Breast cancer battle scars

Last updated 15:25 16/04/2014
Emerald Reid
PINK MESSAGE: Emerald Reid pictured with her daughter Summer, 2, was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29 years old.

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Has breast cancer affected your life? We want to hear your story..

Almost everyone in New Zealand has been touched by this disease - whether personally themselves or through knowing someone who has been diagnosed.

According to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, affecting one in nine Kiwi women.

Around 650 still die from the disease every year, however most will survive five years or longer if the cancer is detected early enough.

Men can also get breast cancer too, although it is not as common.   

We want to hear your story about the role breast cancer has played in your life.

Maybe you've had to witness a family member going through treatment, or have supported a colleague through diagnosis?

Maybe you've battled breast cancer and won, or maybe your fight is ongoing right now?

Help raise awareness of the impact breast cancer has on Kiwi lives by sharing your story.

Contribute your knowledge and experience by hitting the green button below.

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