Bridesmaid horror stories


The ultimate privilege or a special kind of punishment?

What London means to you?


Does the big smoke hold a special place in your heart? Tell us why.

When Facebook is creepy


Has your Facebook news feed ever got way too close for comfort?

Do you rely on Facebook?


Could you live without that little blue ‘F’ icon on your phone?

Keep Kiwis alive on our roads


We want to hear from Kiwi drivers on the real impact of our road toll, and what can be done about it.

Share your pet with Stuff

Chunky Lover the chunky rabbit.

Got an amazing pet? Send us your photos and show them off via Stuff Nation.

Let's talk about suicide


Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

Made a health change?

Raegan Katene

Have you taken control of your body and health? What impact has it had on your life?

Let's hear it for women


Share your thoughts on gender equality and the positive female role models in your life.

Your love letter to Auckland


Let us know what makes your corner of the city so special.

Are you a stylish renter?

stylish renter

You don't need to be on the property ladder to inject some personality into your home.

On the property ladder?

property ladder

Is working and saving enough to get you on the first rung?

Flatmate or flat-hate?


Milk-stealer? Remote-hogger? We've all had that one roomie who pushes the boundaries.

Encountering the other side


Have you experienced the supernatural? Tell us your spookiest stories.

How to keep Kiwi kids safe?


How can we tackle child abuse and neglect in New Zealand?

Are you a minimalist?


Have you ditched the clutter and embraced a minimalist lifestyle? Let us know.

Can we fix the housing crisis?


What needs to be done to solve New Zealand's housing crisis? Share your views with us.

How to fix freedom camping?

Freedom camping

Can freedom camping carry on as it is or should there be tighter restrictions?

Are sports stars role models?

Drink driving, inappropriate behaviour, sex Snapchats: do we expect too much from professional athletes?

On being transgender in NZ


We'd like to hear from gender-diverse Kiwis about their journey. Did you feel supported or prejudiced?

Do you let through Airbnb?


What are the pros and cons of welcoming strangers into your home?

Tell us about your fabulous garage


Is your garage your pride and joy? Share it with us!

Your DIY disasters and triumphs


Whether you're handy with a toolbox or a disaster with a drill, share your story.

Why I love my old house

old house

Deeply attached to your old house, despite the drafts? Let us know why.

How do we fix driving in NZ?


Outrage over other people getting behind the wheel is nothing new to Kiwis. Share your outrage with us.

Dyslexic learners let down?


“NZ teachers are not trained to recognise the characteristics of dyslexic learners. This should be compulsory."

Your thoughts for CHCH


A state of civil emergency has been declared in Christchurch as fires continue to burn.

Rumour has it…


Do you know any companies that deserve recognition, or alternatively, companies that should be investigated?

Are you a geek or Luddite?


Are you glued to your smart phone - or the proud owner of a brick?

Are women equal in NZ?

New Zealand was the first country to give women a vote, but how are we doing on equality now?

Your contraception stories


Modern miracle or more hassle than it's worth? Let us know how contraception affects you.

My health wake-up call


Sometimes it takes a nasty shock to the system to make us look at what's important in life.

What Waitangi means to you

Waitangi day

Australians party on their "flawed" national holiday - should we Kiwis celebrate more on Waitangi Day?

Your wedding horror story


Did something cast a shadow over your big day?

Have you done a fad diet?


When it comes to health and exercise, it seems the latest trend is to go hard or go home.

Who should host the Sevens?


After a disappointing turnout in Wellington, is it time the Sevens moved to another NZ city?

Got a tribute tattoo?


Taken your fandom to the next level with a tribute tattoo? We want to hear the story of why you got it.

Your wallpaper ways


From feminine florals to nautical stripes - you've been spoilt for choice. Now it's time to share.

Your Kiwi summer snaps


Backyard cricket, fish and chips, or relaxing on the beach: we want to see how you're spending summer in NZ.

What's your decor dilemma?

colour swatches

Sometimes making a decor or renovation decision is simply not simple.

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

new year

What were your big moments in 2016, and what are your resolutions for the new year?

How did you give up?


So we want to hear your success stories - how did you kick your smoking habit?

Does money = happiness?

Money and happiness

If you had all the time and all the money in the world, what would you do?

