Are Kiwi kids missing out on New Zealand's history?

Last updated 10:39 31/03/2016

Otorohanga College students presented a petition to Parliament in support of a national commemoration of the Land Wars last year.

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The Ministry of Education has refused to include the New Zealand Wars in the national curriculum.

The response to the Maori Affairs select committee came after a student-led petition called for more teaching in schools about the Land Wars of the 1800s.

In December, hundreds gathered at Parliament where 13,000 signatures were presented to politicians by Leah Bell, 16, and Waimarama Anderson, 17, in favour of more awareness of the Land Wars in schools. 

Leah's mother, and Otorohanga teacher, Linda Campbell says youth are being "ripped off" from learning their history.

Campbell questioned how many New Zealand youth were informed about local and national history.

What are your thoughts? Are schools failing to teach their students important historic events?

Maybe you are a student or parents with concerns? Or are you a teacher with a different perspective on this issue?

Is it up to the schools to provide this information, or should parents also take initiative with their children's education?

Share your views by clicking the green button. We prefer submissions of at least 250 words. 

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