Life in limbo after Chch quakes

Last updated 09:30 25/02/2013
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DAMAGED: Life on Christchurch will never be the same for many families.

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Chch, how has your life changed?

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Like most of Christchurch, my partner and I got through the September 2010 earthquake unscathed.

On November 30, 2010, we received the shocking news that my ex-daughter-in-law had been killed in a car accident, leaving behind my six-year-old granddaughter and her 10-month-old half sister. This led to a lengthy legal battle over custody.

February 22, 2011 was nerve-racking as I was in Hereford Street, working for the Department of Conservation (DOC), my partner was in the Town Hall at a union meeting for secondary school teachers, and my son was in a heritage building further down Hereford Street in relation to the custody case.

My partner sent me a text message so I knew she was still alive, but it was very nerve wracking waiting for my son to make his way to Latimer Square, where one of my work colleagues drove us home. Three and a half hours later we arrived home to find our dogs standing in a sea of glass, hyperventilating.

We lost our car for over a month as it was parked between the DOC building and Arches, near Latimer Square.

My son subsequently moved in to our small three bedroom flat and we now have custody of my granddaughter.

This week we have learned that our little girl's school will merge with North New Brighton School. It's very disappointing for us because we think we have all been through enough.

Our house is TC3 and has two very large cracks through its foundation slab. We wait and wait and wait for EQC and Southern Response to advise us whether we are a rebuild, or a repair. I have phoned EQC several times trying to get someone to come and weather-proof our house.

We remain in limbo, unable to move forward or make any decisions for ourselves.

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