Are we too hard on sports stars off the field?

Last updated 08:31 28/02/2017

Dan Carter admitted to making a big mistake, and fans lapped it up.

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Sports stars often end up in the sin bin due to their off-field antics - but should they?

Former All Blacks lock Ali Williams was allegedly spotted in a car with drug dealers before his arrest in Paris on Saturday.

Williams' arrest followed on the heels of Dan Carter's alleged drink driving in Central Paris. Carter has since apologised, saying he made a "massive error".

In 2016, All Blacks star halfback Aaron Smith was seen following a woman into a toilet at Christchurch Airport, where "rhythmic tapping noises" could be heard coming from inside. Smith admitted he had not only let his fellow All Blacks down, but also his partner.

We often talk about sportspeople as role models, but do we put too much pressure on them? Or is it fair to hold them to a higher level of scrutiny?

Do you care what players do in their spare time?

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