Is it time to vote reality TV off?

Last updated 13:00 16/09/2013
reality TV

OVER THE TOP: Is there too much reality TV on at the moment?

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Are you sick of reality TV on our screens?

Yes. Please. Stop. Now

Depends on the show - some are really good

No, the more ninjas, chefs and pop stars the better

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There is a overflow of reality shows on at the moment with no sign of them falling out of favour with the networks or the viewers.

But is it time we said no more? Watching people attempt to either cook, sing, fix houses, dance and live together is fun, but how much more can we take?

Networks are going to further extremes to try and catch us with the reality hook. Case in point: American Ninja Warrior.Though at least NZ viewers should be spared their version of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo or Teen Mom.

However, the genre seem to be growing. Fans lapped up the latest series of X-Factor and American Idol is booming in the States.

Is it OK to peek into other people's lives for a bit of light entertainment, or is it voyeurism gone too far?

Are you still hooked on reality TV? Or were you once a critic who is now a fan, or once an addict and now reformed?

Is it time we left the Kardashians to themselves and indulged in something more intellectual?

Tell us what you think by hitting the 'contribute' button.

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