Cost of kids not just money

Last updated 05:00 14/12/2013

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Choosing not to have children

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You only have to look around to see how stressful having kids is.

For some, they feel lonely if they don't have kids and some feel left out when they see other families with their children.

If you choose to have children, be prepared for it. Mentally, physically and financially.

Once you have a child, you can't go back. He/she will be your responsibility till they can fend for themselves.

I don't know about all the worry that may cause you, and who knows how they will turn out. You must raise them well to be good citizens of the country.

I watched my cousins have children left, right and centre, and they did not have time to spend with me anymore. We couldn't sit and have a decent conversation for 10 minutes without being distracted.

Kids also cost money every single day. You really have to be equipped with everything.

I have chosen not to have a child because there are far more important things to fulfil in this world than to have a child and have a lifetime of liabilities. Not that children are a burden, but there are pros and cons to having a child.

You must know yourself and know your life before bringing another one into the world.

Your child will turn out to be just like you. If you're confused, he/she will be confused. If you cannot care for yourself, how will you care for your child?

However, if you are equipped with all the qualities of a parent, how lucky would this world be to have your child - who will hopefully turn out to be like you.

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