From rescue pup to model dog stuff nation

The beach is one of Floki's favourite places. Especially if he can rope another dog into a game of chase on the sand.

When we first met Floki he had no recall and didn't know his name. Now he's secured a modelling contract.

Kaya and Hades get married stuff nation

Kaya and Hades on their "wedding" day.

This canine couple absolutely adore each other. So much so that they made it official and tied the knot.

Best friends for life stuff nation

Stevie cuddles are the best cuddles.

Persian ragdoll-cross Stevie has become inseparable from our 18-month-old son Levi. He follows him everywhere!

Best of the bulldogs stuff nation

Macula, Nikoda and Mina aren't having any of this 'bed' thing - there are walks to go on!

My three bulldogs have looked after me and my daughters since my partner died.

Huey the happy rabbit stuff nation

Huey is a safety-conscious rabbit.

Huey enjoys nature and long hops on the beach.

Bidi Elliott the cat stuff nation

Yes thanks, this laptop bag is the purrfect place to perch.

Nope, she's not a dancing fanatic, but Bidi does have a certain obsession with chasing pegs.

Growing into her paws stuff nation

Billie will beat you in a staring contest.

She loves terrorising her brother - even though he's 10 years her senior.

Fei Mao, or Fat Cat stuff nation

We're so happy Fei Mao has finally joined us in Christchurch, all the way from Malaysia.

We're so happy he's finally joined us in Christchurch, all the way from Malaysia.

Graham the rest home cat stuff nation

Catting is very serious business.

Graham has the pick of residents' beds to sleep on and loves being centre-stage for activities.

Coco takes the lead stuff nation

Coco loves exploring on his leash.

It's not just dogs that get to take a walk with their owners; cats are getting in on the action too.

In memory of my shadow, Ninja stuff nation

Ninja had a lot of troubles in her life, but she always loved to run on the beach.

My little fuzzball was more than just a dog. She helped me battle through the darkness after the quake stole my light.

Doug the travelling cat stuff nation

We couldn't bear to leave Doug behind when we moved from Canada to NZ.

We couldn't bear to leave Doug behind when we moved from Canada to NZ, so he came along too.

Zeus: Father of gods stuff nation

In Mangawhai, Zeus takes a nap after a long day of playing.

My chinchilla cross is pet of the day, every day, to me.

Nothing sheepish about Thomas stuff nation

Stopping for a snack.

He's loud, proud, affectionate, intelligent, inquisitive, athletic and playful.

Neville the devil stuff nation

Neville's idea of a perfect evening involves chilling on my knee, watching TV and chatting.

Neville's vocabulary is better than the average teenage boy's, and he's the perfect companion for an evening watching TV.

Saying goodbye to Sheba stuff nation

Sheba cuddling her favourite toy

After my wife died, life was never quite the same for Sheba.

Luna, the precocious pup stuff nation

Luna, absolutely nailing the smize.

Six-month-old French bulldog Luna knows exactly how cute she is and loves nothing more than posing for a snap or five.

Three decades of dogs stuff nation

Pierre cuddles up with our son Sam who is now 18-years-old

After farewelling four sheepdogs in 35 years we wondered if all the grief was worth it. Then along came Ted.

Mackie leaves his mark stuff nation

Mackie, front, and his offsider Cat (aka Toby), rear, waiting patiently for dinner to be served.

Losing a pet can be as devastating as losing a friend or relative, especially when they go before their time.

She should've lived forever stuff nation

We shared so many adventures. So many sunsets on the beach and sunrises too numerous to count.

We shared so many adventures. So many sunsets on the beach and sunrises too numerous to count.

Bambam: Gone but not forgotten stuff nation

Bambam: The fun-loving, friendly Staffordshire bull terrier.

Bambam was my best mate, loyal and loving. There will never be another like him and I miss him every day.

80s throwbacks Humps & Winnie stuff nation

With a loud Hawaiian shirt and a bushy black moustache, Humphrey makes a pretty dashing canine version of Tom Selleck's ...

These two brothers from different mothers are dead ringers for two Hollywood stars from the 1980s.

Monty and Harry, my heroes stuff nation

Hurry up with the treats!

Who needs kids around the house when you've got dogs?

Donut and Sir Dorito stuff nation

Donut and Dorito doesn't sound like an obvious combination - but here, it works.

This junk food duo are the best of friends.

Beautiful green-eyed Bengal stuff nation

Budding model and motorist Nala co-ordinates her car to her eye colour.

Budding model and motorist Nala co-ordinates her car to her eye colour.

Never a dull moment with Burtie stuff nation

Burt loves to hang out in the kitchen whenever food is being prepared.

This Foxdoodle pup thinks everyone should be his friend and is still learning that not everyone wants to be.

Harry the talking cat stuff nation

Harry is a cat of many talents, including opening cupboard doors and meowing the word "mum".

No one ever believed my ginger cat said "mum" but now everyone has heard it with their own ears.

Meet Molly the purring Persian stuff nation

Molly is happy to have the run of the house as centre of attention now the kids have grown up and left home.

