Have you bagged a trophy?


What is it that draws you to the bush, mountains, or maimais in pursuit of that elusive animal?

The digital love connection

online dating

Have you found love in the digital world? Or has one too many Tinder dates scared you away?

Random toddler terror acts


Here's one for the hair-tearing, patience-of-saints, end-of-your-tether, parents of toddlers.

Well, that was weird

Notting Hill Carnival

What are the best, worst or downright bizarre moments you've experienced on your travels?

Kiwi pet shaming


It's time to name and shame the animal anarchist in your house.

My health wake-up call


Sometimes it takes a nasty shock to the system to make us look at what's important in life.

Are you a trivia junkie?

Pub quiz team

Do you have a mind like a steel trap, impressive general knowledge or - even better - a specialist subject?

Is your community safe?


Feeling secure in your community is an important factor in choosing where to live and raise a family.

How do you tackle addiction?


Whether you're an addict or close to someone who is, what's your reality of living with addiction?

WIN: NZ's beautiful homes

coffee machine

You could have your own living space featured in living colour, here on Stuff and in Sunday magazine.

Your magic mobile photos

Mobile photo

The days of pixelation are over. Mobile phone photos can now rival the best photography in the world.

Who should lead Labour?

Labour contenders

There are four candidates in the running to be the next Labour leader, but who's got what it takes?

Is a degree in NZ worth it?

university graduates

Does getting a degree in NZ set you up for the job market or is it more debt than it's worth?

Five things to save in a fire

If I had to abandon my apartment without notice I know the five things I'd save. What would yours be?

Ditching 'the ideal' body

Companies should market clothes to a range of body sizes. They're deluded if they think they already do.

Pick your ABs tour team

Dan Carter

Inclusion of Carter, Romano, Vito and SBW in the northern tour comes at a cost. Have the selectors got it right?

Money lessons for kids

kids money piggy bank

A lot of parents wonder what the best way is to teach their children how to save, and how to understand money.

Auckland house prices and you


Are you concerned about the new Auckland Council property valuations being released next month?

Sensitive about body sizes?


Are we too sensitive about body issues or is it important to consider how images affect young people?

Should schools rule looks?

Lucan Battison

Are rules on appearance necessary at schools or should we be focusing on behaviour and learning?

Animal odd couples

goat cat

There's nothing cuter than an animal friendship, and it's even better when they're from different worlds.

That time I went... ahhhh!

sky dive

What's the scariest thing you've ever done? Tell us all about it now you've lived through it.

Does not compute


Tell us what your view is on technology. Has it made your life better or worse?

How do you save money?

Piggy bank

Share your best savings ideas with the rest of us and do your bit to create a financially sorted New Zealand!

Will the Phoenix rise again?

Andrew Durante

The Phoenix have kicked off their A-League season and we want to know how you think they'll fare this year.

Tell us why your dog rocks


It's time to celebrate the pups and hounds in your life by telling the world why they're so special.

Managing a mental makeover

Head graphic

Is it possible to overhaul your personality, or does a leopard really never change its spots?

Parents who broke the rules


Other parents are quick to judge when someone does things differently. How do you deal with it?

It's a miracle, I survived

Family Sunset

A near-miss on the roads, a boating trip gone awry, sometimes something unexplainable happens.

Total eclipse of Blood Moon

Blood moon

New Zealand's in a prime spot to see tonight's Blood Moon and total lunar eclipse so send us your photos.

Dive into underwater photos


Whether it's a sealife snapshot or your pets making a splash, share your best underwater shots.

Living with invisible illness

Sad woman, depressed, grieving

How do you make people understand that you're ill if you don't have any physical symptions?

Your top marks for teachers


For World Teachers Day, we want to hear from classroom leaders on the realities - and victories - of their job.

ABs finally beat. Now what?

Richie McCaw

The All Blacks finished the Rugby Championship with a loss, but does it affect their World Cup chances?

