We must unlearn bigotry stuff nation

We want more for Aotearoa; not just to be tolerant but to understand where queer oppression comes from.

Young people are dying because of the discrimination they face. Society has to change.

A parking warden’s wishlist stuff nation

Warden have a job to do - don't give them a hard time.

They're just trying to do their job - please let them.

We don't know how lucky we are stuff nation

New Zealand has always been at the forefront of women's rights.

13 reasons why NZ is punching well above its weight when it comes to innovation, progress and change.

'Dog-hating old trout' stuff nation

Our dog, Ivy, in the Port Hills.

The downsides to owning a dog aren't all about the cost of food or vet bills, the hair all over your clothing or the damage to your lawn.

Can Super Rugby be fixed? stuff nation

Dropping the conference format and going back to a 14-team model is the only hope for Super Rugby.

Dropping the conference format and going back to a 14-team model is the only hope for Super Rugby.

Sexual assault: It's OK to not be OK stuff nation

I was embarrassed by my naivety. I felt like I was to blame because I went to his house willingly.

Physically healing from sexual assault is one thing. But letting go of the guilt and feeling mentally healthy is another.

No such thing as half an abortion stuff nation

What was causing the lack of emotional connection? The desire for the whole situation to just disappear?

I desperately wanted a baby, my partner didn't. I struggle with the consequences of our decision every day.

Goodbye Sky TV stuff nation

My family has moved on and it’s just me - sitting up at night paying over $1000 per year for about 295 channels I’ll ...

We’ve been together for so many years and as much as I don't want to leave you, I must. It's over.

Tutira Mai - nah, not at the rugby stuff nation

Tutira Mai is a great song, but it has no place as a sporting chant.

On the cringe scale, Tutira Mai at rugby is up there with John Key's three-way handshake.

The job is far from done stuff nation

The Lions celebrate after beating the All Blacks in Wellington.

The Lions have shown in the two test matches that they can cause the All Blacks serious problems.

The All Blacks lost. Move on stuff nation

All Blacks captain Kieran Read shows his disappointment as he leaves the field after the Lions win the 2nd test 24-21.

Let's all relax a bit. We were out-played, out-thought, out-scored. It happens.

What Harry Potter taught me stuff nation

I honestly believe there will never be as influential a series as Harry Potter, at least in my lifetime.

I honestly believe there will never be as influential a series as Harry Potter, at least in my lifetime.

Hospo life: You just don't get it stuff nation

Coffee-based puns or jokes are always welcome - the more creative, the better.

Yes, the sugar sachets are fun to play with, but leaving them scattered in little pieces all over the table is our own personal hell.

Bali dogs: Horror and hypocrisy stuff nation

The street dogs in Bali are crying out for attention, but most people just ignore them.

What's happening to the dogs in Bali is horrendous, but is it any worse than the way other animals are treated in NZ?

Kiwis friendly? Not to refugees stuff nation

The refugees I've met are hungry for an opportunity to give back to their new countries; they want to be seen as human ...

Dennis from accounts sits behind his keyboard asking “Why don’t they stay in their countries and fight?”. Why don't you try being a refugee, Dennis?

Youth unemployment not fault of young stuff nation

Gaining employment isn't as simple as going to a public toilet and flicking the switch to "occupied".

Gaining employment isn't as simple as going to a public toilet and flicking the switch to "occupied". It's time we stopped pretending otherwise.

My quarter-life crisis stuff nation

Zane Small, right, and his father at the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

A priority switch has struck me in my mid-20s. I've realised the one consistent element is family.

'We are Muslims, not terrorists' stuff nation

Bandar Alotaibi wants the automatic association of terrorism with Islam to end.

Terrorism is unjustly linked with Islam, meaning Muslims worldwide are automatically being treated as terrorists.

The herd mentality in property stuff nation

"It is tempting to sit back and tell yourself that now is not the time, but have a little bit more foresight."

An ability to think outside of the group mentality may very well save you in the larger scheme of things.

Gender discrimination still the norm stuff nation

Some schools want to project a professional look for their young women.

My generation grew up working towards and hoping for equality with men. We fought. Our daughters’ generation don’t even recognise that they’re being discriminated against.

'We're changing Happy Meal toys' stuff nation

"We aren't perfect - but we do listen and care."

Children should be free to play with whatever toys they want, and we realise our Happy Meal offering may not have been supportive of this.

