What a 72kg 'lardo' looks like in a bikini

Last updated 05:00 04/04/2014
ROCKING IT: Melanie Leadley feels comfortable in her own skin.

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I have never really thought about the weight of New Zealand women as a whole, I have only concentrated on my own weight. I have never been the type of person to point someone out for being overweight or underweight as everyone is dealing with their own struggles.

After watching the video of Rachel Smalley's comments I took a look around me and had a think about the people I know, had a little walk through town and took notice of peoples waistlines and what they look like. Honestly, I didn't see anything that bothered me enough to yell out "lardo" or "heifer" at anyone and, frankly, I don't have the right because I am in that range of being 'overweight' myself.

I work full time in an office environment so I pretty much sit on my fat 'lardo' butt for eight hours a day. When I first started my job within six months I had gained approximately 8kg from simply not exercising and eating as many greens as I should.

Soon after I realised I was getting a little thick around the waist, I started going to the gym and on a strict diet and soon worked off those 8kg in about the same time I put them on!

But even still, I am sitting around 70kg, I don't think I am fat. Sure, I could stand to lose a few kgs but I'm comfortable in what I wear and I'm definitely confident to walk about in a dress and heels showing off my legs.

And, quite frankly, I rock a bikini because who cares what other people think? Weight is always a common issue with woman but there are ways to fix it if you have the determination and set yourself a realistic goal to achieve it and if you are over that 70kg+ mark and don't want to lose any weight then don't. What matters is being comfortable in your own skin!

Rachel Smalley, this is what a 72kg heifer looks like in a bikini. Take it all in, girl. If this is the average weight for New Zealand women then I don't think we in trouble at all.

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