It pays to checkout your receipts

Last updated 05:00 18/07/2013
PRICE CHECK: Make sure the apples you're charged for are the ones you've bought.

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We all have our favourite grocery stores. But there is one thing that all supermarkets do, consistently, they overcharge.

You should always check your receipt if not before leaving the store, at least when you get home.

I was recently overcharged $11 on my $150 grocery bill because all of the dairy products I bought 'on special' were in fact not on special.

Evidently, whoever was to take down the specials signs hadn't quite got around to doing their job. So I got charged full price - it happens more often than you think.

Another supermarket mistake is when the checkout attendant charges you $3.99 a kilo for the eve apples, when actually, you had just bought the royal galas for $2.59kg.

That's a regular event, and not just apples either. With anything you have to bag yourself, check to make sure they are pricing up the right product.

The other thing they do is misplace the special cards. You think you've picked up the Nice and Natural muesli bars that are on special but actually, the merchandiser put the card up against the muesli bars, when in fact it was the nut bars that were on special. You buy the product you think is on special, but it's not. You pay full price.

I have never had a problem with any supermarket refusing a credit. But I get annoyed when supermarkets are so blase about it when I call.

'Oh, sorry', they say, 'Bring your receipt back in and we'll give you a credit'.

But what about the 100 other people you have just overcharged?

Woolworths used to credit the entire product if they overcharged you, but when they got bought out by Countdown, that changed. Now they just credit the difference. There should be a fine in place to make supermarkets accountable.

Countdown have a good policy on their fruit and vege now, and I'm not sure people take advantage of. If you are not happy with the product bring it back along with your receipt and they will refund and replace it. I recently paid $2.50 each for two avocados that were brown on the inside the following day. The customer services people were more than obliging and replaced and credited them without any issue at all.

If you get dud apples that are floury take them back for credit. Their signs say 'sweet and juicy', and if they're not, then request that they are credited, as per their policy. New World have assured me they will do the same.

Check your receipts and if the product is not right, then take it back. 

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