Have you made a huge health change?

Last updated 08:40 13/03/2017
Raegan Katene

Marton's Raegan Katene lost 36 kilograms through diet and exercise.

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We want to hear some inspiring stories of lifestyle changes from real people.

Stories like Christchurch woman Tracy Hapi who lost 100 kilograms and is training for the New York City Marathon. Or Auckland's Ashley Te Whare who competes in Ironman events, triathlons and marathons after losing 60kg.

And there's Marton teenager Raegan Katene who dropped from a 104kg 16-year-old to a 68kg 18-year-old. 

How did you take control of health to make a huge change in your life? What impact has it had?

What made you want to change? And how did you do it?

Did you have to change your relationship with food and exercise to achieve your goals?

No doubt there were struggles and obstacles along the way, what were they? What advice do you have for others undertaking a similar challenge?

Maybe your health change journey is ongoing - what have been your biggest challenges or successes so far?  

From losing a pride-worthy amount of weight, to overcoming health or injury problems or changing the way you view food -  share your stories and photos with us n at least 250 words by clicking the green button.

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