zone

Jessica Vermeer

What lengths have you gone to to get your child into the 'right' school?

You and your mobile phone

People on mobiles

Are you lost without your mobile or are our phones the things that are making us miss out?

Do refs have too much power?

Referee Glen Jackson.

Referees are in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons - are we right to criticise?

What I need in the Budget


What's the one thing the Government could include in the Budget that would make your life better?

Out of this world travel pics

Travel photography

Share the best photos you've taken on your travels and let us in on your photography secrets.

Is NZ a 'gay basher'?

Kiwi speed skater Blake Skjellerup

Have you struggled with acceptance or witnessed someone who has faced prejudice?

DIY ideas for kids' parties


Have you found a crafty way to make a child's party beautiful and budget-friendly?

Scored a selfie with Prince Harry?

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has hit New Zealand's shores and there are plenty of opportunities for Kiwis to get snaps.

Would you step in to help?

Would you step in, raise the alarm, or just walk away?

Have you seen a fight or crime and stepped in to help? Or is it better to just call the cops?

Who should help the homeless?


What's the homeless situation like where you live? And who should be doing the most to help?

What next for NZ sex ed?

Sex education

What should schools be teaching our kids about sex, and when should the lessons start?

Sharing the wealth of knowledge


With our ageing population, planning for retirement is becoming more important. What are your tips?

Waging a war with food

weight loss

Eating disorders are an insidious, destructive part of our society, but they are also one of the most hidden.

Tales of beloved bears

Lost teddy bear

Does your child have a teddy bear, or other toy, they simply cannot be without?

WIN a treat for your mum


Is you mum one in a million? Tell us why she's so special and you could win her some goodies.

Travel tips: Once was enough

Bungee jumping

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but what travel experiences do you never want to repeat?

What should be on NZ's flag?

new zealand flag

Does our country's current flag represent you or would you like to see something fresh flying?

New era of Kiwi league here?

Kiwis strap

These are heady times for Kiwi league fans, but do you dare dream of even bigger things ahead?

Your amazing collection


Whether you're into miniature planes or model trains, stamps or dolls, coins or cans, we want to know.

When two's a crowd

Prince george

Prince George's life is about to change dramatically. Do you remember when your sibling as born?

Rape in NZ: Join the debate


Rape in New Zealand is a big issue. It needs big solutions. Give us your opinion.

Share the love


Was it a "meet cute" or an awkward encounter? We want to hear your love story.

Is teenage drinking OK?

Drunk, drinking, teenagers, young women, girls, alcohol, wine

Do you allow your young teenagers to drink alcohol? How do you teach your kids alcohol safety?

Cycle lanes or car parks?


Would you be happy to see fewer parking spaces in your city to make way for more cycle lanes?

Standing up for selfie sticks

What do you think of selfie sticks? Have they changed the way you take photos or just driven you crazy?

Plant your Anzac memorial


Plant a living memorial to fallen soldiers this Anzac Day and share the photos here on Stuff.

WIN: Map your funny runs


Have you intentionally or inadvertently mapped a hilarious run? Show us a win a great prize.

Reunited at last

Frans Debruyne

Have you found a missing relative or long-lost loved one? We'd love to hear the story.

The darker side of hospitality


What's the worst thing you've experienced while waiting tables or serving in a bar?

The hero in your family

field of remembrance

Share the stories of the heroes and Anzac spirit that have been passed down in your family.

Worse than Dad jokes

brooklyn beckham

Have you embarrassed your kids on purpose or unintentionally with hilarious results?

Winter warming recipes

chicken casserole

We want to know what's warming your belly this winter. Send us your recipes.

Cruden is out, who's next?

Aaron cruden

With Aaron Cruden's injury causing World Cup alarm bells to ring, tell us who your top number 10 pick is.

Have you visited Gallipoli?

Anzac Cove

A journey to Anzac Cove is on the travel bucket list for many Kiwis. When did you visit and why?

Tattoos: The good, bad & ugly


From works of art that took ages to design to mistakes you're living to regret, share your tattoo tales.

Do you know a centenarian?

The woman believed to be New Zealand's oldest person says you just accept life 'as it comes'.

What's the Phoenix's future?

Do the Phoenix have a future?

Critics across the Ditch say the Phoenix bring no value to the A-League. Are they right?

Your Anzac Day reflections


April 25 marks 100 years since Anzac troops landed at Gallipoli. What does it mean to you?

Review Paul Henry for us

Paul henry

Two weeks into Paul Henry's assault on Kiwi morning TV ratings - are you a fan or foe?

Assignment: Your timelapses

Timelapse grab

Sometimes one photo just isn't enough. A timelapse though can tell an amazing story of change

How's your Housing NZ home?

state housing

We're keen to hear from Kiwi families who have made use of state housing.

Your mind-boggling puzzles


See if you can stump us with the toughest maths challenge, puzzle or riddle you know.

Seeking Kiwi super-grandparents

Do you have a grandparent who does amazing things at their age? Who would put us to shame?

