Kiwi men are lardos too

Last updated 10:42 06/05/2014
From lard to lean

LEANING OUT: Kristen Hapi dropped sugar-laden foods and began dropping the kilos.

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Let's be honest, Kiwi men are lardos too.

There's a fair bit of denial about this. I know this well because I was 25 kgs heavier once, and until I made a conscious choice to do something, I was in denial.

Once the choice was made, the rest was easy.

I always wanted to lose the weight. I couldn't believe I had put that much on in the first place and I believe anyone who is overweight feels the same.

Just make a decision to start and the rest will be easy.

Google has all the information we could ever need and I read anything and everything about nutrition.

Slowly but surely a pattern emerged. It didn't take me long to figure out some foods were as addictive as cocaine. 

Some foods made me want to eat more, some were damaging the lining of my gut, causing leaky gut, some turned off the receptor in my brain that let me know I was full.

Just taking out those foods alone, I began dropping kilo after kilo and my energy levels returned.

The foods I'm talking about are processed sugars and processed carbs.

I ditched all sodas for water and cut out all the sweets. I added walnuts and almonds.

I swapped sugary breakfast cereals for bacon and eggs cooked in butter, and I added fruit, salads, vegetables, seafood and meat with as much fat as I wanted. 'They' are wrong - saturated fat is not the enemy.

The so-called healthy low-fat foods I found out were just foods with more sugar added, so now it's full cream milk, full fat yoghurt and I cook everything in fat or coconut oil. No margarine, no vegetable oils.

Bread, pizza and pasta are out.

I eat some white rice occasionally, plenty of avocados, eggs with the yolks, salads drenched in olive oil, all berries and plenty of green tea.

If you want to add exercise to this, great. I swam and walked and it was enough but this nutrition alone will work wonders.

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