This is England: Your reflections stuff nation

Manchester's Christmas light installation at MediaCity, Salford Quays.

What does the UK mean to you? Share your memories, photos and stories.

Warriors fans: Still got faith? stuff nation

Do the Warriors even have faith in themselves anymore?

Their playoff hopes are looking rather slim - but can they turn the season around?

Your tributes to Chris Cornell stuff nation

Chris Cornell's family said the death was "sudden and unexpected".

Some fans say Chris Cornell soundtracked the 90s for for them. What did he and his music mean to you?

A letter to 16-year-old me stuff nation

Writing a letter to yourself, past or present, can be eye opening.

What do you know now, that you wish you'd known back then?

Who are the women who inspired you? stuff nation

The final frontier: China's first female astronaut Liu Yang leaves the re-entry capsule of a Shenzhou-9 spacecraft in  ...

We all look up to strong, independent women. Celebrate the women who made a difference.

Did you leave it too late to have kids? stuff nation

The AM Show hosts Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson shared their personal struggles with having children with the nation.

Have you or someone you know struggled to conceive later in life?

Share your unconventional living space stuff nation

Three-bed with a mortgage not for you? Tell us why you've rejected the housing status quo.

Three-bed with a mortgage not for you? Tell us why you've rejected the housing status quo.

Should 'rents charge kids rent? stuff nation

Is it fair to expect adult children to pay board, or should living at home be an opportunity to save?

Is it fair to expect adult children to pay board, or should living at home be an opportunity to save?

Are we too hard on sports stars? stuff nation

Jesse Bromwich and Kevin Proctor won’t be in the Kiwis squad for the World Cup.

Drug scandals, inappropriate behaviour, sex Snapchats: do we expect too much from professional athletes?

Let's talk about suicide stuff nation

Young New Zealand men, particularly Maori, are most at risk of suicide.

Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

Your health wake-up call stuff nation

A health scare can have a profound impact on your priorities.

Has a health scare turned your life upside-down? Share the story with us.

Could this be the year of the Lion? stuff nation

The British and Irish Lions squad is set to tour New Zealand later this year.

Lions tours only roll around once every 12 years, making them a special event on the rugby calendar.

Your experiences with alcohol stuff nation

Woman under 24 who purchase RTDs from off-licences were found to drink, on average, nearly 24 litres per year.

Have the wild exploits of your youth influenced you to cut down your alcohol intake?

Your mental health experience stuff nation

Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? Share your story.

Have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness? Share your story.

Your rental nightmares stuff nation

Palmerston North students (from left) Dena Harley, Holly Breen and Mary-Rose Henaghan have seen some flats in shocking ...

Are your lips and fingers going blue? We want to hear your worst rental property horror stories.

Your story of migrating to NZ stuff nation

What made you decide to move to New Zealand? How are you settling in?

So you moved to New Zealand. Does it live up to your expectations?

What's your home decor dilemma? stuff nation

Need a second opinion on what to do with your room or reno project? Ask our readers for help.

Sometimes making a decor or renovation decision is simply not simple.

Are you a stylish renter? stuff nation

How have you injected personality into your rented property?

Are you managing to be on trend without being on the property ladder?

Flatmate or flat-hate? stuff nation

From minor mix-ups to major disagreements - we've all clashed with flatmates.

Flatmates. You either love them or you hate them.

Your encounter with the other side stuff nation

Have you felt the presence of someone or something from another realm?

We want to hear the story of your encounter with the other side.

Do you live a minimalist lifestyle? stuff nation

Have you ditched the clutter? Let us know how minimalism has changed your life.

Do you live a minimalist lifestyle? Tell us why and how.

Do you have an Airbnb business in your home? stuff nation

What are the pros and cons of welcoming strangers into your home?

If you have an Airbnb business at home, we'd love to hear from you.

Garage transformations - tell us about your fabulous garage stuff nation

Is your garage your pride and joy? Share it with us.

There's something intensely satisfying about an ordered garage - a place for everything and everything in its place.

Tell us your favourite DIY story stuff nation

Whether you're handy with a toolbox or a disaster with a drill, share your story.

We would love to hear your DIY story. Is there a project you are especially proud of?

Why I love living in an old house stuff nation

Let us know what makes your old home so special.

Do you live in an old house?

Have you gotten creative with a pallet? stuff nation

Pallets can be re-purposed in clever ways around the home. Share your creations with Stuff.

We want to see what you did with a pallet, and we'd like to know how you did it.

Expats - show us your cool home stuff nation

Whatever your amazing dwelling is, we want to hear the story behind it.

This is a call out to all New Zealanders living overseas in an amazing home.

Your speeding ticket shocker stuff nation

What is your most outrageous speeding ticket story? Are you still annoyed about it?

We want to hear your most outrageous speeding ticket stories. Did the punishment fit the crime?

Show us your Autumn colour stuff nation

Harriet and Mac Allen of Invercargill , having fun with leaves in Queens Park on a perfect autumn day

Send us your photos to show us how autumn has arrived in your neighbourhood.

Your love letter to NZ stuff nation

Why do you choose to live in New Zealand?

Let us know what you love most about living in New Zealand.

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