Is it the booze or the boozer?

Last updated 05:00 30/12/2013

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Changing the Kiwi booze culture

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What are your views on alcohol laws in NZ? Our readers have been sharing their views in Stuff Nation.

It is not surprising to see yet another article on binge drinking in New Zealand.

I am 21 and have seen a variety of behaviours from people of all different ages and nationalities who drink. There are some significant differences, but there seems to be a common disorderly behaviour in Kiwis 'on the piss'. 

Who or what is at fault? Is it the person consuming the drink and their pre-conceptions of appropriate behaviour?

It seems that young people around our country have little concern for their image or the consequences of not having any consideration for others. It seems we are particularly rude drunks.

Other cultures can handle their alcohol. So what does our country need to do to raise responsible drinkers?

I think the eduction system plays a role in the way people behave socially, but also the people our youth idolise and are raised around.

We are an amazing, unique country but we must be more aware of the people around us and help assert the behavioural expectations and respect everyone deserves.

Perhaps the education system needs an update on the way we educate high school students on behaviour, drugs and alcohol.

The problem of booze culture can be addressed by better laws, harsher punishments and educating and encouraging ethically, morally and socially acceptable behaviour.

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