This chinchilla Persian must be the only cat I know that plays fetch with a toy mouse as if she was a golden retriever.

Jazz and Cleo's sister act stuff nation

Tough girl Jazz likes to stalk around her stomping ground.

These two Bengal siblings love to steal anything shiny they find around the house.

The great cat stare-off stuff nation

Who will look away first? "Yeah, keep staring, buddy. It won't get you inside."

Which cat will look away first?

Zoe the poser stuff nation

Any true America's Top Model fan knows it's all about the smize.

The camera loves Zoe - but not as much as she loves the camera.

Goodbye, Tess stuff nation

Fun-loving Tess will be missed by all who met her.

Fun-loving Tess will be missed by all who met her.

Guinea pigs Echo and Spud stuff nation

Spud (left) and Echo (right) enjoy an afternoon snack.

All these two need for an adventure is a go kart and a handful of grass.

Smokey, the mince connoisseur stuff nation

Smokey camouflaging himself amongst the bark.

Raw mince just isn't good enough for Smokey, it must have herbs and eggs mixed in to be fit for consumption.

Albi and Nola: Reluctant friends stuff nation

Albi and Nola

After a somewhat dicey start, these two troublemakers have found common ground.

The best Christmas surprise stuff nation

Momo loves cats, kids, and cuddles.

Momo loves cats, kids, and cuddles.

Precious princess Holly stuff nation

Holly likes sitting on the rangehood. I wish she wouldn't.

Holly is the epitome of why people don't like cats, but she does have a good side. Sometimes.

Madge, the relaxation master stuff nation

"Relax", As Frankie Goes To Hollywood say.

Meditation, napping, isolation ... Madge knows all that stuff. She's like a Renaissance relaxer.

The coolest pup on the block stuff nation

Scooter just adores sitting in the sun with her favourite fella.

Miniature fox terrier Scooter likes nothing more than sunbathing on the deck with her favourite fella.

My chalk and cheese cats stuff nation

They couldn't be more different, but I wouldn't be without either of them.

They couldn't be more different, but I wouldn't be without either of them.

El Gatto, the catto stuff nation

Who is in charge, here?

El Gatto loves loud conversations, tummy rubs, and playing 'chasey'.

Kenzie, the king stuff nation

Kenzie likes to block the TV if his preferred show isn't playing.

Kenzie certainly has a regal personality. He gets what he wants.

Albus Dumbledore, the cat stuff nation

Albie meets William, the former race horse.

Albus Dumbledore, aka Albie, is the most curious and clever kitten I've ever seen.

Butter block-sized Maggie stuff nation

Maggie, left, and Rosie jumping for joy at Bottle Lake Forest.

Maggie was so tiny she managed to escape one night soon after we got her, and she didn't have a collar on.

Riley eats from his paw stuff nation

"What? Put my face in that bowl? Yuck, no! Who knows where it has been."

I had never seen a cat eat from its paw before Riley, and I have been amused ever since.

Harvey, our bundle of energy stuff nation

Harvey, just before  a much-needed haircut.

This little guy gets away with absolute murder, but can you blame us? Just look at him.

Meredith, the heart-melter stuff nation

Meredith is friendly, but full of sass - she's one fierce kitty.

Meredith is the ultimate charmer - she draws you in with her adorable face and comforting purr, but always remains slightly aloof.

Austin, Nana's best friend stuff nation

I'm not a soft toy, I swear!

Austin loves nothing more than keeping his family company, especially when there are treats involved.

My baby Coco stuff nation

Coco having a great time at Lake Mangamahoe, Taranaki.

Coco loves soft toys, cuddles and car rides.

Cute as a Muffin stuff nation

The sofa is Muffin's happy place.

Our Pomeranian puppy melts hearts - and licks faces.

Sir Sam Chairman Meow stuff nation

He may have lost one of his lives, but he's grateful for the other eight.

The kitty communist revolution is upon us.

Boston loves a lick stuff nation

Did someone say "fetch"?

If you're saying hello to Boston expect a wagging tail and plenty of smooches.

Moose on the loose stuff nation

Napping is important business - you've got to make sure you're dressed for the occasion.

When he's not busy chewing or napping, Moo is in training for next year's duck shooting season.

Moxie, the little big dog stuff nation

Moxie loves to soak up the rays.

Take a doberman, shrink it with a shrink ray, add some dumbo ears and you have got yourself a Moxie.

Pet of the day: Roman emperor stuff nation

The moment I decided my parents were the humans for me.

My humans, Mum and Dad, treat me as my name suggests – like a Roman emperor.

Leo, the snuggle bug stuff nation

"My blanket ... get your own."

When Leo isn't busy chewing things he shouldn't be, you can always find him snoozing somewhere.

Pippa devours everything stuff nation

"Is that camera edible? No? Then I don't want any part of what's happening here."

Pippa will chew anything she can get her paws on. She even ravaged a bag of mixed nuts.

Hurro, hoomans! It's George stuff nation

Did someone say walkies?

My hooman doesn't know I'm writing this, but I've decided I deserve to be 'Pet of the day'.

