Summer love: She was a skater girl

Last updated 14:30 05/12/2013

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For our competition to win a special VIP experience at the Classic Hits Winery Tour, we're looking for the best summer love stories from our readers.

It was boxing day about 15 years ago and I was in Hawkes Bay for the university break.

We were having a few beers and reminiscing about skateboarding at the skate bowl in Havelock North and all the mischief we used to get up to. So the next day I borrowed my nephew's board and headed to the skate bowl for old time's sake.

I was having a good skate when Holly came walking across the park. She was beautiful, not your typical done-up-beautiful but that real beautiful.

Light brown scruffy, curly hair, just the right amount of freckles. She looked about the same age as me and wore cut off jean shorts, low cut Chuck Taylors and a white singlet. Not a really girly outfit, more skater chick.

She started skating and fell off right in front of me. I couldn't help but laugh. She told me to shut up and we both laughed.

It turned out she was down there doing exactly the same thing as me. She was from the Bay but went to boarding school in Auckland and used to skate at the bowl during her school breaks.

We started talking and skating and spent the whole day together.

When it started to get dark we skateboarded to the supermarket and grabbed some drinks and food and headed back to the bowl to watch the sun go down.

We sat there laughing at the local homies and drinking. She leaned her head on my shoulder and said this had been the funnest day ever.

I replied that it had and just like in the movies, we kissed.

Over the next few hours we drank more, ate more, laughed more and kissed more. I honestly could have stayed there forever but the police came and ruined the moment and said we weren't allowed to drink in the park. Now it seems logical but at the time it seemed like the most unfair thing in the world.

I suggested we go to a bar but she said she had to go. I suggested perhaps we could have a drink at her place but she was staying with her Nan and I with my Mum. I grabbed a pen and paper from the taxi driver and got her details and we agreed to meet again the next day.

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We kissed and jumped in separate taxis.

I got home, jumped into the shower and threw my clothes in the washing machine. I was sitting in the lounge thinking about my day before I realised I had washed the only means of contact I had with her. I ran into the wash house but it was too late, the note was ruined and unreadable.

I waited at the skate bowl the whole next day but she didn't show. I spent the next four days there but she didn't come.

I longed to bump into her to explain what happened but never did. I had no number, no address, no last name and would never get the chance to see her.

I didn't wallow in pity and hide away from the world but was definitely a bit gutted.

Every summer for the next six years till I got married I headed down and hoped by chance she would pop in but never did. I separated with my wife last year and found myself wandering down to the park and thinking how cool would it be if she turned up, but she never did.

I'll probably head down this Boxing Day and maybe she might randomly turn up and say hello, who knows?

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