How do you feel about selfies?

Last updated 13:33 24/03/2016

What do you love about using a selfie stick?

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Selfies... Are they a bit of harmless fun and a good way to strive for love, connection and acceptance? Or are they narcissistic displays that can damage body image?

And then there's selfie sticks. Despite several museums, sporting events and festivals around the world labelling them a nuisance and banning them, it looks like they're here to say.

But are they right?  

What do you think of selfie sticks? Do you have one? Has it changed the way you take photos, or was it a novelty you soon tired of? 

Do you love the freedom a selfie stick gives you to take your own pictures when you're travelling alone? Or group shots that would never be the same if a stranger was behind the camera? 

Now's your chance to speak up in defence of selfies and selfie sticks and share your best selfie stick photos. Or, give us your best on why you just don't like them. Click the green contribute button to get started. 

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