Game of Thrones fan chat

Game of Thrones

Who will end up on the Iron Throne? Share your answers to the biggest questions in the seven kingdoms.

How can we stop harassment?


Do we need to change our cultural attitude towards girls and women to make them feel safer?

Travel secrets from Kiwis


With the big OE in our blood, we can assume we're a nation filled with travel knowledge.

Who will NZ's IPL stars be?

The premier franchise T20 competition is under way with 11 Kiwis peddling their wares - who's the best buy?

Is piracy ever justified?


Are there are rights when it comes to movie, TV or music piracy? Or is it just theft, plain and simple?

Have you had a home birth?


What was your experience of bringing your baby into the world at home?

Don't believe the travel hype

"I've been to a number of so-called landmarks in my time - but what the hell was this?"

Lessons from the newbies


What are the valuable lessons you learned in your first job that put you on the right career path?

Are we raising cotton wool kids?

Rope swing

Should we encourage our kids to explore and take more risks or do even more to protect them?

Super Rugby - NZ report card

Conrad Smith

Six rounds of the 2015 Super Rugby season are in the books. How are the Kiwi teams travelling?

Life hacks: Your genius fix-its

Stuff Nation

It's simple, it's genius and it makes life that little bit easier. Share your life hacks with Stuff.

Screen time or scream time?


It's one of the biggest questions (and sources of arguments) in the modern family. How do you answer?

Kid's bumper holiday quiz

kids quiz

Do you know your dinosaurs from your Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Share your labour of love


Just how was your little one bundled into the world? Did you have the experience you wanted or expected?

Seeking NZ's top office dog

New Zealand's top office dog

WIN: Can your company claim bragging rights to having the cutest workplace pooch in the country?

Your World Cup debrief

Black caps

Share your commiserations and commemorations following NZ's first ever Cricket World Cup final.

Fighting cancer upfront

Angelina jolie

"Take control and tackle head-on any health issue." Have you taken steps to fight cancer?

Howdy neighbours


Everybody needs good neighbours and we'd love to hear about yours.

Don't worry, be happy


What helps you unwind and takes the pressure off when you're feeling anxious?

Helping the Black Caps win

Cricket World Cup Grant Elliott Corey Anderson

They're just one win away, but what can the Black Caps do to secure the Cricket World Cup?

Black Caps for CWC final

Martin Guptill

What do the Black Caps need to do to beat South Africa and make it to the Cricket World Cup final?

A place to remember


On many of Christchurch's park benches, you'll find a small plaque with a name and a dedication.

For the love of meat or beasts?


Have you battled to balance your concern for animal welfare over your love of a meaty meal?

Your first signs of Autumn

A duck

Have you spotted the first signs of Autumn where you live? Send us your best seasonal snaps.

My secret shame

Do you have a guilty pleasure? It's time to fess up and tell us why and how you indulge it.

My journey to home ownership

home ownership

Are you living the Kiwi property dream in your own home? Tell us how you managed to do it.

Do you believe in polyamory?


Have you ever tried an open relationship, or polyamory? Would you?

Parental guidance needed?

Toys produced for children can have very adult themes - how do decide what your kids play with?

Do you #BacktheBlackCaps?

Show your support as the New Zealand team heads towards World Cup glory.

Getting through it together

relationship marriage

Even if you've vowed to travel it either way, the better, richer, healthier path is usually a lot easier.

Is the great Kiwi OE over?


Have tougher visa laws and a tight job market changed the OE for New Zealanders?

Who are the stars of the CWC?

AB de Villiers

Which players from around the globe have made the biggest impacts in the Cricket World Cup?

Share your precious environment

Lake Wanaka

Is there a part of New Zealand, or further afield, that you treasure? Share it with others.

Child support changes: Your views


Will new child support rules impact on your week-to-week family finances?

No more negative


Whether it's your body, your attitude, your lifestyle or your career, tell us how you said 'no' to negative.

'Best' draw picks for Black Caps

Brendon McCullum

Plot NZ's path to Cricket World Cup glory discussing who, when and where they're best to meet their rivals.

Keep Kiwis alive on our roads


We want to hear from Kiwi drivers on the real impact of our road toll, and what can be done about it.

Graduating to unemployment

PROSPECTS POOR: Honours students from Massey University's  resource and environmental planning  course are without  job prospects. Top row, from left: Danielle Simpson, Simon Stewart, Matt Stulen, Bo Zhao, Shaun Harvey, Michael Duindam. Bottom row, from left: Kirsten Hauschild, Wendy Robinson, Dave Bracey, Brent Cryer.

Are you a new graduate frustrated that after years of hard work you can't find a job?

Fighting back to fit

training running injury

Have you had a sports injury put you out of action? Tell us how you fought back.

Your views on NZ spying

What do you think of the latest information on New Zealand's Five Eyes spying activities?

Action photo assignment

colour run

Show off when you've used still images to showcase moments of pure action.

Is it still the Aussies' Cup?

Are the Aussies really the World Cup favourites?

