Hunger for success needed in Chch

Last updated 05:00 16/07/2014
Christchurch CBD
Stacy Squires

HIGH HOPES: Bryan Williams wants city managers to establish a team spirit that will help Christchurch exceed its potential in the rebuild.

What would you fix first in Christchurch?

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Christchurch: What would you fix first?

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Three years on, and post-quake Christchurch is a frustrating place for many with no end in sight in the ongoing rebuild. Bryan Williams offers his suggestions on how things could be improved...

1. Replace the current management of the various administrations with professional managers.

2. Get the current administrators to concentrate on what they are supposed to do - administrating rules, regulations, procedures and yes even communicating

3.  Establish and adhere to a proper tender system - the old boys, or girls, network does not work anymore - there is too much business incest. If the know-how is not available in Chch get it from outside, regardless of their political affiliations or business interests, or get it from abroad. Chch is not the first city affected by an earthquake.

4. Establish a real and functioning information system within the hundreds of organisations and beyond, with the taxpayers, rate payers, the general public etc.

5. Try to establish a team spirit, not by holding hands and singing songs or having a coffee together behind closed doors, but by getting real managers with experience, drive, the desire to succeed, to get things done, with clear vision, targets and indicators of success. Don't pay them sky-high fees or salaries and endless benefits unless true measurable results, as agreed on an annual basis, are actually met and exceeded.

The new breed of managers must be hungry to succeed.

6. Space is running out - get some proper understanding between regional and local administrations. These kindergarten arguments only help a few earning more and more money by delaying or restarting things over and over again.

7. Forget politics, family connections and favouritism. Work with the money you have or take those insurance companies to the courts, establish some real corporate responsibility and forget the chequebook mentality.

Get things done, please, starting now.

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