Storm brightens my day stuff nation

Storm is full of energy - but he loves a snuggle, too.

Come rain or shine, Storm loves nothing more than chasing his tennis ball.

Puppies from the pound are the best stuff nation

Keara exploring the bush.

Keara was abandoned at the pound, scared and alone.

Ivy steals hearts stuff nation

"She has already wreaked havoc on our hearts."

This little bundle of fun is still too small to come home - but she's already part of the family.

Cooper just wants a shower stuff nation

Cooper, captured during a rare dry moment.

While most cats are terrified of water, Cooper likes nothing more than hopping in the shower every morning.

Lister the crazy beardie stuff nation

Watch out seagulls! Lister has you in her sights.

2-year-old Lister has an obsession with flying objects - she even attempted to catch a helicopter one day.

Bella grooms Poppy stuff nation

These two are the best of friends.

Poppy is a pretty chill rabbit, and loves to be pampered by Bella the tabby.

Monty's cute and he knows it stuff nation

This nonchalant look? It's one of my best looks. I can easily pull it off.

"This nonchalant look? It's one of my best looks. I can easily pull it off."

Shady the daredevil stuff nation

Shady the sphynx relaxes at home.

Three-year-old Shady fancies himself quite the horse rider.

Bruce the adventurer stuff nation

Bruce waiting to to pick up white water rafters at the end of their adventure.

Anywhere I go, Bruce goes - rafting, caving, climbing, mountain bike and horse riding.

Izzy sleeps on the bookcase stuff nation

Oscar and Izzy sleeping on top of the bookcase.

We bought Izzy and Oscar new beds, but they still prefer to sleep on the wooden bookcase.

Almond: Goat or human? stuff nation

Almond does her best Winston Churchill impression.

She's been part of the family since being hand-reared as a baby.

Tui, the trooper stuff nation

Tui adores meeting new people so he can lick them all over.

Tui was wounded in a dog fight last year, but he has since been re-homed and is happier than ever.

That doggy smize, though stuff nation

Frankie in his gladrags.

He's a doggy-cop, a lumberjack and a fitspo it-dog all at once - "insta-famous" Frankie can do it all.

Teddybear, the canine companion stuff nation

Teddybear, wearing his Canine Companions scarf.

Teddy is a volunteer pet therapy dog. He puts all his time into helping others and making them happy.

A message from Mela stuff nation

I'm not up to mischief... I swear!

My Mum tells people I am an adorable little whirlwind and I have turned her life upside down.

Boston’s not just a pretty face stuff nation

Boston polished off a chai latte and ended up with a milk moustache.

This super-smart pup proves you can have the looks and the brains.

Nero, the rescue dog changing lives stuff nation

Nero is all love - he's a natural as a pet therapy dog.

Mojo lives up to his name stuff nation

Mojo charms the ladies by allowing them to transform him into a work of art.

Teaching our deaf dog Bailee to sign stuff nation

Adopting a deaf dog is no different to adopting a hearing dog, except training is especially important.

Neeson, the Norwegian Forest stuff nation

Neeson is a ginger fluffball who loves nothing more than exploring.

Brother dogs united stuff nation

Geoffrey and Colin were part of the same litter, but it took a chance sighting to bring them back together.

A tribute to an old friend stuff nation

Maddie brought unconditional love into my life and made me the happiest person. I miss you "Houdini-dog".

Chirpy little Gentarou stuff nation

4-month-old zebra finch Gentarou is a rather clingy young chap who loves to cuddle up to his parents.

All hail, Queen Chloe stuff nation

She's the newbie of the neighbourhood, but it hasn't taken Chloe long to assert her dominance.

Kuro the clever kitten stuff nation

Kuro is very clever and has been trained to sit, high-five and kiss - which he does very well.

Dexter, every dog's best friend stuff nation

He's a goofy, funny, friendly, lovable boy.

Our house is her stage stuff nation

Matilda's never short of an admiring glance and is just as much of a princess as you'd assume her to be.

Dobby, the kooky labradoodle stuff nation

She's a down-to-earth gal, but a little pampering never goes astray.

Pake, our bitsa (bits of this, that, the other) stuff nation

Everyone loves Pake - we lucked out in the found dog department.

Toby - cat or lion? stuff nation

At 6.5kg, he definitely wasn't the runt of the litter.

Floyd, the miracle earthquake cat stuff nation

Floyd spent 10 days under a crumbled building, but now he's making the most of his second shot at life.

Sheba and Tillie, strays no more stuff nation

After a difficult start in life, this pair have found themselves a comfortable pad.

Am cat, will sleep stuff nation

Rose and Steve aren't fussy about where they kip.

Pizza, the intrepid climber stuff nation

The clothes drier is Pizza's favourite climbing frame - and it's a great place for a cat nap, too.

Olive, my pretty pomeranian stuff nation

I can count on Olive to be patiently waiting on my bed until I get up to start the day.

Cedric, Prince of Ponsonby stuff nation

Cedric isn't your average pug. He thinks he is human, and is treated like "one of the boys".

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