Proud of my body - still not a heifer

Last updated 05:10 05/04/2014
Woman's body

"I am proud of my body; it created life, twice."

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If you walk down a busy street almost anywhere in New Zealand and take notice of the women around you, you will see, most of those women will average a size 12 or larger.

I am now a size 12 after having two children in quick succession; I struggle to lose the "baby" weight.

I think it is mean and unfair to label any woman a heifer or lardo, you might all well yell "Hey fat ass!" Regardless of a woman's size, it just isn't nice to say. However it may be a fair observation that many New Zealand women are overweight and our nation is getting bigger, and are seemingly are OK with it.

I say if women are happy, who cares. And if they're not, don't be a bully, she's likely working on it.

I myself wish I was a little smaller a little more toned and fitter, but if someone calls me a heifer, you better believe I'll head straight to the freezer and reach for that ice cream tub.

Why inflate a complex most women have? Whether women admit it or not "Does my butt look big in this?" has come out of all our mouths.

Perhaps Rachel needs to have a conversation with women who she would consider "heifers" so she can really understand from their point of view how difficult it is/can be for us women down here in the real world.

Maybe she'll find some compassion or empathy and her mind-set will go from being judgemental to understanding women a bit better.

If you look a little deeper than the surface, you'll find a story or reason into how and why a woman has become over weight.

My advice to women from an over-weight woman, don't be so shallow don't judge any woman based on what you see. Just don't be 'that' woman.

I am proud of my body; it created life, twice.

So what if I have some weight to lose or a few hundred stretch marks. Why does the outside appearance of a woman have to matter so much?

I am a good person where it counts does it really matter my weight is above 72kg? I really don't think a woman's weight should be a defining characteristic for her.

I am not a heifer, I am beautiful inside and out.

I feel sad that Rachel's comment was either made without thinking or taken out of context or that her opinion is that every woman should be thin.

I feel like perhaps she has some soul searching to do and as a face of New Zealand, should be helping lift women not cutting them down -regardless of whether or not the nation was meant to hear it.

We don't all want to be sticks - curves are sexy too.

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