There is a world outside online dating

Last updated 12:45 15/10/2014

POSSIBILITIES: Online dating isn't for everyone. Be aware of the opportunities around you in everyday life.

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When you're surrounded by couples and your Facebook feed is full of baby photos, it can be a little disheartening going home on a Friday night, excited about cooking a pasta snack, watching Wayne's World and clipping your finger nails.


Being a 27-year-old female in Auckland, I felt like I was in my dating prime and should give this online dating thing a whirl. I signed up and was soon inundated with messages.

As exciting as this was, 94 per cent of these messages were from people with names like 'sekc' or 'alnight', and were accompanied with photos of the wrong head.

Weeding through the other 6 per cent I found a genuinely lovely guy who had a sense of humour and seemed as nervous and unsure as I was about this whole adventure.

After a few weeks of messaging back and forth, we decided to meet up for dinner.

For me, I felt like I was automatically supposed to be attracted to this guy; that it was a preconceived notion that we were on a date and after this we would go back to my place, get married, have children and never watch Wayne's World again.

Unfortunately there was no spark and my date saw our time together as a chance to try to convert my faith and then teach me about anime. 

We parted with an awkward 'can I come up?', 'No', conversation and I never heard from him again. I did have several other attempts, but all ended similarly.

I think deep down the idea of meeting somebody online, while it can work so well for others, just wasn't the right path for me.

Like the viral video suggests, just look up instead of looking down at your phone, make eye contact, smile, say hello. You never know what chances are passing you by in person every day.

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