Are you a crossfit convert?

Last updated 13:56 20/05/2014
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RIPPED: Mahdi Te Heuheu, Jen James and Aaron James showcase one of their workouts at Crossfit Mana in Palmerston North.

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Tamaryn Venter and Darren Ellis of Crossfit New Zealand in Auckland.

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Founded in Santa Cruz, California, just 14 years ago, Crossfit has taken New Zealand - and most of the world - by storm.

There are over 100 Crossfit workout facilities, or "boxes", around the country, including 42 in Auckland. Ben and Owen Franks, the rugby players, own five facilities.

For those that haven't heard of it, Crossfit workouts typically combine high-intensity training, olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and other forms of exercise. Typically Crossfitters go to their box and do the prescribed "Workout of the Day", which might involve anything from kettlebell swings to sprinting to deadlifts. Workouts are often short but intense, and it isn't unusual to see Crossfitters gasping on the floor afterwards. 

Crossfitters can also compete in the "Crossfit Games", a global fitness competition. Last weekend several Kiwi teams traveled to compete at a regional in Wollongong, Australia.

While there's an enthusiastic community around Crossfit, and some devotees say it has gotten them in the shape of their lives, there's also been a backlash by those that say the sport is risky and can cause injuries. A New Plymouth physiotherapist last year warned she had treated patients with shoulder and back injuries acquired through Crossfit.

What has been your experience with Crossfit? Do you love it or hate it? Has it gotten you in great shape, or did you get hurt? Or does it just seem too extreme or too intimidating for you? Share your experiences by clicking the big green button.

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