Win a $5000 Christmas wish

Christmas wish

As the festive season approaches, we're looking to make someone's Christmas extra special - it could be you!

Are you making Chch better?

Are you a volunteer helping to make Christchurch a better place? Or do you know someone who is?

Harmed by salon treatment?


Have you suffered any serious medical harm because of a beauty treatment? What happened?

How to make Chch great?


Do you have ideas on how to make Christchurch a great place? Share them with us.

Ways to keep your home safe

Breaking in

Have you been burgled? What happened and do you have any home security tips that may help others?

Review: Nina Simone's life

	 Nina Simone

Nina Simone aspired to be a classical pianist but this turned into a tragedy.

Lost children deserve a voice


Can you help us to tell the stories of the Faces of Innocents? Did you know any of them?

How to keep Kiwi kids safe?


What do you think are the biggest contributors to child abuse and neglect in New Zealand?

Have rising house prices affected you?


Does owning a home seem like a dream that is slowly drifting out of your grasp?

Rave about Richie

Richie McCaw

Is Richie McCaw the greatest All Black? Share your most memorable moments of the retiring rugby legend.

Pay tribute to a legend

Jonah Lomu

How did Jonah Lomu inspire you? What role, big or small, has he played in your life?

Coping with no breadwinner

How would you and your family fare if the main earner fell seriously ill and couldn't work?

Starting a new life in NZ


Have you or someone in your family come to New Zealand as a refugee? How's it been adjusting to life in NZ?

Let's talk about STIs


What is the day-to-day reality of living with a sexually transmitted infection?

Is sport only about the win?


Should we being doing more to encourage good sportsmanship or is it overrated?

Can we stop family violence?


What can we do to change New Zealand's shameful domestic violence statistics?

Did your school fail you?

Did you struggle at school without your teachers noticing that something was wrong? How can we do better?

Share your memories of Paris


As France experiences some of its darkest days, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the tragedy.

Save the Nix - why?


NZ's A-League team need their fans now more than ever, have your say on why the club should be saved.

Thanks, K Road


In other parts of the city, Quinn would be subjected to blatant staring or covert glances.

'Nightmares became reality'

Alex and Ashleigh

"Those who believe that there is a time limit for grief, have never felt the pain of losing a piece of their heart."

How's NZ customer service?


What are the best and worst example of customer service you've experienced or witnessed?

Money lessons for kids

kids money piggy bank

What's the best way you've found to teach your children how to save and understand money?

Final 5 flags: Have your say

The final four designs for the New Zealand flag referendum.

With five new flags and our existing one to choose from, which gets your vote and why?

Making Christmas stress free

Help others have a fun-filled festive season by sharing your top tips for a stress-free Christmas.

What awaits the Black Caps?

Kane Williamson

The Black Caps' cricket season got off to a bumpy start. What can get them back on a winning streak?

Show us your Anzac memorials


Share the photos and memories behind your living memorials marking 100 years since the Gallipoli landings.

Where's our ugliest building?


Nominate New Zealand's ugliest building and tell us why it offends you.

Let's talk about the homeless


What's the homeless situation like where you live? Have you noticed it getting better or worse?

Singer drops F-bomb at cricket

Cricket fans left in no doubt how hot it is at the Gabba as singer drops F-bomb.

Let's improve accessibility


For the one in four of us living with an impairment, accessibility really matters. How can we do better?

Are we a nation of bad parkers?


Parking outside the lines, boxing cars in, and blocking driveways - show us the worst.

Time for better privacy laws?

Do we need new laws to protect the public from mobile phones and social media?

Random acts of kindness

Ever been touched by the kindness of stranger or good samaritan? Tell us about it.

Time to axe knighthoods?

Should New Zealand follow Australia's example and scrap the honours system?

Your ultimate ABs heroes

All Blacks win Rugby World Cup

Who were your top All Blacks during the Rugby World Cup?

Where's your doppelganger?

Have you ever found yourself face to face ... with yourself?

Chur, boys! Thank the ABs

all blacks

We couldn't be prouder of our boys in black. Share your message of congrats to the guys here on Stuff.

Share your wacky workout

Quirky new workouts are becoming trendy across the world. Have you tried one?

Dressing up this Halloween?

With less than week until Halloween, we want you to inspire us with your best costumes.

Why do you back black?

All Blacks

Calling all All Blacks fans: What makes you feel proud to support our team?

How can we beat the Aussies?

They are our oldest foes. How can the All Blacks rise to defend the World Cup against Australia?

How can the ABs improve?

It was a tough semi-final against the Springboks, what can the All Blacks to take it in the final?

