Fighting cancer upfront

Angelina jolie

"Take control and tackle head-on any health issue." Have you taken steps to fight cancer?

Howdy neighbours


Everybody needs good neighbours and we'd love to hear about yours.

Don't worry, be happy


What helps you unwind and takes the pressure off when you're feeling anxious?

Helping the Black Caps win

Cricket World Cup Grant Elliott Corey Anderson

They're just one win away, but what can the Black Caps do to secure the Cricket World Cup?

Black Caps for CWC final

Martin Guptill

What do the Black Caps need to do to beat South Africa and make it to the Cricket World Cup final?

A place to remember


On many of Christchurch's park benches, you'll find a small plaque with a name and a dedication.

For the love of meat or beasts?


Have you battled to balance your concern for animal welfare over your love of a meaty meal?

Travel photo competition


Do you have a holiday snap that deserves a bigger audience? Send it to us and be in to win a camera!

Your first signs of Autumn

A duck

Have you spotted the first signs of Autumn where you live? Send us your best seasonal snaps.

My secret shame

Do you have a guilty pleasure? It's time to fess up and tell us why and how you indulge it.

My journey to home ownership

home ownership

Are you living the Kiwi property dream in your own home? Tell us how you managed to do it.

Do you believe in polyamory?


Have you ever tried an open relationship, or polyamory? Would you?

Parental guidance needed?

Toys produced for children can have very adult themes - how do decide what your kids play with?

Do you #BacktheBlackCaps?

Show your support as the New Zealand team heads towards World Cup glory.

Getting through it together

relationship marriage

Even if you've vowed to travel it either way, the better, richer, healthier path is usually a lot easier.

Is the great Kiwi OE over?


Have tougher visa laws and a tight job market changed the OE for New Zealanders?

Who are the stars of the CWC?

AB de Villiers

Which players from around the globe have made the biggest impacts in the Cricket World Cup?

Share your precious environment

Lake Wanaka

Is there a part of New Zealand, or further afield, that you treasure? Share it with others.

Child support changes: Your views


Will new child support rules impact on your week-to-week family finances?

No more negative


Whether it's your body, your attitude, your lifestyle or your career, tell us how you said 'no' to negative.

'Best' draw picks for Black Caps

Brendon McCullum

Plot NZ's path to Cricket World Cup glory discussing who, when and where they're best to meet their rivals.

Keep Kiwis alive on our roads


We want to hear from Kiwi drivers on the real impact of our road toll, and what can be done about it.

Graduating to unemployment

PROSPECTS POOR: Honours students from Massey University's  resource and environmental planning  course are without  job prospects. Top row, from left: Danielle Simpson, Simon Stewart, Matt Stulen, Bo Zhao, Shaun Harvey, Michael Duindam. Bottom row, from left: Kirsten Hauschild, Wendy Robinson, Dave Bracey, Brent Cryer.

Are you a new graduate frustrated that after years of hard work you can't find a job?

Fighting back to fit

training running injury

Have you had a sports injury put you out of action? Tell us how you fought back.

Your views on NZ spying

What do you think of the latest information on New Zealand's Five Eyes spying activities?

Action photo assignment

colour run

Show off when you've used still images to showcase moments of pure action.

Is it still the Aussies' Cup?

Are the Aussies really the World Cup favourites?

Do Australia deserve to remain the bookies' favourite? Or can we really win the Cup?

The coolest Kiwi kids


On the sports field, in the classroom, or at home, tell us about an amazing young person you know.

The greatest animal escapes


Two llamas daring to dream of a life of freedom captured our hearts and sense of liberty. We want more.

Your epic driving test fails

driver licence

About 45 per cent of drivers didn't pass their restricted licence test last year. That's a lot of fails, folks.

My weirdest health trick is...

Kim Kardashian blood facial

Want to lose weight or boost your energy? There are a lot of quick fixes out there - what's the craziest you've tried?

Life without a home


Have you ever had to sleep rough, or have you come close? Share your experiences here on Stuff.