NY resolutions for NZ


Tell us what you think our country's promises for changes and achievements in 2017 should be.

Your office party shame


Did you embarrass yourself at the office Christmas party?

Your letter to 2016


What feedback would you give 2016? Did the year disappoint or exceed expectations?

Your wasp horror stories


Where's the strangest or most invasive place you've encountered a wasp? Have you been attacked, stung or had an allergic reaction?

Your worst Christmas photos


Yes, that's right - we want to see your awkward and hilarious Christmas photos.

Should we 'free the nipple'?


Does women going topless in public promote equality or encourage harassment?

A day in the life of a teacher


We know it's not all long holidays and eight-hour days, so tell us what it's really like.

Let's talk about cancer


Have your or someone in your family been impacted by cancer?

Ask Kylie your questions

Kylie Bax

Grill model Kylie Bax on her beauty secrets and most recommended brands.

Christmas pet photos


Dogs in Santa hats and cats in the Christmas tree, send us a photo of your pet getting festive.

Your fave Xmas traditions


Do you prefer classic traditions or a Kentucky Fried Christmas?

How to fix the Nix?


How would you change the Phoenix's fortunes now Ernie Merrick has resigned?

Tales from the school run


Share your school run tales - the good, the bad, the quirky - for a chance to win one of 20 Micro scooters.

Your housing heartbreak

Housing bubble

If there is a housing bubble, what would happen to you if it burst?

Weird and wonderful gifts

Christmas list

Whether you've been naughty or nice, we want to hear what Santa's going to be sending your way this year.

US election: Your thoughts


Americans have chosen Donald Trump, but it has divided the nation. What do you think?

Tell us your story

Share your news

Help us tell the stories of New Zealand by contributing to Stuff Nation.    

My invisible condition

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

How do you make people understand that you're ill if you don't have any physical symptoms?

Fireworks: Boom or bust?


Is Guy Fawkes Night a pain in the ear or just a bit of flammable fun? We'd love to hear your views.

Embarrassed to be a Kiwi?

Share your views with us on what makes New Zealand an embarrassing nation and why?

Can we stop family violence?


What can we do to change New Zealand's shameful domestic violence statistics?

Living a life without children

sleeping baby

Being a parent isn't for everyone. Have you chosen not to have children or did circumstances decide?

Budgeting tips from Kiwis


How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them.

Working in a man's world

Working woman

What is it like to be a woman working in a male-dominated environment?

Modern Maori means...?


What does it mean to be Maori today? Is the culture being lost, or just evolving? Share your views.

Kiwis waging a war with food


Eating disorders are an insidious, destructive part of our society, but they are also one of the most hidden.

Is the great Kiwi OE over?

Kiwi OE

Have harsh immigration laws and a tight job market changed the traditional OE for New Zealanders?

Share your dating disasters


Sometimes, love isn't in the air. Sometimes it's red-faced, counting the minutes until this horrid date can be over.

Your student loan experience

Did your student borrowing affect your life in a positive or negative way? Was it worth it?

Social media - are you in?

Social media

How has social media changed your life? Has it been for better or for worse? Or have you never indulged?

Will the new dog laws work?

Dog attacks

The new dangerous dog laws - will they help reduce attacks or have they gone too far? Or not far enough?

Are you a teen entrepreneur?


If you are a teenage entrepreneur, we want to hear about your experience. What inspired you to give it a go?

Share your sports views


It's time to come off the long run. Have you got a strong opinion about sport you want to share? Now is your chance.

Tattoos: Good, bad & ugly


From works of art that took ages to design to mistakes you're living to regret, share your tattoo tales.

How the big OE changed me


It's in the Kiwi DNA to leave the nest and fly across the other side of the world. Did you do it? Why or why not?

Your tips for new parents


Here's your chance to tell new parents the things you wish someone told you before you had a baby.

Should we legalise cannabis?


Do you think it's high time NZ legalised cannabis? Or only for medicinal use? Or maybe it should just be decriminalised?

How to help the homeless?


What's the homeless situation like where you live? Have you noticed it getting better or worse?

Mental illness discrimination

Girl window

Tell us about your experiences and views on attitudes towards mental health in our country.

Time to pay grandparents?


