How can we fix the housing crisis?

Last updated 10:48 25/01/2016
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What's the solution to fixing the over-priced and under-supplied housing market?

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Home sweet home is a lovely ideal but out of reach for many Kiwi families. How can we get more of them into their own homes?

Thinktank Demographia has just found that Auckland homes cost almost 10 times the median household income

House prices are rising in most places. We don't have enough houses and many of the ones we do have are too expensive for most people.

None of which paints a rosy picture for the country's housing market or would-be home buyers.

What's the solution? Building more houses, keeping interest rates down, giving government subsidies..?

Let us know what you think should be done to fix the problemTo contribute your thoughts, hit the green button below.

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