Should we go to Iraq?


Is joining the anti-IS coalition the "price of the club", or are we making New Zealand a target?

Are motorway tolls fair?


Should everyone pay to use Auckland's motorways or is it up to those who live in the region?

World Cup fillers or giant killers?


We want you views on the rise of the World Cup's supposed lesser teams.

Are you a medical tourist?


Have you gone overseas for "cheap" or convenient medical procedures? How did it go?

The worst gig in the world

Gig concert

The ticket wasn't cheap but you thought it would be worth it. It wasn't. Tell us why.

Your ultimate Super Rugby XV

Luke Whitelock

Who's your pick for the star of the series and who'd make the cut for your ultimate Super Rugby XV?

Feb 22, 2011: Four years on

Manchester St February 22, 2011

Everyone in Christchurch on February 22, 2011, has a story. Tell us yours.

Should we pay for Sky City?

John Key says he will take a lot of persuading to top up the Sky City bill, what about you?

From dusty to die-for


Have you taken something old and turned it into something OMG? Share your up-cycling style.

Recipes: The sweetest things


We're talking about those tempting little treats that you know are bad, but they taste so good.

Make a splash this summer

celia wade-brown

As the weather heats up and you try to cool down, show off your best splash style.

Drought 2015: Your stories


Drought has been declared for much of the South Island. How has it hit your farm?

Are you a cricket widow?


Is your other half a cricket nut? Do they always put the bat and ball before you?

WIN: A singles night out


Are you single and ready to mingle, or single and loving it thankyouverymuch? Tell us about it.

175 years on, how are we?

Dead of settlement

This year marks 175 years since the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, how is New Zealand doing?

Sevens: Up for it or over it?

Sevens: Up for it or over it?

Has the Sevens lost its magic? Or do you still go every year and wouldn't miss it for the world?

Have you made a health change?

Kirsty Dunford

Have you taken control of your body and health to make a huge change in your life?

Cancer fight 'not beyond us'

Lab work

'Not beyond us' is the message behind World Cancer Day. Has the disease affected you?

Confessions: You did what!?!


What moments from your past used to make you cringe, but you can laugh about them now?

CWC video comp: Submit yours

cwc promo

Show us your best office cricket and you could win a game with a 1992 World Cup star.

Fighting fat in NZ


Would you like to see taxes on fizzy drinks and companies who sell or produce fatty foods?

Dressed to the Auckland Nines

Auckland Nine

We were pretty impressed by the costume efforts of last year's Nines, but can you do better?

Cyclists, do you feel safe?

cyclists cycling

We want to hear from cyclists on what it's like to ride the roads in your city.

When in Rome...

Michelle Obama

Do you try to adopt local customs overseas or has trying to ended up getting you in trouble?

Epic pet journeys

Ka Pai

Has your pet made a miraculous return home after going missing? Share your pet lost and found stories and photos.

The state of my nation

John key

Do you agree with the Government's changes to state housing? Give us your state of the nation address.

The buzz of saving energy


We're all keen to save a bit of coin, and the power bill is a prime place to make cuts.

Who can stop the Black Caps?

Brendon McCullum

Black Caps' brilliant form has World Cup rivals on notice - who are our biggest threats?

A Kiwi summer of awesome


We want to capture this epic season of sun from Bluff to the Bay of Islands, and we need your help.

I saw the sign, and laughed

Funny signs

Whether it's made you laugh out loud or lost for words, share the funniest signs you've seen on your travels.

Life without children

sleeping baby

Being a parent isn't for everyone. Have you chosen not to have children or did circumstances decide?

Memories of '92 World Cup


The year is 1992. Chris Harris has a full head of hair and our greatest batsman is in devastating form.

It was sooo worth it

Taj Mahal

Which tourist attractions lived up to the hype and which left you thinking 'I just don't get it'?

Attack of the drones


Let us see a different side to the world you live in through your drone footage and photos.

Black Caps: believe the hype?

