Moving back from Australia 'best decision I ever made'

Last updated 12:49 29/10/2015
Gold coast

Australia's Gold Coast is described as a paradise by some, but Saskia Edwards doesn't agree.

Are you a Kiwi home from Australia?

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Are you a Kiwi home from Australia? Returning from Australia to live the Kiwi dream A reluctant returnee to New Zealand

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Are you a Kiwi home from Australia?

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In 2010, my family packed up our lives and moved to Australia's Gold Coast. In 2013, I moved back home. Best decision I have ever made.

I have family living in Brisbane and would visit them every year for a holiday. However, in 2010 my family decided a change was needed and we moved across the ditch to the Gold Coast.

Some people describe the Gold Coast as paradise, but in my opinion, those people are wrong.

If your idea of paradise is no jobs, a massive crime rate, terrible weather, no benefits and arrogant people, then yes, move to the Gold Coast. However, this was not my idea of a good time.

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I remember going to a popular mall on a Saturday, around lunchtime, and about half an hour after I had left a gang member went into the food court and shot someone. In the same mall, two teenage girls got into a fight and one stabbed the other.

By 2013, I had had enough. After five months of trying to find a job, unsuccessfully, I decided to move back home to Christchurch. Within a month, I had a job which paid me more than any job I had had in Australia.

Although Christchurch is still in the midst of the rebuild, the atmosphere and people here are what makes it worth living here. It gave me a whole new appreciation for New Zealand as a country. Here we have everything at our doorstep.

I will admit there are things Australia does better, and it wasn't all bad. I made a couple of great friends that I still see and had some great adventures there. But the quality of life over there? Nothing compared to New Zealand.

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I can climb a hill without worrying about snakes and ticks, my car is a lot more affordable and I feel a lot safer here. Also, no-one makes fun of my accent and accuses me of doing inappropriate things to sheep.

In the end, moving to Australia was a good thing. I moved a couple of months before the earthquakes started and it gave me a new look on New Zealand.

Since moving back, I have spent my spare time traveling around this magnificent country that I will forever call home.

Have you left New Zealand to start a new life in Australia, only to return again? Share your experiences here. Are you happy to be home or are you missing your old life across the ditch? Click the green button below to send us your reader report, or email

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