Summer love: Blonde hair, blue eyes

Last updated 14:30 27/11/2013
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IT WAS FATE: We've been together for five years, and I swear I'm still falling more deeply in love with her.

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We asked readers to share their summer love story as part of our latest competition to win a special VIP experience at the Classic Hits Winery Tour.   

It was the summer of 2008 at beautiful Mt Maunganui, a week before the New Year.

I would say it was almost fate that brought me towards this blonde hair, blue-eyed beauty.

I first caught eye contact with her while walking up the Mount as she was on her way down. As she was glaring back at me I felt an overwhelming feel of a special kind of butterflies.

If you don't know what these butterflies are like, it's when you first see a girl and you straight away want to talk to her or approach her but you get that feeling in your gut, that feeling of being too afraid of the rejection you could possibly face.

It kills all hope in getting the courage together to approach her; I had the worst case of these butterflies and this is where I finally believed in love at first sight. 

As we walked past each other, we smiled. Then as I walked on by I thought I would turn back and see if she would turn back as well and have that eye contact once again...

She did.

As soon as she turned to look I quickly looked forward again so I didn't seem like a creep. I knew she knew I was looking back at her, it was sort of embarrassing but exciting at the same time..

I thought in my head I should really just run back and ask her what she's doing tonight or anything to start conversation with her, but I came to the conclusion that I couldn't get something that beautiful.

She was on my mind the whole day. This hadn't happened to me before with a girl ever. I couldn't believe how much I liked this girl even though I didn't know a single thing about her. For all I know she could have been a crazy beast.

As the sun was setting I thought I would go for a run along the beach. As I was running along, in the distance I could see a girl with blonde hair running towards me.

No way, could it be that girl again? It was. We ran past each other with glaring eye contact and both even looking back at each other again.

"Come on man run back and talk to her!" I said to myself, but those butterflies were to strong.

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I kept running onwards, disappointed in myself.

The next night a couple of mates and I thought we would go down to the Mount hot pools and relax the muscles after a hard days surfing, and as we were walking into one of the public spa pools, I couldn't believe my eyes.

There she was again, blonde hair, blue eyes.

I instantly went into a state of shock and excitement. This was the perfect opportunity to try start something; it was almost like fate brought us together once again.

Even my mates had big smiles on their faces, but I didn't know if they were smiling at the fact they knew this was the girl I was talking about, or her other good looking friends.

Things kicked off so well, we all started talking, getting along and after we finished at the pools they came around to our bach and have some drinks.

The more we talked, the more we drank, the more the night went on, we connected like a strong oak tree's roots firmly held into the earth.

Since then we've been together for five years, and I swear I'm still falling more deeply in love with her. We couldn't be happier.

There is always that special person out there for everyone. You just have to wait until fate chooses you to play its game.

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