Drinking: People are the problem

Last updated 13:24 31/12/2013

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Changing the Kiwi booze culture

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The sooner our local authorities stop trying to modify peoples behaviour through opening hours and one-way door policies the sooner we might see society tackle to root cause of the problem.

Discouraging people out of antisocial behaviour by shutting them out in one form or another simply changes the location in which this behaviour will occur.

People are consuming too much for a reason. Either to escape, solve a problem or for a wide variety of other motivations.

Once intoxicated they lose the ability to make sensible decisions, which is why behaviour goes to hell and back and they try driving, leaping tall buildings, jumping off them or breaking windows. The list goes on.

It is typically the same people week in week out.

The laws are useless and judges must be heartily sick of the same people turning up in court every Monday to face the same charges over and over.

Education needs to start young. Parents need to take greater responsibility but I venture to suggest the parents of those causing most of the problems are themselves a problem.

It's a people problem, not a debate about access or opening hours. Shutting bars earlier just changes where people will drink, not the drinking.

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