Garage transformations - tell us about your fabulous garage stuff nation

Is your garage your pride and joy? Share it with us.

There's something intensely satisfying about an ordered garage - a place for everything and everything in its place.

Tell us your favourite DIY story stuff nation

Whether you're handy with a toolbox or a disaster with a drill, share your story.

We would love to hear your DIY story. Is there a project you are especially proud of?

Why I love living in an old house stuff nation

Let us know what makes your old home so special.

Do you live in an old house?

Have you gotten creative with a pallet? stuff nation

Pallets can be re-purposed in clever ways around the home. Share your creations with Stuff.

We want to see what you did with a pallet, and we'd like to know how you did it.

Expats - show us your cool home stuff nation

Whatever your amazing dwelling is, we want to hear the story behind it.

This is a call out to all New Zealanders living overseas in an amazing home.

Your speeding ticket shocker stuff nation

What is your most outrageous speeding ticket story? Are you still annoyed about it?

We want to hear your most outrageous speeding ticket stories. Did the punishment fit the crime?

Show us your Autumn colour stuff nation

Harriet and Mac Allen of Invercargill , having fun with leaves in Queens Park on a perfect autumn day

Send us your photos to show us how autumn has arrived in your neighbourhood.

Your love letter to NZ stuff nation

Why do you choose to live in New Zealand?

Let us know what you love most about living in New Zealand.

Your weird food combos stuff nation

The Prime Minister's ham, spaghetti and pineapple creation.

If it tastes better than it sounds, we want to hear about it.

Share your news and views stuff nation

Share your news and views.

Have you got a story to tell or an opinion to share? We're giving you the chance to do just that.

Be Stuff's Pet of the day


Got an amazing pet? Send us your photos and show them off via Stuff Nation.

Do you live with an invisible illness?

HIDDEN PAIN: Chronic illness doesn't always have external symptoms.

How do you make people understand that you're ill if you don't have any physical symptoms?

Let's talk about suicide

31072015. 123rf.
Stock Photo - Young man with hands clasped together

addict, addiction, agony, blue, concept, cruel, ...

Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

Your wild weather stories

Flooding in Waikato.

Heavy rain lashing the country has resulted in flooding, road closures and slips. How is it affecting you?

Flatmate or flat hate?

Old metal sign with the inscription For Rent

From minor mix-ups to major disagreements - we've all clashed with flatmates. Tell us your story.

Your love letter to Auckland

Auckland skyline

Let us know what makes your corner of the city so special.

Are sports stars role models?

Sports stars

Drink driving, inappropriate behaviour, sex Snapchats: do we expect too much from professional athletes?

Your bridesmaid horror stories


The ultimate privilege or a special kind of punishment?

Getting on the property ladder

Property ladder

Is working and saving enough to get you on the first rung?

How to fix freedom camping?

Freedom Campers at the Trafalgar Centre car-park at the end of Paru ...

Can freedom camping carry on as it is or should there be tighter restrictions?

Your encounter with the other side

Have you felt the presence of someone or something from another realm?

Have you ever encountered a ghostly visitor in your home?

How to keep Kiwi kids safe?

child abuse

How can we tackle child abuse and neglect in New Zealand?

Let's hear it for women

Int Women's Day

Share your thoughts on gender equality and the positive female role models in your life.

Have you changed the way you eat?

Health change

Have you taken control of your body and health to make a huge change in your life?

How can we fix the housing crisis?

01032017. News. Photo supplied.
As the rental crisis deepens 40 people turn up to a scheduled viewing of a flat in the ...

What needs to be done to solve New Zealand's housing crisis? Share your views with us.

Are you a stylish renter?

Stylish renter

You don't need to be on the property ladder to inject some personality into your home.

Free speech: Have your say

Free speech

Is free speech under threat in New Zealand?

Why you love living in an old house

This Victorian-style home in Hastings has a tower, with a reading room on the second level.

Maybe your old home has a million redeeming features, maybe it doesn't but you love it anyway.

Parking: Have your say

17032015 News Photo: Rebekah Parsons-King/Fairfax NZ. Papped Hamilton City Council parking warden dishing out tickets in ...

Parking in central Hamilton is set for a major overhaul as coin-fed metres are ripped out in favour of pay kiosks and phone apps.

Tell us your favourite DIY story

Hands with construction tools. House renovation background. DIY Home housing  construction
Image ID : 28826886
Image ...

Whether you're handy with a toolbox or a disaster with a drill, share your story.

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