Share some animal magic

A orangutan plays with a pair of albino Burmese Python

Go wild on world animal day by helping to celebrate all things furry, slimy and even scaly.

Gigs in all their glory

Lorde performing

Whether you ended up rocking out or running for cover, if you've been to a gig send us your reviews.

Ewen Gilmour memories

Ewen Gilmour

Share your memories and favourite moments of Kiwi funnyman Ewen Gilmour.

Breast cancer battle scars

Emerald Reid

Help raise awareness of the impact breast cancer has on Kiwi lives by sharing your story.

Does Deans deserve a crack?

Robbie Deans

Former Wallabies coach Robbie Deans is still desperate to coach the All Blacks. Should he be given a chance?

Picking the right high school

High school students

Is it better to send your child to a school close to home or one with qualities you have to pay for?

Secrets to stopping stress


Eating lunch at your desk. Texting at dinner. Replying to emails in bed. Does this sound like you?

My favourite book


What's that one dog-eared, well-loved book that you always return to when you need a good read?

Road Trip: Join the journey

Road trip Beni (Nua Finau) and Sarah (Meghan Heffern)

We need your help to tell the untold stories of New Zealand by taking part in an exciting interactive comedy.

100 words to happy


What makes you happy? Share your instant feel good tips to help bring a smile to the faces of others.

Eat your way around the world


We want to hear about all the food gems that have made your travels worth it.

ABs v Pumas: Your thoughts

Jerome Kaino

What caught your eye as the ABs wrapped up the Rugby Championship with victory over the Pumas?

Pets who change us


This rescue pet owner's life was changed through her love of dogs who needed help.

How do you make love last?

Ross and Mary Grant

Have you and your partner been together a while and yet you've still 'got it'? Tell us how

Does Ryder deserve a break?

Jesse Ryder

Is it time for the Black Caps to forgive Jesse Ryder and welcome him back into the fold?

What now for Labour?


As Labour grapples with its worst election result in 92 years, we want to hear your views on what went wrong.

Have you given up social media?

Social media

Have you decided to cancel your Facebook page or stepped away from your Twitter account?

Is home-owning dream over?

Generation Y

Generation Y are seeing their hopes of home ownership slip away. Are you facing a lifetime of renting?

Has surgery changed your life?

cosmetic surgery

Have you had plastic surgery? What did you have done and how has it changed your life?

This is why I didn't vote

Ballot box

The election had one of the worst voter turnouts in 100 years, so why don't more people vote?

What should be on NZ's flag?

new zealand flag

Does our country's current flag represent you or would you like to see something fresh flying?

And then this happened...


Have you had something go badly wrong? Whether it's a joke backfiring or a show off disaster, tell us here.

What grips you with fear?

Maria Mosquera

Whether it's flying, spiders, or something random, share your phobias or tips on how to deal with them.

A bit of gross on the side


Whether intentional, a dare, or a barf-making accident: tell us the grossest thing you've eaten.

Is Cowan answer for Blues?

Jimmy Cowan

The Blues have signed Jimmy Cowan for next year's campaign. Was it a smart move?

Ready to make a change?

Getting fit

We would all like to get fitter, lose weight, drink less. Now is the time to do it, and share your journey.

Share your superfoods

A fruit and vegetable stall

Has a super food made a huge impact on your health and wellbeing? Share the benefits with others.

Villain, Bond villain

Few franchises have captured the essence of evil like the Bond villain. Who was the best of all time?

Stars in their lens

Paul Wilson

We're looking for reader photos revealing what many of us miss when we're tucked up in with our eyes closed.

WIN: Be stuffed no more

treadmill prize

Make a three-month pact for positive change and you could win a treadmill worth $3000.

Your analysis: ABs vs Boks

Aaron Cruden

The All Blacks' test against South Africa was a blockbuster, but how did you rate the performance?

Random acts of kindness

Nellie Hunt and John Beattie

Ever been touched by the kindness of stranger or good samaritan? It's time to say thanks.

