Can we fix the housing crisis?

Last updated 14:49 02/03/2017

Forty people turned up to a scheduled viewing of a flat in the Wellington suburb of Mt Cook.

Can we fix the housing crisis?

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Looking at the queues outside a recent Wellington flat viewing, you could easily imagine that the city has been hit by the same housing crisis that plagues Auckland's property market - and figures show the capital is 3590 homes short of what it needs.

Bill English has described the rental squeeze in the city as a 'problem of success', not a crisis - but we want to hear your thoughts.

Have you found that "home sweet home" is just out of reach for your family?

From a shortage of supply through to soaring prices locking out first-time buyers (41 per cent of Auckland's housing now tops the million-dollar mark), and all the way to increased homelessness and a shortage of social and emergency homes, the government has struggled to get on top of housing issues.

We don't have enough houses and many of the ones we do have are too expensive for most people.

What do you make of New Zealand's "housing bubble"? Do you think it exists - and if so, when will it burst? What would happen if it did?

What do you think the solution is? Building more houses, keeping interest rates down, government subsidies?

What are your experiences of the housing market? Have you struggled to get on the property ladder or been hit by high prices? Do you have some advice on making those difficult first steps?

Share your stories and let us know what you think should be done to fix the problem. To contribute your thoughts, hit the green button below. As always, we ask for submissions of 250 words or more.

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