Giving an animal in need new life

Last updated 14:15 26/09/2014
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Sam was adopted by Kate Moffat with numerous medical conditions.

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Taking on a rescue pet can be a tough, but incredibly rewarding challenge.

If you've given an animal in need a second shot at life, we want to hear your story. Why did you choose to adopt one and what impact have they've had on your life? You saved them - but did they save you too?

Stuff reader Kate Moffat has rescued four German shepherds, and shared this story with us. 

I have had four rescued German shepherd dogs from The German Shepherd Rescue Trust. 

Sadly only one, Sam, is still living with us, as the others have passed away.

Sam came to me with numerous medical issues that have been addressed and is now living a happy life in West Auckland with me, my partner, four cats and an assortment of other rescued animals. 

When we got Sam in 2012, he was seven years old and in a terrible state. He had been re-homed due to a marriage split. He was riddled with medical conditions including missing fur, infected ears, overgrown claws, a underactive thyroid and stomach conditions from having terrible food. Vet records revealed that he was untreated for about 12 months.

Many a dollar has been spent helping him come right (we've been assisted by Shepherd Rescue), but now his future is much brighter with a loving family and regular vet checks. He now gets good food and loads of love.

It's taken nearly five months of hard work to get 99 per cent of the fur back on his stomach and some of the work has been heartbreaking - but rewarding.

When he looks at you and you see the cheeky glint back in his eyes, and the greeting you get when you get home from work, it makes it all worthwhile.

I could not have achieved any of this, nor been entrusted with any of my dogs, without the love and support of The German Shepherd Rescue Trust.

I have not only been a 'Mum' to my own dogs but 'Aunty' to so many more - my social life has improved also as we all get out together to support the same cause. I have been involved with animal rescue now for over 10 years and my life has been changed through my love of dogs who needed help.

I just have to look in Sam's eyes and I'm reminded why I continue to support animal rescue. 

Have you adopted a rescue pet? To tell us your story, click on the assignment button. 

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