Life's 'pretty awesome' being childfree

Last updated 05:00 27/01/2015
Happy couple

HAPPY: Veronica says not having children gives her and her husband time and energy to develop their hobbies and friendships.

Living a life without children

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Choosing not to have children

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I have never really wanted children, although I felt that they were expected by family and society.

In my early 20s I decided if I didn't have children by the age of 32, they simply weren't for me. I continued to take care and charge of my health by always using contraception so I never had to deal with a 'surprise' pregnancy.

I certainly never wanted children enough to contemplate becoming a single mother.

Aged 30, happily married, I spent six months giving serious thought as to whether or not my life would be improved by children. I also babysat as much as possible.

I consulted my husband and we both came to the conclusion we were very happy with the status quo and children were not for us.

We can spend time with kids (nieces, nephews, friends' kids) whenever we want. And when we have had enough, we can return to a blissfully clean and peaceful home afterwards - where we can eat/drink/do pretty much whatever we wish, whenever we wish.

We have the time, money and energy to develop our hobbies, interests and friendships.

It is pretty awesome!

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