Two in five grandparents believe they should be paid for taking care of their grandchildren. Should they?

Cyclists, do you feel safe?

cyclists cycling

We want to hear from cyclists on what it's like to ride the roads in your city.

Comments on comments


Everyone's got an opinion on Stuff's comments section. And we want yours.

What's it like being a cop?


Are you a police officer in New Zealand? Share your stories on what it's really like to be a cop.

Your epic driving test fails

driver licence

Whether you pass your test depends on where you live. How was your driving test?

Crime victim? Share your tale


Have you ever been a victim of a crime? Were the police helpful and supportive or did no officers show up?

Canterbury, six years on


It's nearly six years since Canterbury was shaken by the first of two major quakes. How are you doing?

Your modern family

Grandparent family

The nuclear family is a thing of the past, according to new research. So, tell us, who lives at your house?

Working after babies


What challenges did you face when returning to the workforce after having children?

The flats of nightmares

cold flat

Indoor rain, load-bearing mould, and unhinged landlords, what was your worst flat?

Is abortion our final taboo?

About one in five pregnancies in NZ end in abortion, yet for many women it remains a secret. Why?

Stuff's wedding of the week


Tied the knot recently and want to share your special day? Show us each memory-making moment.

Organ donation in NZ

Heart and organ donation

New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of organ donation. What can be done to change that?

Share your cult story


We want to hear from Stuff readers who have experienced life in a religious sect or cult.

Watching the Olympics?


With the Rio Olympics now well underway, share your views and reviews of the games.

How did you come out?


Telling those close to you that you are gay can be a stressful time. How did you do it?

Sports stars in trouble again


Time and time again we hear about sports stars getting in trouble for setting a bad example. It this fair?

How to crack the glass ceiling


How can we get more Kiwi women to apply for top jobs, and be equally considered when they do?

'Listen, it's future you here'

The note of loving advice that went horribly wrong for Sober Steve.

You can't guarantee you will listen to advice from older, wiser you, but what do you wish your past self knew?

NZ's treatment of animals

Chick and bunny

Animals rights or animal welfare - which do you think should be New Zealand's concern?

True but outrageous excuses

Tiger ate my GoPro

"Sorry boss, the tiger ate the GoPro." We want to hear your strange-but-true work stories.

Your wedding dos and don'ts

Wedding cake

Which wedding etiquettes and traditions do you think are still essential?

Are you back home from Oz?

Are you fresh off the plane from Australia? Why are you back and how is your move going?

Your favourite Kiwi pie

best pies

We want to know who you think makes the best pies in New Zealand.

Share your cancer story

Lab work

Has cancer affected you? Let others benefit from your experience by sharing your story.

Lost children deserve a voice


Can you help us to tell the stories of the Faces of Innocents? Did you know any of them?

You're rich, but what next?

Trev the Lotto winner

Could you handle it? Sensibly? How would you spend a big Lotto windfall?

The secret to happiness


What makes you happy and what is your advice for others seeking happiness?

Why I learned te reo

te reo

Have you learned te reo or has it been passed on to you? Share what the Maori language means to you.

Growing up Kiwi


From K Bars and Raro to the Goodnight Kiwi, we want your stories about growing up in NZ.

Loved ones remembered


Do you miss someone you loved and want to share their life story with others?

Share your sweet 16 story


Stuff is celebrating its 16th birthday! But we want to hear your teenage stories.

Your bullying story


We want to hear about your childhood experiences with bullying in NZ and how it shaped you as an adult.

No more digi disappointment


Cloud software could mean the end of your technology headaches at work.

NZ's tourism future?


4.5 million international tourists are expected to visit New Zealand in 2022. How will we cope?

My 2016 All Blacks team

Malakai Fekitoa

The All Blacks' season is under way. But what are your picks?

Solving US gun violence

America has a problem with mass shootings. Why can't it solve it?

How sport shaped you


Sport as a child can make you, or break you. We want to hear your stories - good and bad.

Your Ali memories


We want to hear your stories of the role, big or small, Muhammad Ali played in your life.

Share your office pet

pets in the office

Dropped the ball at work? The dog will get it! We want your stories of workplace pets.

What makes your city great?


Share your top tips for visitors, or tell us what you love most about your town or city.