Why I complained about Macca's gendered toys stuff nation

In 2003, some Happy Meals came with a toy tank. Tia Hunt checks out the features (file photo).

This isn’t about whether my daughter prefers playing with cars or dolls - it’s about the harm gender stereotyping does to our kids.

Living frugally isn't enough stuff nation

No fancy avocado toast for us - but "getting ahead" is still unrealistic.

Why do we have nothing to show for all our hard work? It has nothing to do with avocado, that's for sure.

What a bunch of sooky-bubbas stuff nation

The Warriors have won just one of their past five games, but could you do better?

Burning shirts? Bullying of players? National rejection? What a bunch of sooky-bubbas we’ve become.

Aren't we all migrants? stuff nation

All of our ancestors had a common goal: to get the hell out of their country and find a better life.

Since when did we start counting the number of years since our descendants came here as our sole right to this beautiful piece of land?

Don't waste a woman's time if you don’t want a kid too stuff nation

I wanted children but I left it too late.

Don’t let your son believe that having kids can be put off indefinitely.

You only have 30,000 days stuff nation

"My generation is growing up in a digital world, with the opportunity to achieve anything we put our minds to."

The world is only going to become more reliant on technology - why not embrace it?

I am a mother, despite miscarriage stuff nation

"Miscarriages are dark and lonely events. They are not only the loss of life, but the loss of hope."

I have carried - and lost - five babies. I am a mother to all of them.

French election: Anxiety divides stuff nation

Far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, left, and centrist Emmanuel Macron.

The political climate in France is a great example of the widening gap between pessimism and optimism.

English (il)logic to blame stuff nation

Finding the pronouciation of Māori place names a bit tough? This way to Translator Road...

Proposed Māori place names have been labelled "unpronounceable", but English inconsistencies are at fault.

Endo: My uterus hates me stuff nation

When my husband asks if he can help, my response is usually: "Can you take my uterus out?"

I can't cough, laugh or sneeze without feeling like someone has stabbed me in the stomach.

Redundant, diagnosed with MS stuff nation

Work and Income has a systemised, heartless approach to dealing with people with sickness or disabilities.

If you don't have a Plan B, you could find yourself at the mercy of Work and Income.

Super Rugby irreparable? stuff nation

The Blues maintained NZ's unbeaten record against Aussie opposition this season with a win over the Brumbies.

NZ teams are succeeding in the current format, but this threatens to spoil the rivalry with our neighbours.

An open letter to the IRD stuff nation

I do not want to be put in the same tax brackets as fully established and more profitable businesses that can afford it.

The purpose of this letter was to talk to you about this tax thing you guys do. It’s killing us.

The quarter-life crisis is real stuff nation

These may just look like normal jeans, but they represent a quarter-life crisis of choices.

A quarter-life crisis is a concept that many in the older generation will scoff at, but there are too many options.

A letter from your waitress stuff nation

We are normal people that live everyday lives. We even go to the same supermarkets as you. Weird, I know.

You wouldn't expect to be yelled at for doing your job, and neither should we.

When pain outweighs pleasure stuff nation

Warriors player Kieran Foran gives a somewhat halfhearted wave to the crowd after a narrow win over the Sydney Roosters.

It's just a matter of faith, right? Well, maybe this time faith just isn't enough.

Thought we were mates, mate stuff nation

You hide behind this faux "humility" while tearing down anything Australian.

An Australian grapples with NZ's love-hate relationship with its neighbour.

Embrace science, don't fear it stuff nation

The artificial womb created for lambs could one day be used for human foetuses.

Something that can improve outcomes is to be treated with optimism, not reviled.

Anzac twist bread exists stuff nation

Anzac biscuits may have some competition.

An easy and delicious sweet twisted loaf studded with nuts and oats and smothered in golden syrup.

When elders abuse stuff nation

Our elderly relative is getting our other relatives to pick sides. "If you don’t support me you are on ‘their’ side."

We all know about elder abuse. But what happens when it's the elders doing the abusing?

Contentious calls and no-brainers stuff nation

Sam Warburton with head-coach Warren Gatland during the British and Irish Lions Tour Squad and Captain announcement.

Most of the squad will pretty much pick itself, but there's bound to be a few contentious inclusions.

13 Reasons Why: Mortifying stuff nation

The world would be a better place if shows like this were taken seriously by everyone.