Are you better or worse off?

Money being taken from a wallet

After six years of the current government, is your family reaping the rewards or struggling to cope?

Finger-licking family recipes


Do you have a recipe passed down through your family? Go on, share it with us.

Reunited at last

Frans Debruyne

Have you found a missing relative or long lost loved one? We'd love to hear the story.

What Aucklanders want

Sky Tower

What issues matter to Aucklanders and where should the Goverment be spending money in your city?

How's your juggling act?

family life

Do you feel like work is taking over your life, or do you have the balance right?

Supermoon rising over NZ

Stargazers, did you capture the last supermoon of the year? If you did, we'd love to see your photos.

Budgeting tips from Kiwi savers

Piggy bank, money

How can Kiwis get ahead when it comes to saving? If you've got any top tips on spending less, share them here.

Who is the ABs' perfect 10?

Aaron Cruden

Should Beauden Barrett or Aaron Cruden start at 10 against the Boks? What about that bloke called Carter?

Is your pet a record breaker?

New Zealand's oldest dog?

Does your pet have what it takes to be the biggest, tallest, fastest, heaviest, or generally just the best?

Pregnancy myth busting

Duchess of cambridge

For many pregnant women, like Kate Middleton, the miracle of life isn't all smooth sailing. Help debunk pregnancy myths.

Do refs have too much power?

Nigel Owens

The recent spate of dubious decisions has revived the debate over referees' influence on games.

ABs vs Pumas: your take

Beauden Barrett

It certainly wasn't pretty in the wet at Napier's McLean Park. How do you think the ABs went against the Pumas?

No such thing as normal


Do New Zealanders accept and celebrate diversity or do those with differences face an uphill battle?

Give it up for grandparents!


Whether they're funny, serious, or just spoil you rotten, tell us what makes your grandparents great.

Tax, tax baby


Do you think New Zealanders should be paying more or less tax? Will tax affect your vote this month?

New life after quake?

wedding mags

Does it feel like the beginning of a fresh start for Christchurch and Canterbury where you are?

The flats of nightmares

cold flat

Indoor rain, load-bearing mould, and unhinged landlords, what was your worst flat?

Fighting fat in NZ


Would you like to see taxes on fizzy drinks and companies who sell or produce fatty foods?

My adoption story

same sex

Were you adopted or have you adopted a child or children?

House proud? We want you

house rules

DIY is part of the Kiwi DNA, and we want to see what work you've done on your home.

Small business ups and downs

small business, businessman

What's the secret to success in owning a small business? We're looking for Kiwis to share their experiences.

If you were the PM...

john key

What would you do if you were the Prime Minister? Share your vision for New Zealand.

Your wedding DIY

Stuff nation

We're looking for crafty brides and grooms who have made big or little parts of their weddings themselves.

Sweet delights


We all like to indulge a little sometimes, so send us your favourite dessert recipes.

My thoughts on my body

NZ Fashion Week model auditions

What are your favourite and no-so-favourite parts that make up the physical nature of you?

The school of politics

shcool books

What do you think needs to be done to improve the educational standards of young Kiwis?

Don't think. Just do it



A last minute flight to Australia became the trip of a lifetime for Luke Reeves.

Just me and my backpack


Whether it's Europe, America, Asia or any other epic journey, we want to hear your backpacking stories.

SBW fast-track fair or unfair?

Sonny Bill Williams

Rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams is used to having his way, but should the All Blacks bend rules for him?

First date disasters


Sometimes, love isn't in the air. Sometimes it's red-faced, counting the minutes until this horrid date can be over.

Are women equal in NZ?

New Zealand was the first country to give women a vote, but how are we doing on women's equality now?

Your DIY questions answered


Whether you're contemplating a serious reno' or just want to jazz up your living room, our experts have the answers.

Where now for the All Blacks?

Kieran Read

Armchair coaches and refs - get up and share, what are your thoughts on the All Blacks' latest success?