Adam Milne

The Cricket World Cup is just around the corner. Can the Black Caps win the whole shebang?

Growing up two by two

Olsen twins

Twins, what was it like growing up with a built-in best friend, conspirator and competitor?

What giving back gave me

Tracy Pepper

Learning from those who do so much with so little, can change us in ways we never imagined.

Keeping Kiwis safe in water


Dozens of New Zealanders die in our waters every year. What can we do to prevent more?

Have the NZ selectors nailed it?

Adam Milne

Grant Elliott's inclusion in the World Cup squad was a major surprise on Thursday. Have the selectors got it right?

Summer of pain?

broken arm

It's all fun and games until something goes wrong. Have you had a holiday injury?

Pregnancy myth busting

Duchess of cambridge

For many pregnant women, like Kate Middleton, the miracle of life isn't all smooth sailing. Help debunk pregnancy myths.

Nature's energy: Best treks

trekking nature

From South America to Asia, hungry trekkers have trodden paths into some of earth's most beautiful places.

The art of coffee

coffee art

A puddle of marbled milk won't suffice. We want ferns, we want faces, we want to see the future in our flat white.

Life in Chch: What's your story?

The Christchurch Project

Many say they wouldn't be the person they are today if it hadn't been for the quakes. Has your life changed?

Great garden secrets of NZ

rose garden

Wonderfully wild or meticulously manicured - what inspired your landscape design?

King of the castle

Mike and Pat Splinter's

It's the backyard sanctuary that all kids covet: the treehouse. Now we want to see yours.

Your New Year resolutions

New Year resolutions

Are you embracing the start of 2015 with a list of resolutions? What are your hopes for 2015?

Festive fireworks photos


Did you start the New Year with a big bang? We'd love to see the evidence in your fireworks photos.

Your favourite country pub

South Rakaia Hotel

New Zealand may be small but it's packed full of quirky, characterful establisments. But which is the nation's best?

An anti-Christmas day


Are you avoiding all things tinsel, turkey and tradition today? Tell us what you're up to.

Holiday horror stories

Wash out

What is your worst holiday experience? Help ease the pain by sharing your story.

Kiwi Christmas tables

Christmas table setting

Before you fall facedown in a food coma, share a photo of your Christmas spread with NZ.

Your Go Pro whoa moments

Kite surfing

Whether it's wind, water, or wild sports in some other realm, the Go Pro can provide some wicked footage.

Your best moment of 2014


What's the one thing that really made your year? Shout about it here in Stuff Nation.

Lessons learnt from 2014


A lot can happen in a year, but what's made the biggest impression on you and your outlook on life?

Pets dressed for Christmas

We need your photos of adorable pets in Christmas kit to get us through to our holidays.

Facing NZ's greatest shame


What can we do to change New Zealand's shameful child abuse and domestic violence statistics?

Insider secrets for best deals


Know any sure-fire ways to get a good deal in your industry? Share your secrets with Stuff readers.

Wwoofing around the world


Sometimes the true local experience when travelling is just a couch surf away.

Did you see that...?

Kayak sideways on a car

Tell us about the craziest things you've seen on the road, whether here or on your travels.

NZ's best Christmas trees


Have you trimmed the tree? Have you decked your halls? Show us Christmas at your place.

The worst Xmas trees ever

Santa Claus outside Whitcoulls, Queen Street, Auckland

If you've seen or owned a truly terrible Christmas decoration, send a us a photo.

Your Christmas recipes

Christmas dinner

Share the no-fail secrets behind your finest mouth-watering festive Christmas treats.

Be our cricket commentator

Ian smith

We're embarking on a national search to find a cricket-loving reader to help us cover the World Cup.

Your top 10 all-time...

top 10

Have you got a list burning a hole in your brain that just needs to be shared?

Photos: Santa crybaby


Ho, ho, noooooooo! Has your child had a Santa photo meltdown?

Xmas cake: make it vs hate it

Christmas cake

We want to see your best Christmas cake recipes, or dessert alternatives for the big day.