Your rules on kids' make-up

Do you have a make-up policy in your household?

It's an age-old family battle: when can I wear make-up? Tell us your view on how young is too young.

Top comments on Campbell

John Campbell 'grieved' after his show's cancellation. Our readers didn't have a lot of sympathy.

Are you back home from Oz?

Are you fresh off the plane from Australia? Why are you back and how is your move going?

Time to ditch the royals?

Prince Charles

As the republic debate renews across the ditch, is it time for New Zealand to shake off our past?

ABs v Sprinkboks: Your plan

Which player will prove key for the Kiwi boys to knock over the Boks?

Will South Africa provide as little resistance as the French did or will they challenge the boys in black?

Should we axe the ball?


Drunken antics are blighting school balls. Should we call time on the Kiwi high school rite of passage?

What's on your bucket list?

But what we want to know is, what's on your bucket list? Where do you plan to go? What do you strive to achieve?

Everyone has a bucket list, what we want know is, what's on yours? What do you want to achieve?

Your ABs man of the match

The All Blacks impressed in their 62-13 win over France in the Rugby World Cup quarterfinal.

The All Blacks tore France apart in a clinical quarterfinal display - who shone the brightest in black?

Windy Wellington images

Tell us how the Wellington wind has affected you. We want your best images and videos.

Making hunting safer

How should New Zealand go about reducing hunting accidents? We want to hear your views.

Share your wedding dilemma

What important event has ever kept you from a mate's wedding? How did you decide?

Do you still play records?

Radio New Zealand has a massive secret record collection. Have you still got yours?

Your stance on euthanasia

Should terminally ill people legally be able to choose to end their own lives?

Letters to the All Blacks

all blacks

As our boys head into the quarterfinals, post your message of support and inspiration here on Stuff.

Did you travel later in life?


We want to know if you've travelled later in life, why you did it and how it went.

Can vegetarians eat meat?


Let's hear from all you vegetarians, pescatarians, fruitarians, vegans and more.

Medical cannabis: Your views

Should New Zealand legalise cannabis for medicinal use?

ABs v France: You scared?

So, old foe, we meet again.

Are you fighting back flashbacks of 2007 or foaming at the mouth with the anticipation for revenge?

In-laws disaster to share?


How did it go when you first met your future in-laws? Was it Ben Stiller-level cringe?

Does pregnancy suck?

Kim Kardashian West says she hates being pregnant. Did you? Why?

Let's talk about suicide


Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

Is the TPPA good?

Do we know enough to judge it already? Or is everything still too much of a secret for now?

Share your pet with Stuff

pet of the day

Got an amazing pet? Send us your photos and show them off via Stuff Nation.

Are the All Blacks struggling?

Many of our older All Blacks are looking vulnerable. Are you feeling confident or concerned?

Solving US gun violence


America has a problem with mass shootings. Why can't it solve it?

Did a mammogram save you?


Finding cancer early through a mammogram can mean the difference between relief and despair.

Have you cut sugar out?


We'd like to know if you've cut sugar from your diet, why you did it and how it went.

Your horror boss tales

Bad bosses

From name-calling and throwing things to stealing your ideas, tell us about your worst bosses.

Suffered a foul plane meal?


Have you eaten disgusting food on an airline? Or have you enjoyed an amazing meal?

Would you step in to help?

Would you step in, raise the alarm, or just walk away?

Have you seen a fight or crime and stepped in to help? Or is it better to just call the cops?

Is being single a bad thing?


We're looking for stories of singledom - the good, the bad, the disastrous.

Has meningitis affected you?


Have you or someone you know been affected by meningococcal disease?

Kid's sport should be fun

How can we keep kids' sports positive?

What can be done to stop sideline abuse and return children's sport to what it should be: fun?

Wanderlust to true love

Did you find love in a foreign place?

It's easy to fall in love with travel, but have you fallen in love while travelling?

If not the All Blacks, whom?

Could you live with another Rugby World Cup victory for South Africa?

If it is not Richie lifting the William Webb Ellis trophy - who could you tolerate having the honour?

Student days I'd rather forget

Jarred Turnbull and Tahi Poasa won

What's the worst challenge you undertook at uni? Why the heck did you do it and what was the outcome?

Best sports caves of NZ

Has your home become the neighbourhood stadium?

We're on the hunt for New Zealand's ultimate sports zones, man caves and she sheds.

Are you a CYF kid?


Do you have a story to share about being under the care of Child Youth and Family?

What should NZ change?

Are you tired of talking about the flag? what should New Zealand's next referendum be about?