Do Australia deserve to remain the bookies' favourite? Or can we really win the Cup?

The coolest Kiwi kids


On the sports field, in the classroom, or at home, tell us about an amazing young person you know.

The greatest animal escapes


Two llamas daring to dream of a life of freedom captured our hearts and sense of liberty. We want more.

Your epic driving test fails

driver licence

About 45 per cent of drivers didn't pass their restricted licence test last year. That's a lot of fails, folks.

My weirdest health trick is...

Kim Kardashian blood facial

Want to lose weight or boost your energy? There are a lot of quick fixes out there - what's the craziest you've tried?

Should we go to Iraq?


Is joining the anti-IS coalition the "price of the club", or are we making New Zealand a target?

Are motorway tolls fair?


Should everyone pay to use Auckland's motorways or is it up to those who live in the region?

World Cup fillers or giant killers?


We want you views on the rise of the World Cup's supposed lesser teams.

Are you a medical tourist?


Have you gone overseas for "cheap" or convenient medical procedures? How did it go?

The worst gig in the world

Gig concert

The ticket wasn't cheap but you thought it would be worth it. It wasn't. Tell us why.

Your ultimate Super Rugby XV

Luke Whitelock

Who's your pick for the star of the series and who'd make the cut for your ultimate Super Rugby XV?

Feb 22, 2011: Four years on

Manchester St February 22, 2011

Everyone in Christchurch on February 22, 2011, has a story. Tell us yours.

Should we pay for Sky City?

John Key says he will take a lot of persuading to top up the Sky City bill, what about you?

From dusty to die-for


Have you taken something old and turned it into something OMG? Share your up-cycling style.

Recipes: The sweetest things


We're talking about those tempting little treats that you know are bad, but they taste so good.

Make a splash this summer

celia wade-brown

As the weather heats up and you try to cool down, show off your best splash style.

Drought 2015: Your stories


Drought has been declared for much of the South Island. How has it hit your farm?

Are you a cricket widow?


Is your other half a cricket nut? Do they always put the bat and ball before you?

WIN: A singles night out


Are you single and ready to mingle, or single and loving it thankyouverymuch? Tell us about it.

175 years on, how are we?

Dead of settlement

This year marks 175 years since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, how is New Zealand doing?

Sevens: Up for it or over it?

Sevens: Up for it or over it?

Has the Sevens lost its magic? Or do you still go every year and wouldn't miss it for the world?

Have you made a health change?

Kirsty Dunford

Have you taken control of your body and health to make a huge change in your life?

Cancer fight 'not beyond us'

Lab work

'Not beyond us' is the message behind World Cancer Day. Has the disease affected you?

Confessions: You did what!?!


What moments from your past used to make you cringe, but you can laugh about them now?

CWC video comp: Submit yours

cwc promo

Show us your best office cricket and you could win a game with a 1992 World Cup star.

Dressed to the Auckland Nines

Auckland Nine

We were pretty impressed by the costume efforts of last year's Nines, but can you do better?

When in Rome...

Michelle Obama

Do you try to adopt local customs overseas or has trying to ended up getting you in trouble?

Epic pet journeys

Ka Pai

Has your pet made a miraculous return home after going missing? Share your pet lost and found stories and photos.

The state of my nation

John key

Do you agree with the Government's changes to state housing? Give us your state of the nation address.

The buzz of saving energy


We're all keen to save a bit of coin, and the power bill is a prime place to make cuts.

Who can stop the Black Caps?

Brendon McCullum

Black Caps' brilliant form has World Cup rivals on notice - who are our biggest threats?

A Kiwi summer of awesome


We want to capture this epic season of sun from Bluff to the Bay of Islands, and we need your help.

I saw the sign, and laughed

Funny signs

Whether it's made you laugh out loud or lost for words, share the funniest signs you've seen on your travels.

Life without children

sleeping baby

Being a parent isn't for everyone. Have you chosen not to have children or did circumstances decide?

Memories of '92 World Cup


The year is 1992. Chris Harris has a full head of hair and our greatest batsman is in devastating form.

It was sooo worth it

Taj Mahal

Which tourist attractions lived up to the hype and which left you thinking 'I just don't get it'?

Attack of the drones


Let us see a different side to the world you live in through your drone footage and photos.

Black Caps: believe the hype?

Adam Milne

The Cricket World Cup is just around the corner. Can the Black Caps win the whole shebang?

Growing up two by two

Olsen twins

Twins, what was it like growing up with a built-in best friend, conspirator and competitor?

What giving back gave me

Tracy Pepper

Learning from those who do so much with so little, can change us in ways we never imagined.

Keeping Kiwis safe in water


Dozens of New Zealanders die in our waters every year. What can we do to prevent more?

Have the NZ selectors nailed it?

Adam Milne

Grant Elliott's inclusion in the World Cup squad was a major surprise on Thursday. Have the selectors got it right?

Summer of pain?

broken arm

It's all fun and games until something goes wrong. Have you had a holiday injury?

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