Have you left a cult or religious sect?

Last updated 15:44 16/08/2016

We want to hear from Stuff readers who have experienced life in a religious sect or cult.

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Reclusive religious community Gloriavale is never far from the headlines.

Founded by Neville Cooper, who was later convicted of sex offences, the community is currently under scrutiny after the death of a girl in a isolation room.

Many New Zealanders are both appalled and fascinated by communities such as Gloriavale, where members willingly give up their personal rights and follow strict rules.

Members of Gloriavale's community do not use contraception, are not allowed to divorce, are not paid for their work and do not choose their marriage partner.

We want to hear from Stuff readers who have experienced life in a religious sect or cult.

Maybe you were part of the Gloriavale community? What was life like for you there? What drew you to the community and what were the benefits of such a life?

If you have since left, how did your departure go, and how has your life been since returning to society? Why did you leave?

What are the benefits of living in such a community? What are the negatives?

Please click the green button to share your story. We prefer submissions of at least 300 words.

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