Sonny Bill Williams fast-track, fair or unfair?

Last updated 13:30 27/08/2014
Sonny Bill Williams
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RIGHT OF WAY: Sonny Bill Williams may be being given an easy route into the All Blacks camp, but should it be his by right?

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Oval ball superstar Sonny Bill Williams is used to having his way, but his looming inclusion in the All Blacks' end of year tour appears to be the wish of coach Steve Hansen.

New Zealand Rugby Union rules say a player must play in the domestic competition immediately preceeding an All Blacks match or tour to qualify for selection.

This may not happen in Williams' case as he's off playing rugby league in the NRL for the playoffs-bound Sydney Roosters. If they go all the way to the grand final, Williams won't be back in New Zealand in time to play in the NPC before the All Blacks tour party leaves, with their first test on November 1 in Chicago, USA.

Hansen wants him in the mix though - with an eye on Rugby World Cup 2015 - and so sought an exemption for the midfielder.

Is this fair play? Those rules are surely in place for a reason? What's your take on the Sonny Bill fast-track? Is it the right thing for the All Blacks to do? Share your views on the Sonny Bill saga by hitting the big green button.

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