The album I couldn't live without

Abbey Road

There is always one - the album that sums up a moment in time or feeling you cling to.

Extreme body measures


Whether it's hardcore workouts or weird diets, what's the craziest thing you've put your body through?

Unusual animal encounters


Chased by wildlife, mauled by monkeys or bitten by bugs, tell us your travelling animal tales.

Share your best macro photos

Flower close-up

It's time to get up close and personal with photography to send us your best macro shots.

Money tips for my younger self

kids money piggy bank

What do you know now that would have given you a head-start when you were younger?

Can you beat our desk safari?

Stuff's desk safari

Our readers are taking up the challenge we laid down for best desk safari. Can you do better?

This is it: cats or dogs?

kitten puppy

Are you a friend of the feline or is there no question that dogs really are man's best mate?

Was a draw a fitting result?

Beauden Barrett

The Rugby Championship is underway but the ABs' quest for a record 18th straight test win failed in Sydney.

Changing Kiwi booze culture

drunken girls

NZ's binge-drinking culture has long been a source of nationwide debate, but how can we change our boozing ways?

Analyse this: EPL kicks off

Winston Reid

Big strikes, big dollars and big songs - the English Premier League is getting under way.

Your Robin Williams memories

Robin Williams

Share your favourite memories and anecdotes about the effervescent star of stage and screen.

Has Ebola affected your travel?


NZ airports are now screening for the deadly Ebola virus. Has the health emergency changed your plans?

I'm so embarrassed


They're the times we'd all rather forget, those moments when something goes completely wrong and we flush with embarrassment.

Your dairy-free recipe joy


Have you got a mouth-watering recipe for some dairy-free goodness? Share it with the rest of us.

Why I heart Auckland


Aucklanders have a fierce love for their city, help the rest of the country understand the allure.

Friendship tattoos forever

Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn

Celeb besties are inking up to show their devotion - do you have matching tatts with your mates?

Ouch! Can Carter do it again?

Dan Carter

Are veteran All Blacks suffering injury crippling our chances of winning the next World Cup?

My business election wishlist


What should the would-be Government do for business to win your vote?

WWI 100 years: Kiwi stories


Help remember the Kiwis in WWI by sharing their stories, memories and images.

Your NZ film fest reviews


It's hard to know what to pick at the film festival so share your reviews to make everybody's lives easier.

Best of the backcountry

Supper Cove hut

Kiwis are being called on to help maintain remote huts and tracks. But which ones deserve your TLC?

Tales of hell in a tin can


There are so many ways a long distance flight can go horribly wrong. Share the pain.

Facing NZ's greatest shame


What can we do to change New Zealand's shameful child abuse and domestic violence statistics?

Growing up two by two

Olsen twins

Twins, what was it like growing up with a built-in best friend, conspirator and competitor?

Was breast best for you?


Have attitudes to public breastfeeding changed and is there too much pressure on new mums?

My most romantic moment ever

romance love kiss

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done? Or that someone's done for you?

Beyond the bended knee

Dallas Harema

We're looking for declarations of love on a grand scale. Tell us, how did you propose?

Simply the best

Peter Snell wins gold at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games.

New Zealand has more than its fair share of sporting heroes. But who's the greatest?

Show off your best looms

Rainbow loom

Bragging rights to the best Rainbow Looms from around New Zealand.

Have you pimped your ride?

Pimped up

Calling all petrolheads... start your pimped up engines. Show off your special vehicle.

Are your kids on Facebook?

Facebook generic

How are you navigating the social media minefield with your children - teen or even younger?

Will you vote in this election?

voting strap

Lorde is urging young Kiwis to vote - but Russell Brand says that'll make people complicit in a broken system.

I've just finished reading...

books strap

Help your fellow bookworms by reviewing what you've just put back on the shelf.

Gorgeous gluten-free recipes


Have you got a great gluten-free recipe? Share the goodness with other wheat-free readers.

