Could you live car free?

Last updated 10:43 22/09/2015
Empty roads

Would you welcome a car-free world?

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Could you live without your motor? As hundreds of millions of people take to their cars and vehicles every day globally, World Car Free Day is a bid to get people from out behind their steering wheels.

The idea is to help cut back on the noise, pollution and dangers poised by vehicles and get people back on their feet or using alternatives like public transport to get around. But what do you think about it? 

How has having a car changed your life? Is it a convenience you've come to rely on out of habit, or a necessity you couldn't live without?

Maybe you've made a conscious decision not to have your own car. If so, why? Is it for environmental reasons, expense, or frustration at the growing traffic congestion in our towns and cities?

Do you think we're too reliant on personal transport? Maybe you think more should be done to get people out of their cars? What would persuade you to use alternative modes of transport?

Share your thoughts on the role of cars in our lives by clicking the green button below. 

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