Caught in the act: Playing ghosts

Last updated 12:00 07/04/2014
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NEVER ASSUME: I thought the kids were asleep, then we had to tell them we had just been 'playing ghosts'.

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Caught in the act

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We asked readers to share stories about that time they were 'caught in the act'. Rebecca Battersby shares how her fast-thinking, fast-talk means she still laughs when she 'plays ghosts' with her kids.

Me and my partner have enjoyed an affectionate seven year relationship.

We also have two children as a consequence. One morning, rather early, my partner and I decided to get frisky.

Bearing in mind it was still dark, around 5am, we assumed our children were still asleep. Don't assume anything!

We started bumping uglies as you do and within five or 10 minutes, we were done.

As I pulled the sheets away from my face, there were two little faces looking back at me, legs still apart clinging to their father.

I felt my face go bright red as the hubby hid his head in the blankets and through my head ran a fluffy of white lies that would explain this to a two-year-old and a five-year-old...

"We're playing ghosts," I blurted out, as I pulled the sheet back over my head and made moaning "ghost" sounds.

I really didn't want to have to face them but the story must have been plausible as they both ran from the room, giving us time to sort ourselves out, to get their bed sheets.

Five years on I still have a giggle when they ask if I'll play ghosts with them!

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