Lardo life: Office jobs to blame?

Last updated 14:30 11/04/2014
Fat woman, overweight, obese

OBESE: Is office life to blame for our increasing size?

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I work in central Wellington, and have noticed over the past few years a definite increase in the number of very overweight/obese people about.

Walk down The Terrace or Lambton Quay at lunchtime and it's obvious.

So yes, I think Kiwis are becoming a bunch of 'lardos and heifers'.

But it is not just women, there are a lot of men in a similar state.

I think often it is more obvious in women due to the clothes they wear.

Clothes which were once appropriate for their figures, but now after adding 10-20kg, the same clothes are anything but flattering.

I am aware that I am observing a high proportion of office workers, who lead a sedentary working life.

They often eat poorly, don't have time for exercise and before they know it they have become a 'lardo'.

I myself have made the choice last year to change my diet, cutting out wheat and diary.

It hasn't been easy but in the past 12 months my weight has remained the same.

My only exercise is my daily 30min walk to work and 30min walk home again - and it's enough.

I'm in my late 40s and I feel relatively fit and healthy.

I just think some people need to have a good look at themselves and do something about it before it gets to the point where it will take a huge effort and change to fix.

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