Is home-owning dream over?

Generation Y

Generation Y are seeing their hopes of home ownership slip away. Are you facing a lifetime of renting?

Christmas shopping secrets

Christmas shopping

Budget or deluxe? What are you buying this Christmas and how much will it all cost?

Who are you fighting for?

We're looking for Kiwis who are championing a great cause that others should know about.

Road trip inspiration

Road trip

Share your greatest road trip adventures and any top tips for a hassle-free life on the road.

Making Christmas stress free

Help others have a fun-filled festive season by sharing your top tips for a stress-free Christmas.

Pet of the day

pet of the day

Does your pet deserve a moment of glory on New Zealand's biggest news website? Bring it on.

Why NZ is so damn choice?

Cathedral Cove

New Zealand's been named the world's best country. Tell us why you already knew this.

Dear Santa, my kid is cute

Santa letters

Has your child sent a particularly persuasive (read: manipulative) Santa letter that we need to see?

Get your Xmas craft on

Christmas crafts

Share your creative ideas for DIY Christmas decorations for the tree, the house, the table and beyond.

Lights, camera and your pics


Whether it's big city bright lights, traffic trails or novelty neon, share your best photos of long exposures.

Your fave Xmas traditions

Father Christmas

Are you still loving Christmas trees and sending cards or have you got your own festive traditions?

Does the CWC squad cut it?

Doug Bracewell

Bracewell's in and Ryder's out, what did you make of the Black Caps' wider World Cup squad?

Recipes for pets with allergies

Puppy food

Whether it's cookies for canines or purrfect treats for cats, share your homemade pet food recipes.

A bit of gross on the side


Whether intentional, a dare, or a barf-making accident: tell us the grossest thing you've eaten.

Your story, your words


This is your chance to tell your story here on New Zealand's biggest news website.

Those who left us in 2014

cross death

As the New Year dawns, we want to shine a light on the lives we had to say goodbye to in 2014.

Your first photos of summer


The sun is shining, the skies are blue and we'd love to see your first photos of perfect summer moments.

How to stop child poverty?

Child poverty

New Zealand's been slammed for its approach to child poverty. What do you think would make a difference?

Has Hughes changed cricket?

Phillip hughes

The death of Phillip Hughes has sent the cricket world into shock. Should it change the game?

Nothing will hold us back


Share the stories of your greatest achievements while living with disability.

Win your $1000 Xmas wish

christmas wish

Whether it's a reunion with a loved one or a family that desperately needs a treat, help us grant their wish.

Tackling speeding in NZ

Would a zero tolerance approach to speeding make us a nation of safer drivers?

Weather photo of the week

Stuff Nation

We're looking for gorgeous sunsets, stunning clouds, savage winds - whatever takes your photo fancy.

Memories made in ink

Anja Valuta's tattoo

Whether the result of one too many sangrias or a considered work of art, show us your holiday tats.

I've just finished reading...

reading a book

Help your fellow bookworms by reviewing what you've just put back on the shelf.

It's a miracle, I survived

Family Sunset

A near-miss on the roads, a boating trip gone awry, sometimes something unexplainable happens.

Are the senior All Blacks past their use-by date?

Richie McCaw

Will the veteran legs of the All Blacks' most experienced men carry them to RWC glory in 2015?

Your ABs player of the tour

All Blacks

Analyse the All Blacks' northern tour, naming your player of the trip.

All in the family

do not use

What's the worst prank your sibling has ever pulled on you, or you've pulled on them?

It feels like summer when...

swimming water

The smell of sizzling sausages. The crack of backyard cricket. What does summer look like to you?

The best place to live in NZ is...


Our nation is mix of rural paradise, rugged coastline, and world-class metropolises. Where's best?

The kindest Kiwi moments


Celebrate the kindness in the world by sharing the kindest things someone's ever done for you.

That time I went... ahhhh!

sky dive

What's the scariest thing you've ever done? Tell us all about it now you've lived through it.