Share your wild NZ rides

Wild Roads

Bruce Ansley believes he's found New Zealand's wildest roads. Do you know of others?

Is the TMO friend or foe?

Referee Glen Jackson (right) listens to the TMO official before he disallows a Canada try against Ireland.

Should the referees just let games flow or is it crucial to use the TMO for those big decisions?

Which teachers inspired you?

We want to celebrate New Zealand's most inspiring teachers. Share your story with us.

Weather photo of the week

Stuff Nation

We're looking for gorgeous sunsets, stunning clouds, savage winds - whatever takes your photo fancy.

Could you live car free?

Empty roads

World Car Free Day is aimed at getting us out of our cars, but is a life without wheels sustainable?

Did you fall in love at work?


We want to hear your workplace love stories.

Emmys: Make your picks


We're tuned in and red carpet is rolled out. Tell us what shows had you glued to the box this year.

Rate the ABs v Argentina

As the country breathes a sigh of relief, we want your match report of the ABs' first RWC game.

RWC: Show your support

All Blacks fans

Got a flag out front? Decked out your office in black? Does your living room look like a stadium?

Kia ora, Chris Brown?

Chris Brown is coming to New Zealand. With his criminal convictions, should he be allowed?

Small slip to big injury


Have you had a minor accident or slip that resulted in a major injury and long recovery?

Did your degree help you?


When life stretches out in front of you, it's easy to choose a field of study to feed your mind. But then what?

Has spring sprung at your place?


Without wanting to jinx this lovely, sunny weather, help us celebrate spring with your photos.

Is book banning bad?

Are you a parent concerned about the content your child may read and how do you handle "explicit" books?

All Blacks horses for courses?

Should we field our first XV in World Cup pool play or rotate the whole squad? Be the coach and tell us.

Job interview nightmares

Job interview

How was it...? Ooohhhh... nooooooooo... really that bad? Tell us about your worst interview experience.

Who's on your dream team?

The perfect Rugby World Cup Dream Team is a big call; who makes the cut for you?

For the love of NZ sport...

All Blacks fans

Each Kiwi sports team presents its challenges for the fan, but which is the hardest to support?

Keep Wellington on the move


What are your biggest frustrations with Wellington's traffic and how would you fix them?

Show us your pranks

Do you like playing tricks on your friends and family? We want to see your best practical jokes.

Should we take more refugees?


New Zealand has increased it's refugee quota, should the government be doing more?

Share your commuting photos

Commuters in New Zealand

The best photos sometimes happen on a whim, what are you snapping on the way to work?

How can businesses do more?

Each time consumers buy a product, they're voting for the kind of world they want to see.

How does asthma affect you?

At least 52 New Zealanders will die from asthma this year. It's Asthma Awareness Week.

Why my dad's the best

Father and child

Dads don't always get the credit they deserve so here's your chance to celebrate yours.

Cyclists, do you feel safe?

cyclists cycling

We want to hear from cyclists on what it's like to ride the roads in your city.

Provincial rugby: Worth it?

Do the costs of a day at the rugby stack up for you and your rugby-loving family or mates?

Auckland vs Wellington

Auckland vs Wellington

Urban sprawl vs the hemmed in capital. What makes for better living?

Did the selectors get it right?

All Blacks squad

Is this the team to lift the William Webb Ellis trophy?

Can't we just all get on?

It can be rough living near people you have nothing in common with. How do you make it work?

5 questions for 5 years

Deans homestead at Homebush s

Is your life better or worse than it was five years ago? What has been the most significant change?

Oh baby, that's a weird name


Did you give your little one an unusual moniker? Tell us why, and what the reaction has been.

Your word for the last 5 years

QUAKE: A house in Parish Lane, Kaiapoi.

We're collecting your submissions to create a word cloud to be published on the fifth anniversary.

Tattoos: Good, bad & ugly


From works of art that took ages to design to mistakes you're living to regret, share your tattoo tales.

Who can beat the All Blacks?

Can England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, France or Wales derail the All Blacks this year? Tell us what you think.

How to land a London job

How difficult is it for Kiwis to find good jobs in London?

Did you land your dream OE job or was it far more of a struggle than you expected?

Shopper's regret

Shopping online is great. But we've all experienced the dark side as well.

Pets' new forever homes

Woman and a dog

As the SPCA launches its annual cupcake day to raise vital funds, we'd love to hear your rescue pet stories.

Final 40 flags: Your view

Ferns, koru and stars dominate the final designs for our potential new flag. Which is your favourite?

RWC shockers and stunners

Sean Fitzpatrick

The World Cup is no stranger to controversy. What's the moment that changed the game for you?

