Pet shaming: Self service breakfast

Last updated 11:30 06/12/2013

OPPORTUNIST: Jimmy saw the opportunity for a second helping of breakfast, and took it.

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Lucia Rodriguez Zoom
Left Joey alone for about 25 minutes while we went to the supermarket. We normally take the rubbish bin out when he is left home alone but we were only gone 25 minutes! And he still tried to deny it!
Lynne O'Malley
SINGLE MINDED: Aela the flat-coated retriever has one mission in life - eating anything that could loosely be descibed as edible. Lynne O'Malley says even baby locks on drawers and cupboards can't stop her.

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We aked readers to share photos of their mischief-making pets. When Tanya Surrey's cat Jimmy saw the opportunity for a second helping of breakfast, he took it. 

Jimmy's owner got distracted by a phone call and didn't put the lid back on the food tin.

While the coffee was brewing Jimmy made the most of the opportunity to help himself to food.

Luckily he didn't get stuck in the tin but he certainly didn't need another meal that day.

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