I was mortified by 13 Reasons Why, but not because I think it glorifies suicide. I was shocked by how real it was.

Kiwis set to be collateral damage stuff nation video

'It seems a bit unfair' - thousands of Kiwis in Australia left in limbo following citizenship changes

New Zealand's "special" visa doesn't deserve its name. There is nothing special about it.

ARU stuck in a hole of its own making stuff nation

The ARU appear to have overlooked the grassroots level of the game.

The decision to throw all their eggs in the Super Rugby basket is harming Australian rugby big time.

Digital changes are coming stuff nation

AI can take us to the next level of thinking.

The job of the futurist is to consider what's next at a societal and system level. I have some ideas.

Help a parent out stuff nation

You really don't need to remind parents of this when their child does something you don't like.

I know it was my decision to have children. You don't need to remind me every time my child does something you don't like.

Lions could be up for huge task stuff nation

Warren Gatland and newly-named Lions captain Sam Warburton look simultaneously jolly and apprehensive.

Gatland has found the right balance between strength and sentiment, but is it enough to deny our dominance?

Suicide series 'shock value' stuff nation

What I find most disturbing is that Hannah finds the real power (of revenge, in my opinion) after her suicide.

13 Reasons Why attempts to shed light on an extremely sensitive subject, but just ends up glorifying it.

'When anti-depressants depress you' stuff nation

My Prozac withdrawals were bad. I thought about suicide. Anything to make the chatter stop.

My Prozac withdrawals were bad. I thought about suicide. Anything to make the chatter stop.

Breaking my silence post-abuse stuff nation

One second we were arguing. The next I felt a jolt of fear. Fear that I was about to be hit.

One day I asked him a question. Instead of getting an answer, I had a pitchfork thrown at me.

Anti-depressants ban a cop-out stuff nation

We need more cops. That's been echoed all over the country by multiple agencies, parties, groups and communities.

Surely if they're at risk of "spontaneously" relapsing, then they shouldn't be able to work or go anywhere unsupervised.

Rugby revamped, but still a joke stuff nation

A fan shows her support for the Western Force.

Returning to a 15-team Super Rugby format is an improvement, but SANZAAR are still missing a trick.

Job market cruel to graduates stuff nation

With even 'entry-level' jobs demanding three years' experience, it's too hard for young Kiwis to get on the career ladder.

Cost of curtailing free speech stuff nation

Silencing opponents through legislation will lead to the rise of totalitarianism.

Abortion is not empowering stuff nation

It's obvious - abortion is not a choice, rather a tragic response to a lack of choices.

Time to curtail free speech stuff nation

If New Zealand wants a fairer future, we should criminalise Islamophobia.

Stop asking if I want kids stuff nation

I'm only just figuring out university - how should I know if I want children?

My anxiety is called Walter stuff nation

"Walter is separate from me, so I cannot think badly of myself whenever he appears."

Too many fish in the sea stuff nation

Swipe, type and invite - dating apps sound simple, but they're far from it.

Phoenix unity struggles stuff nation

Unless they learn to play as a team, the Wellington Phoenix will be out of playoffs contention. Or worse.

My social media addiction stuff nation

Facebook was my be all and end all. Until one day I realised just how damaging it could be.

The cathedral conundrum stuff nation

It?s still a symbol of Christchurch, and today it's got even more power than it did before.

Stop playing the blame game stuff nation

A bad driver is a bad driver - it doesn't matter who they are, where they're from or what colour their skin is.

Let down by doctors stuff nation

I've been neglected by the people I trusted with my life.

Keep the voting age at 18 stuff nation

School isn't the real world, so why give students a vote for real world issues which don't affect them?

Stop with the man-shaming stuff nation

I may earn more than my wife, but who pays the mortgage while she's home with the kids?

The elephant in the room stuff nation

People are confused about how to help those in danger of suicide. But in some cases, it's easier than you think.

Making Super Rugby super stuff nation

Cut-throat decisions need to be made to restore the competition to its former glory.

Rape jokes are no surprise stuff nation

Until we create a culture in which boys can call out sexism without fear, it will continue unchecked.

Racing a tax-free haven stuff nation

As we watch our retirements and chances of home ownership slip away, NZ funds a pointless industry.

New look F1 cars don't cut it stuff nation

Changes essential to tree-hugger friendly engines that have done nothing but alienate fans.

Getting NZ Super on track stuff nation

Long term planning requires long term vision ? not myopia.

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