Important lessons for kids


What are the most important things parents should teach their kids? And how do you do it?

Your worst break-up story

Heartbreak, heartbroken, broken heart, love, hurt

What are your rules when it comes to ending a relationship?

Tackling speeding in NZ

Would a zero tolerance approach to speeding make us a nation of safer drivers?

What's your take on the TPPA?


Tensions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement have reached boiling point. Where do you stand?

NZ v Aus: Your thoughts?

Nz v Oz

After scoring a convincing revenge, can the All Blacks retain the William Webb Ellis Cup?

Is holiday time off school OK?


Do price hikes over school holidays justify taking your kid out of classes?

Is the rural dream dead?


We hear it all the time - our regions have seen better days. Should we give in to urbanisation or fight back?

How to run the world (girls)

Forgetting, forgetful, thinking, things to do, businesswoman, multi-tasking, busy

What advice would you give your teenage self or other teenage girls on how to have a successful life?

Is the kiwi causing you pain?

The NZ dollar's slide is good news for some - hello exporters! - but not so good for others.

Travel photo competition


Do you have a holiday snap that deserves a bigger audience? Send it to us and be in to win a camera!

ABs v Aus: What did we learn?

ABs v Aus: What have we learnt

What are the key things the All Blacks need to work on after Saturday night's Bledisloe defeat?

Life in a small town


What are the benefits of living in a small-town New Zealand? What are the challenges?

How to cat-proof your garden

A cat

How do you stop determined moggies from pooing and pawing the life out of your soil and seedlings?

Farmers on low milk payouts


As milk prices take another dive, we ask New Zealand farmers to share how they're coping.

WIN tickets to see Oprah

Oprah Winfrey

Share your advice for living a fulfilled life and you could see Oprah live in Auckland.

How crazy is your commute?


What lengths do you have to go to to get to work on time? And do you love or loathe your commute?

Your top 10 all-time...

top 10

Send us the list to end all lists of your absolute favourite things the world should know about.

Kids who beat the odds

Children hands

Little battlers are those amazing young people who keep smiling no matter what life throws at them. We want to hear their story.

Was breast best for you?


Have attitudes to public breastfeeding changed and is there too much pressure on new mums?

Is your job on the way out?


Technology is changing the way we do things and how we work. How has your job been affected?

Should you post kids' pics?

Kids on Facebook

Is it ok to share photos and stories about your children online without their permission?

Buzzing about beekeeping


Beekeeping as a hobby is on the rise in NZ. Do you have a hive at home? What do you love about bees?

Random taste sensations


What culinary combos or beverage blends have you come up with to create a taste like no other?

Do you drive a hard bargain?

Card transaction

How good are you at haggling? Share your top tips for scoring the best deals, tell us about your best bargains.

Ever been a lab rat?


Have you ever been part of a drug trial or social experiment? We want to hear your story.

Does NZ need a new anthem?

Does our national anthem make you proud to be Kiwi?

The Labour leader says our anthem is a 'dirge', what do you think? Does it inspire or bore you?

Offenders in our communities

Should you be told if there is someone dangerous in your community?

Why I learned te reo

te reo

Have you learned te reo or has it been passed on to you? Share what the language means to you.

Mental illness discrimination

Dr Sarah Gordon advocates for people with mental illness.

Tell us about your experiences and views on attitudes towards mental health in our country.

Are you 'middle class poor'?


Are you and your family feeling the financial squeeze? We want to hear about your experiences.

Original Mini memories


The Mini is a tiny car with a big history - what kind of mischief did you get up to in the tiny original?

Building a better construction industry


Have you experienced a botched building job? What needs to change in NZ's construction industry?

Tell us your Expat Tale


If you're a brave Kiwi living the expat dream abroad, share your experiences with us.

Select your All Blacks first XV

All Blacks

It's a NZ rugby depth dilemma - how to choose a top team from such a wealth of All Blacks talent?

Public transport etiquette

Wellington bus

Anyone who rides public transport knows those difficult moments when no-one is quite sure how to act.

Help young business women


Share the lessons you've learnt in business that you wish you'd known when you were starting out.

Born too soon

The rollercoaster of having a baby born prematurely is one you cannot prepare for. Share your story.

Do we need a rental WoF?

Do we need tighter controls of the quality of private rental homes in New Zealand?

Single parent struggles

single parents

We're looking for single parents to share an insight into the challenges they face in bringing up kids solo.

Aurora Australis in your skies

aurora australia

Bleary-eyed photographers have been up for the past few nights taking extraordinary photos.

Have you studied abroad?

studying paris student

A semester overseas can open up a whole new world - both in education and life experiences.