Is this our best ABs line-up?

Dan Carter

Steve Hansen has made his selections for the Rugby Championship. Do you agree with his big calls?

Loved ones remembered


Do you miss someone you loved and want to share their life story with others?

Memories made in ink

Anja Valuta's tattoo

Whether the result of one too many sangrias or a considered work of art, show us your holiday tats.

Celebrating Glasgow 2014

Valerie Adams in the Commonwealth Games

Show us how you're supporting your favourite team at the Commonwealth Games.

On the table in 30 minutes


Do you have a favourite, fast recipe you'd love to share? Well, we'd love to try it.

Couch potato to running bean

Running jogging jogger

What is it about running that makes you get out of bed on a cold winter's morning?

Be Stuff's wedding of the week


Tied the knot recently and want to share your special day? Show us each memory-making moment.

My pretty pony pal

A pony

Is your pony perfect? Send us your pony pics and tell us all about your horsey adventures together.

Working in a man's world


What is it like to be a woman working in a male-dominated environment?

A Kiwi winter wonderland

Paige Carville

Winter months mean glistening frosts, sensational skiing, and powdered landscapes - ripe for photography.

The best guitar riff ever

nirvana Curt Cobain

Smells Like Teen Spirit? Whole Lotta Love? Satisfaction? What's the best guitar riff of all time?

Losing a loved pet

pet loss

Pets. We feed them, we love them. But sometimes, we have to say goodbye to them.

The best place to live in NZ is...


Our nation is mix of rural paradise, rugged coastline, and world-class metropolises. Where's best?

Expansion a Super idea?

Tana Umaga

Rugby's money men have spoken and Asia will get a Super Rugby franchise. Is that a good move?

Fuel for moving your feet

Food choice

The motivation to get moving comes from your heart, mind and stomach.

Now, that takes the cake


Have you ever put the icing on the cake, stood back and thought to yourself, "nailed it"?

World Cup XI from heaven

Lionel Messi

Play manager and tell us who would make your World Cup tournament XI.

What to fix first in Chch?

Flooding in Lindsay Rush's Christchurch home

If you could click your fingers and magically solve one of the city's problems, what would it be?

Surviving school holidays

School holidays

What are your tips, tricks and unique ideas for getting your family through school holidays intact?

Winter warming recipes

chicken casserole

We want to know what's warming your belly this winter. Send us your recipes.

Home sweet expat home


Are you an expat in New Zealand or a Kiwi living abroad? Share your experiences and insights.

Flip, don't flop, in property


What should renovators spend money on to get the best value bang for their buck?

Break the miscarriage taboo


Share your experiences and help others understand the pain of losing a baby during pregnancy.

Perfect Sunday roast secrets

Roast chicken

How do you cook yours? Are you a stickler for tradition or do you spice up the dinner table every weekend?

Blacks Caps moving on up?

Kane Williamson

Can the Black Caps start beating the world's top test nations or do recent results flatter to deceive?

Are sports stars role models?

Todd Carney

Lewd photos, drunken fights, and sex snapchats: do we expect too much of professional athletes?

Hot in your headphones


Do you love music and want to share your thoughts on the latest album you're listening to?

First Xmas with our 'miracle'


Three years of fertility treatment left Janelle Shaw's house looking like a science lab.

How to help Kiwis into homes


The cost of housing is shaping up to be a major election issue. What needs to be done?

Punished for being me

Jesse Greenslade

Jesse Greenslade opens up about his suffering at the hands of bullies. What's your story?

Who will win the World Cup?

Robin van Persie

After several weeks of getting up early and tuning in to the World Cup, who do you think will win?

NZ's best food carts


Big taste. Little locations. We're looking for the best food carts in the country.

Your climate change message

carbon strap

If you could speak to world leaders about global warming, what would you say?

Has the Cup runneth over?

Grant Dalton

Team New Zealand will contest the next America's Cup. Good idea or a waste of money?