Ultimate Kiwi BBQ recipes

tomato sauce

We need some tasty barbecue recipes to get our grills firing and our taste buds watering.

Damage done by skin cancer


About 67,000 Kiwis are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancers each year. Are you one of them?

Had my pay docked because...

boss, unhappy worker

Have you been stung by the policies at your workplace? We'd like to hear your story.

How mo can you go?

Lorenzo Bresolin

Take the Movember challenge, raise awareness of men's health and improve your looks. Or not.

Escaping Auckland

Auckland city generic scene

Are you a refugee from an unaffordable Auckland? Tell us why you moved and how things have changed.

Waging a war with food

weight loss

Eating disorders are an insidious, destructive part of our society, but they are also one of the most hidden.

The flats of nightmares

cold flat

Indoor rain, load-bearing mould, and unhinged landlords, what was your worst flat?

Your Auckland CBD vision

Auckland impression

Would you like more pedestrianised areas, or shops and parks? How would you makeover the city centre?

Popping pills in bid to do better


Performance-enhancing drugs are moving from the sports field to classrooms and offices. Have you been affected?

Mug it with the CWC trophy

CWC trophy

The Cricket World Cup trophy has begun its 22 town and city tour. Show us your mug with it.

The digital love connection

online dating

Have you found love in the digital world? Or has one too many Tinder dates scared you away?

Share the wildlife in your life

Oystercatcher on Waihi Beach

We're surrounded by wildlife and we'd love to see your best photos of the incredible creatures near you.

Questions from win over England

Kieran Read

The ABs battled hard to beat England 24-21 at Twickenham on Sunday morning. What did you make of the test?

Are you a trivia junkie?

Pub quiz team

Do you have a mind like a steel trap, impressive general knowledge or - even better - a specialist subject?

Does your job have a future?

Job decisions

As technological advances continue, how do you think your job will change in the coming years?

Magic CWC moments

martin Crowe

More than 20 years since Crowe's side lit up the 1992 Cricket World Cup, relive your memories.

On being transgender in NZ


We'd like to hear from gender-diverse Kiwis about their journey. Did you feel supported or prejudiced?

Share your best macro photos

Flower close-up

It's time to get up close and personal with photography to send us your best macro shots.

Is it time to ditch the haka?

All Blacks

Is the All Black haka still the mighty icon it once was or is it time to let it go?

All about allergies


What allergies do you have and how have they affected your day-to-day life?

Video violence: your views

Do you have rules in your house around the level of violence in content your children consume?

Your stance on euthanasia


Should terminally ill people legally be able to choose to end their own lives?

Surviving reflux

crying baby

Reflux can push parents and families to the edge of exhaustion, of patience, of support.

Hot in your headphones


Do you love music and want to share your thoughts on the latest album you're listening to?

Share your IT nightmares

IT problems

Does IT make your job easier or harder? Share your biggest frustrations with technology in the workplace.

Should we ban fireworks?


Is Guy Fawkes Night a pain in the ear or just a bit of flammable fun? We'd love to hear your views.

Budget-friendly recipes


Tasty, filling and cheap to make. If you can whip up a feast on next to nothing, share your secrets!

Win a VIP Cup Day

cup day

The Press

Tell us why you and your partner should win a VIP day at the races in Canterbury.

Parents who broke the rules


Other parents are quick to judge when someone does things differently. How do you deal with it?

Breaking a hoarding habit

Hoarding at an elderly woman's home

Are you a hoarder, or do you know someone who is and needs a hand clearing out the clutter?

Random toddler terror acts


Here's one for the hair-tearing, patience-of-saints, end-of-your-tether, parents of toddlers.

Show off your giant tatts


These days big is beautiful when it comes to tattoos so we want to see your giant inky works of body art.

What is your dream job?

happy boss workers

A lot of people are unhappy out there in the workforce, but you're not one of them.

New ABs strip: Are you a fan?

Dan Carter

The All Blacks are launching a new jersey. Should they do away with the white collar? Should we even care?