Unofficial in-flight etiquette

flight plane

We've all felt it. It starts as a small twitch of testiness when your tired arm finds the armrest occupied.

Gambling on our kids' future


Should we be doing more to educate young people about the risks of gambling? If so, what?

Go Pro whoa moments

Kite surfing

Whether it's wind, water, or wild sports in some other realm, the Go Pro can provide some wicked footage.

Winning winter veg recipes

Root vegetables

Roasting, baking, frying or transforming them entirely, how do you make the most of your veggies?

Was the test in Samoa worth it?

All Blacks

Was the All Blacks test in Samoa a risk worth taking in Rugby World Cup year? Should it happen again?

Wwoofing around the world


Sometimes the true local experience when travelling is just a wwoof away.

Want a side of child with that?

child coffee

Parents, punters and hospo workers with a position, tell us how you feel about children in cafes.

A Kiwi winter wonderland

As the snow flurries spread, share photos and videos of your favourite wintry moments.

Making the move to NZ

New Zealand

Have you moved from overseas to make New Zealand your home? Share your story.

ABs v Samoa: Back your boys

All Black Sonny Bill Williams

Are you amping for the All Blacks' first ever game in Samoa? Get involved by sharing your support.

Your Super Rugby final

Highlanders celebrate Super Rugby final win

The Highlanders beat the Hurricanes to claim their first Super Rugby title, but what did you make of the match?

How do you rate the NCEA?

NCEA exams

Is the NCEA still the best way to measure Kiwi kids' academic achievements?

Fighting fat in NZ

child on scales

Banning junk food advertising... taxing fizzy drinks... what would help tackle NZ's obesity crisis?

Social media dos and don'ts

Social media devices

What are your biggest bugbears when it comes to social media? Shares your online dos and don'ts.

Fixing Auckland's traffic woes

Evening traffic crawls along Auckland's Northwestern Motorway

Share your vision on the best ways to ease congestion and keep people on the move in Auckland.

An awesome group of mates

All Blacks haka

Do you have the best neighbourhood, community group, or support team in town?

Kids and doppelganger dolls

Doppelganger toys

Do you know a child with a doll or toy that looks just like them?

Is your pet an 'ugly' beauty?

world's ugliest dog

Do you have a pet with a face or attitude that only a mother could love? Celebrate them here.

Your dream movie sequels

Maverick is returning to our skies and screens. Who else deserves a comeback?

The news of Top Gun 2 took our breath away, and got us thinking about what we'd make next.

Show your Super team pride!


Do you bleed blue and gold or black and yellow? We want to see your fan support ahead of the Super final.

Auckland: rate the rates rise


Are you concerned about the impact of Auckland's new long-term plan on your household budget?

Your Auckland property plan


The Auckland property market is continuing its meteoric rise. What you think should be done?

My job isn't what you think

job frustration

Do you have a job that everyone misunderstands? This is your time to set the record straight.

Rate the Black Caps' tour

Ross Taylor

Who were the Black Caps' best performers during their England tour and who needs to raise their game?

Your fave movie characters

Daniel Craig

Whether it's a hero or villain, friend or foe, tell us about the movie characters you can't get enough of.

NZ film festival highlights

Film festival

What are your favourite movie memories from New Zealand's International film festivals past and present?

The best to wear black?

Steve Hansen

The All Blacks wider squad has been named, who are the charmed, the lucky and the unfortunate?

My NZ sevens dream team

Julian Savea

Savea, SBW and Barrett - awesome All Blacks who'd run amok in sevens, who is your dream seven?

Your favourite Makos moments


The Save the Makos campaign? Winning the ITM Cup in 2013? Share your Makos highlights.

Should schools rule looks?

Lucan Battison

Are rules on appearance necessary at schools or should we be focusing on behaviour and learning?

Women making a difference

Women of Influence 2015

Share your experience of the reality of being a working woman and making a difference in 2015.

Who's your favourite pro wrestler?

The Ultimate Warrior

It's never been fashionable to admit you're a wrestling fan, but we're keen to hear about your favourite star.

Is it time to vote reality TV off?

American Idol

Watching people attempt to cook, sing, fix houses or be ninjas is fun, but how much more can we take?

Women who inspired us

Helen Clark

We want to hear about the women who have had a lasting impact on your life.

Budgeting tips from Kiwi savers

Piggy bank, money

How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them here.

Dinner party delights

Dinner party

Share your menu choices and top tips for hosting a winning dinner party.

What's hot on your TV screen?

Watching TV

Does something on the small screen have you hooked? What is this gem and why do you like it so much?

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