Four rules for safe online dating

Last updated 08:00 10/10/2014
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I met my boyfriend on Tinder and so far it's going wonderfully.

A lot of my friends have met people online and many have established either successful long-term relationships or even marriage from meeting someone online.

My experience has been nothing but positive.

I view online dating as another way to meet someone. It shouldn't be the only way and it's great to get out there and do things, but the reality is most of the people I have met online our paths just wouldn't have crossed.

I'm a lawyer and my boyfriend is an engineer. With the long hours we work it would have been very unlikely for us to just run into one another.

With our generation (I'm 29) there is no stigma attached to online dating and it's now considered the norm. People use online dating for various reasons and as long as both people are on the same page - be it for casual hook ups or something long-term - then it should only be celebrated.

There are some rules though:

Rule 1: Always tell someone where you are going and who it is you are meeting. Have the first meeting in a public place.

Rule 2: It's important to filter out anyone who doesn't come across as genuine in their messages and make sure you ask a lot of pertinent questions about them.

Rule 3: Once you have used your commonsense and sussed out that they aren't a weirdo, make sure a first date is arranged as soon as possible, otherwise you run the risk of a lot of false expectations/ideologies being made about that person which only leads to disappointment when reality doesn't match up.

Rule 4: Avoid anyone who puts up naked photos, even if half naked, that person is a loser. Hunting photos of dead animals or anyone wearing a mask is also a no.

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