Halloween: Boo or blah?

Haunted house

The spookiest day of the year is this Friday. What do you think of Halloween in New Zealand?

Can NZ win the World Cup?

Martin Guptill

With the World Cup just around the corner, should we be concerned with the Black Caps' recent performances?

Have you bagged a trophy?


What is it that draws you to the bush, mountains, or maimais in pursuit of that elusive animal?

Well, that was weird

Notting Hill Carnival

What are the best, worst or downright bizarre moments you've experienced on your travels?

Kiwi pet shaming


It's time to name and shame the animal anarchist in your house.

My health wake-up call


Sometimes it takes a nasty shock to the system to make us look at what's important in life.

How do you tackle addiction?


Whether you're an addict or close to someone who is, what's your reality of living with addiction?

Is your community safe?


Feeling secure in your community is an important factor in choosing where to live and raise a family.

WIN: NZ's beautiful homes

coffee machine

You could have your own living space featured in living colour, here on Stuff and in Sunday magazine.

Your magic mobile photos

Mobile photo

The days of pixelation are over. Mobile phone photos can now rival the best photography in the world.

Who should lead Labour?

Labour contenders

There are four candidates in the running to be the next Labour leader, but who's got what it takes?

Is a degree in NZ worth it?

university graduates

Does getting a degree in NZ set you up for the job market or is it more debt than it's worth?

Five things to save in a fire

If I had to abandon my apartment without notice I know the five things I'd save. What would yours be?

Pick your ABs tour team

Dan Carter

Inclusion of Carter, Romano, Vito and SBW in the northern tour comes at a cost. Have the selectors got it right?

Money lessons for kids

kids money piggy bank

A lot of parents wonder what the best way is to teach their children how to save, and how to understand money.

Auckland house prices and you


Are you concerned about the new Auckland Council property valuations being released next month?

Sensitive about body sizes?


Are we too sensitive about body issues or is it important to consider how images affect young people?

Should schools rule looks?

Lucan Battison

Are rules on appearance necessary at schools or should we be focusing on behaviour and learning?

Animal odd couples

goat cat

There's nothing cuter than an animal friendship, and it's even better when they're from different worlds.

Does not compute


Tell us what your view is on technology. Has it made your life better or worse?

How do you save money?

Piggy bank

Share your best savings ideas with the rest of us and do your bit to create a financially sorted New Zealand!

Will the Phoenix rise again?

Andrew Durante

The Phoenix have kicked off their A-League season and we want to know how you think they'll fare this year.

Tell us why your dog rocks


It's time to celebrate the pups and hounds in your life by telling the world why they're so special.

Managing a mental makeover

Head graphic

Is it possible to overhaul your personality, or does a leopard really never change its spots?

Total eclipse of Blood Moon

Blood moon

New Zealand's in a prime spot to see tonight's Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse so send us your photos.

Dive into underwater photos


Whether it's a sealife snapshot or your pets making a splash, share your best underwater shots.

Living with invisible illness

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

How do you make people understand that you're ill if you don't have any physical symptions?

Your top marks for teachers


For World Teachers Day, we want to hear from classroom leaders on the realities - and victories - of their job.

ABs finally beat. Now what?

Richie McCaw

The All Blacks finished the Rugby Championship with a loss, but does it affect their World Cup chances?

Share some animal magic

A orangutan plays with a pair of albino Burmese Python

Go wild on world animal day by helping to celebrate all things furry, slimy and even scaly.

Gigs in all their glory

Lorde performing

Whether you ended up rocking out or running for cover, if you've been to a gig send us your reviews.

Ewen Gilmour memories

Ewen Gilmour

Share your memories and favourite moments of Kiwi funnyman Ewen Gilmour.

Breast cancer battle scars

Emerald Reid

Help raise awareness of the impact breast cancer has on Kiwi lives by sharing your story.

Does Deans deserve a crack?

Robbie Deans

Former Wallabies coach Robbie Deans is still desperate to coach the All Blacks. Should he be given a chance?

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