Married or de facto?


Are children better off in families where the parents are married?

ABs: Good, bad and why nots

Lima Sopoaga

Happy with the All Blacks team for the Wales series? Share your thoughts on the 32-man squad.

Being a teen parent

	 teenage pregnancy

We want to hear about the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.

What are your Budget needs?

	 bill english

It's time for the Government to tell New Zealand what its spending plans are.

What's your love story?


Was it all fireworks and love at first sight or was it an awkward encounter? We want to hear your love story.

How do you watch movies?


Would you go to the movies more often if the cinema offered cheaper tickets?

Share your 'Cook' memories

Do you have fond memories of famed Dunedin pub 'The Cook'? Share them with us.

Are people living in cars?


The Sallies estimate one in ten Auckland garages is used as a home. What can be done?

Love thy neighbour, or not


Are you neighbours at war or is it all good in your hood? Tell us your story of neighbourly love, or the lack thereof.

Your kindest Kiwi moments


Celebrate the kindness in the world by sharing the kindest things someone's ever done for you.

Should we axe the after-ball?


Should we call time on the Kiwi high school rite of passage?

Fertility education in schools


One in four New Zealanders will experience infertility in their lives.

New Zealand's worst roads

NZ roads

Have you ever come across a road in New Zealand left you shaking in your boots?

I love my mum because...

mother's day

It's time for us to give our mums the recognition they deserve. Why is yours the best?

Is it time to vote off reality TV?

American Idol

Watching people attempt to cook, sing, fix houses or be ninjas is fun, but how much more can we take?

High and lows of living alone

Living alone

Do you love or loathe living alone? What are the best and worst things about having your own living space?

My favourite book


What's that one dog-eared, well-loved book that you always return to when you need a good read?

Money lessons for kids

kids money piggy bank

What's the best way you've found to teach your children how to save and understand money?

Your Hilary Barry memories

The nation reacts to news Hilary Barry is quitting her job as the de-facto mother of the nation.

Losing faith in the Warriors


The Warriors' mantra for fans has always been to 'keep the faith', but do the players still have faith themselves?

Travel secrets from Kiwis


With the big OE in our blood, we can assume we're a nation filled with travel knowledge.

Why do you home-school?


Do you home-school your family? What were the reasons behind your decision?

Your Prince memories

Prince is dead. Share your memories and tributes to the pop superstar here.

Your epic proposal stories

We're looking for declarations of love on a grand scale. Tell us, how did you propose?

Why do people cheat in love?


Have your relationships been affected by cheating? Why do people do it and can relationships survive it?

Share your Anzac stories


Do you have a Anzac story of epic escape or injury? We're looking for stories of your relatives' experiences.

NZ's best place to live is...


Our nation is mix of rural paradise, rugged coastline, and world-class metropolises. Where's best?

Job interview nightmares

Job interview

How was it...? Ooohhhh... nooooo... really that bad? Tell us about your worst interview experience.

How to let a loved pet go?

Pet loss

Pets. We feed them, we love them. But sometimes, we have to say goodbye to them.

Your Anzac Day feelings


As New Zealanders gather to remember and reflect on Anzac day, we want to know what it means to you.

Kids starting school alone


Can you remember your first day of school? Was it difficult or did you cope when your parents left you on the mat?

Home sweet rental home

rent property real estate house

Renting can be a great experience or a $500-a-week nightmare. Share your story with us.

Your shopping frustrations


Frumpy bras, long-legged trousers and one size items that definitely don't fit all. Vent your retail rage.

Working from home realities

Working from home

Is working from home an easy way to slack off or the key to increasing personal productivity?

Rising house prices


Does owning a home seem like a dream that is slowly drifting out of your grasp?

Do kids grow up too fast?

Children playing

What's happening to childhood? Has the innocence of youth become a thing of the past?

How to tackle begging?


Will banning beggars or labelling them a nuisance in order to move them along solve the issue?

Making the move


We'd love to hear from families and individuals who have made recently moved to a new city or region.

How do you tackle addiction?


Whether you're an addict or close to someone who is, what's your reality of living with addiction?

Fear the Walking Dead chat

Is the show worthy of The Walking Dead name? Share your thoughts on the zombie series.

