Serendipity in Amsterdam

Last updated 14:30 10/12/2013

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I hadn't seen her originally, I tell her that I saw her, but truthfully, I didn't. The room was dark and overflowing with people, mostly tourists.

I had always been skeptical about visiting Amsterdam. Its colourful underbelly was something that just didn't appeal to me.

It was June, and the roaring European heat had filled the midnight air, although not as fiercely as the previous day. A few friends that I had met during my travels accompanied me to the bar.

I remember exactly how we first met. In an attempt to push through the crowd, I was abruptly stopped with the words "Hey, are you Australian?".

She was beautiful. She exuded confident, classic femininity. 

I'm a strong believer in Synchronicity - the concept that meaning or purpose is able to be discovered in coincidence. It happens all the time to us, every day. Have you ever been playing a song in your head, then have got into your car and the same song was playing on the radio? Or thinking about someone you haven't seen in years and then all of a sudden you see them at the supermarket? It is these situations in which the universe is trying to communicate and connect with you.

Within two minutes, we had made an astounding connection. We both lived in Auckland. We both lived on the North Shore. A message from the universe? Definitely. We both were enthusiastic about good food, cooking, and the world in general. For a random encounter in a bar in Amsterdam, on the other side of the world, this was nothing short of crazy.

I led her through the crowd to the seated area in the back of the bar. Amongst all of the smoke gently floating through the air, we talked. We laughed. I kissed her and I knew that I didn't want to let her go. I had to meet her back in New Zealand when we both returned.

At the time of writing we have been together five months and our relationship is as strong as ever. She is an incredibly important part of my life and I still maintain the belief that we were meant to find each other.

It is ironic how the city I was looking forward to visiting the least gave me the greatest experience. Not just a summer romance, but the woman of my dreams.

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