Your favourite Chch place

A full moon lights fog ove Quail Island, Lyttelton Harbour.

With so much of Christchurch gone or broken, it is time to celebrate the places we still love.

Tell us your story


Help us tell the stories of New Zealand by contributing to Stuff Nation.

Best slopes in the world

Mt Ruapehu

Where's your favourite place to carve it up? Share the snow love with other ski fans.

What next for the All Blacks?

Steve Hansen

How are the All Blacks looking as we head into the Rugby Championship?

KiwiSaver: Where do you stand?


Is KiwiSaver a key issue when it comes to deciding which party you're likely to vote for?

Your tips for selling a home

real estate

With the housing market going boomtime, we want to know what the best tips for getting top price for your home are.

Australia's hidden gems

Great Barrier Reef

We're on the hunt for Australia's off-the-beaten track delights.

All Blacks on right track?

Ben Smith

Armchair coaches, it's time for you to shine. Share your analysis of the second ABs test.

Oh baby, that's awkward


You must've been a beautiful baby, but baby, you just look at that awkward photo!

Working for your family

Jackie Mulligan

You took time off to have a baby. Now for the hard part - returning to work.

Mega pets: Not just big boned


Have you got a mammoth pet? Furry, feathered or amphibious, we want to see it.

Your Football World Cup XI

Zinedine Zidane

Have you got room for Pelé and Maradona? What about Zidane? Share your ultimate World XI

Your World Cup game plan

Stuart Cushing

Fans in stadiums and in front of TVs around the world are uniting for the Fifa World Cup. What are your plans?

ABs v England: Your analysis

Richie McCaw

Where to now for the All Blacks team after last night's test opener? Share your analysis here.

Surviving reflux

crying baby

Reflux can push parents and families to the edge of exhaustion, of patience, of support.

Is van Dyk netball's GOAT?

Irene van Dyk

After 20 years in the shooters' circle, Irene van Dyk is a legend. But is she the greatest of all time?

Should kids have phones?

child smartphone

It's a major decision for many modern parents: when do I give my child their own smartphone?

NZ health care check up

hospital doctors

What are the gaps in our health care system and where does the money need to be spent?

Welcome to New Zealand?


We want to hear from immigrant families and individuals who have made NZ their home.

My All Blacks squad

Jerome Kaino

Who are your picks for the All Blacks team to face England next month?

Perfect winter Sunday photos


Capture your perfect winter Sunday and you could win one of two Canon PowerShot D30 cameras.

Ugliest holiday souvenirs

Travel souvenir

Kiwi travellers, we're on the hunt for New Zealand's ugliest travel souvenir. Do you have one?

Your best holiday ever?


We want to hear about the holiday that forever sticks in your mind - especially on dreary days.

How to help families


Vulnerable children and stressed parents are a big issue this election year. We want to know what you think.

Can cricket recover?

Lou Vincent

Has your passion for cricket been changed by match fixing revelations?

I Crossfit because ...

crossfit strap

What's been your experience with the extreme exercise craze called Crossfit?

Is the IPL good for cricket?

Kevin Pietersen

The Indian Premier League may be good for lining cricketers' pockets but is it good for the game?

My better 2014 Budget

Piggybank piggy bank

What did you think of the Government's 2014 Budget? Share your views here.

Cyclists, do you feel safe?

cyclists cycling

We want to hear from cyclists on what it's like to ride the roads in your city.

Love thy neighbour, or not

Bad Neighbours

Having a great neighbour can have a huge impact on your homelife - good and bad.

Travel secrets from Kiwis


With the big OE in our blood, we can assume we're a nation filled with travel knowledge.

Where now for the Warriors?

Warriors hooker Nathan Friend

Can the Warriors turn their fortune around? And is McFadden the right man for the job?

Influential women in your life

women of influence

We want you to tell us about the amazing women in your life: mothers, colleagues, team mates.

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