Got an opinion on sport? Share it

Last updated 09:31 22/09/2016

It's time to come off the long run. Have you got a strong opinion about sport you want to share? Now is your chance.

Got an opinion on sport? Share it

Share your stories, photos and videos.

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It's time to come off the long run.

Whether it's something good you think a sports team or person is doing, or something not so good, now is your chance to have your say - in depth.

Whether it is the All Blacks, Black Ferns, Black Caps, White Ferns, All Whites, Silver Ferns, or any of the myriad of sports and teams we love, it's time to voice your opinion.

Tell us how you think they're doing, what you think would improve their form or technique and anything else you need to get off your sport-loving chest.

What will other readers think? Go on, give it a go and find out if your opinion strikes a chord.

Let us know your thoughts - in at least 250 words and no more than 800 - by hitting the green button below or emailing

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