Pet shaming: your photos

Last updated 09:40 23/10/2014
Stuff Nation: Pet shaming
Tanya Surrey

DINE IN: When Jimmy saw the opportunity for a second helping of breakfast, he took it.

Did you do this?
Lucia Rodriguez Zoom
Left Joey alone for about 25 minutes while we went to the supermarket. We normally take the rubbish bin out when he is left home alone but we were only gone 25 minutes! And he still tried to deny it!
Lynne O'Malley
SINGLE MINDED: Aela the flat-coated retriever has one mission in life - eating anything that could loosely be descibed as edible. Lynne O'Malley says even baby locks on drawers and cupboards can't stop her.

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In the run-up to Christmas it's not just the kids - big and small - who get caught up in the excitement.

Plenty of pets run wild eating even more things they shouldn't, like tinsel, chocolate, and even Christmas pudding! To help keep them safe, you can check out ways to keep these potentially dangerous treats off the menu here

But just as bad kids get sent to the naughty corner, our pets should be taught a lesson when they act up too - whatever time of the year it may be. 

We'd love to see and hear about any merry mischief-making your furry, feathered or even scaly friends have got up to... It's time to name and shame these animal anarchists.

Maybe your schnauzer loves to gnaw on your oversized slippers? Perhaps your kitten has been clawing the couch? Or has your bird decided to help redecorate (destory) the Christmas tree?

If your pet is a festive offender, or has been caught on camera in a compromising position at any other time, send us the evidence by hitting the green 'contribute' button. Don't forget to include the story behind the photo.

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