Helping Chch's children heal

Traumatised children are a growing problem in Christchurch, but what can be done to combat this?

You've gotta go see this...

Popcorn at the cinema

Have you seen an amazing movie lately? Share your review.

Is NZ netball good enough?

Magic netball

Which Kiwi team has the best chance to challenge the Aussies' dominance in the ANZ Championship?

What's up with the Warriors?

Isaac Luke, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Shaun Johnson of the Warriors

Should the Warriors focus on developing young Kiwi talent over adding veteran Aussies to their squad?

Wanderlust to true love

Did you find love in a foreign place?

It's easy to fall in love with travel, but have you fallen in love while travelling?

Your favourite fitness fads


What are the craziest things you've tried in an attempt to get, or stay, in shape?

Are we wasting NZ's water?


Are we making the most of our water supplies or watching them go down the drain?

Are you new to New Zealand?

Are you an expat who has made New Zealand your home? Share your story with Stuff.

Animals changing lives

Guide dog puppy

Guide dogs, assistance dogs or just all round great companions, celebrate the animals changing your life.

Are kids missing NZ history?


Are schools failing to teach their students New Zealand's history?

What now for Black Caps?

A top season ended in bitter semi-final disappointment. So where to now for the men in black and beige?

100 words to happy


What makes you happy? Share your instant feel good tips to help bring a smile to the faces of others.

Selfies: Do you love or hate 'em?

What do you think of selfies? Have they changed the way you take photos or do they drive you crazy?

Are they cotton-wool kids?

Rope swing

Should we encourage our kids to explore and take more risks or do even more to protect them?

Showing support for Belgium

A young girl lights a candle at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels following the attacks on March 22

What are your feelings since hearing of the attacks and what can be done to prevent such extremist violence?

That time I went... ahhhh!

sky dive

What's the scariest thing you've ever done? Tell us all about it now you've lived through it.

Tackling inequality in sport

Serena Williams

Are women getting a raw deal in sport? If so, why is that and what would you like to see done about it?

Should NZ have a sugar tax?

Sugar tax

Would a sugar tax help us tackle our obesity epidemic or have a negative impact on the economy?

Welcome to New Zealand?


We want to hear from immigrant families and individuals who have made New Zealand their home.

Howdy neighbours


Everybody needs good neighbours and we'd love to hear about yours.

Is 2016 the year of the Blues?

Tana Umaga

With Tana Umaga stamping his mark on the Blues are they again a contender in NZ Super Rugby?

Can NZ go all the way?

Corey Anderson

The World T20 is under way with a bang for NZ, but will they lift the silverware at the end?

How do you stop loneliness?


How do you stop loneliness leaving you feeling hidden in plain sight?

A visa-free Commonwealth?

Should Kiwis be able to live and work in Australia, Canada and the UK without visas?

Your rugby picks for 2016?

Beauden Barrett

New competition, new teams, new players, new aspirations - it's time for Super Rugby to begin.

Winning flag: Your views

Which design are you backing to become the new flag of New Zealand? Tell the country what you think.

Love or loathe The Bachelor?

It's the television show New Zealanders love to hate. But are you watching?

Auckland housing woes

Auckland Council has abandoned unpopular zoning proposals - did it make the right call?

Last drinks for scarfies?

Is it time to call last drinks on Dunedin's scarfie culture?

Sharing solo travel secrets

Solo travel

Tell us about your best and worst experiences of going it alone on your travels.

Your Martin Crowe tributes

Martin Crowe

Your chance to pay tribute to New Zealand's greatest test batsman.

Your favourite Womad memory


What do you love about Womad? Is the music, art and dance highlight of your year?

Happiness after heartbreak


What are the biggest life lessons you've learnt from your relationship break ups?

Ladies, are you proposing?


Are you planning on taking romantic matters into your own hands on February 29?

Bye McCullum - now what?

Brendon McCullum

It's the end of an era for New Zealand sport, so where to now for the 'dream big' Black Caps?

Should schools rule looks?

Lucan Battison

Are rules on appearance necessary at schools or should we be focusing on behaviour and learning?

Are Kiwi travellers trouble?

Are you proud or embarrassed of your fellow Kiwis when exploring the world?

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