Atheists need self-awareness stuff nation

Christians are shut out from the euthanasia debate because it's assumed we are 'biased'.

Christians are shut out from the euthanasia debate because it's assumed we are 'biased'.

Dying with dignity, or the death of reason? stuff nation

Let's have a proper debate on the ethics of assisted dying.

The first casualties of the assisted dying debate are truth, accuracy and fair comment.

Why I support euthanasia stuff nation

"He was always so full of life, so full of love and laughter, and that’s how I choose to remember him."

It's devastating to lose a loved one, but it would be easier if terminally ill people were able to decide when to end their suffering.

Whose death is it anyway? stuff nation

Many of those who would seek assisted suicide are not physically capable of taking their own life.

These are the reasons why I support the euthanasia debate. Now it's your turn to contribute to the discussion.

My life, my choice stuff nation

It is not up to the society in which I live to tell me how to die - it is my life and my body.

Dangers of legal euthanasia stuff nation

The idea of individuals deciding their own fate is flawed. It'll be a short journey from right to die to duty to die.

'Right to die' not 'duty to die' stuff nation

If euthanasia were legal in NZ, we would have to find a way to ensure it's in the person's best interest.

Facing facts about death stuff nation

People are dying slow, painful heart-breaking deaths. Let them have a happy last moment with loved ones.

'We deserve a choice' stuff nation

We don't need sufferers of degenerative conditions to live longer in distress to be reminded how to live fully.

My mum asked me to kill her stuff nation

At the end of my mother's fight, she begged every doctor and nurse who saw her to put her out of her misery.

Choose life, not death stuff nation

Martin Crowe didn't quit when the going got tough, and I am sure it was tough.

Death is part of being human stuff nation

I've seen terminal illness bring out the best in people, by bringing families together in support.

Euthanasia versus suicide stuff nation

Life is too precious for any organization, or person, to make a unilateral decision to end the life of another.

Sticking it to the 'Big C' stuff nation

I've fought this disease tooth and nail. I won't give up. But if I need to, I want to go out on my own terms.

'Impossible' dilemma stuff nation

There is a lot of talk of death with dignity, writes Martin Ryan. What about life with dignity?

'We can get things wrong' stuff nation

My perspective as a New Zealander and doctor is that euthanasia or assisted suicide will cause great harm.

I'm against assisted suicide stuff nation

Proponents of this bill think it is adding to their rights but won't unduly affect others. This is not the case.

My poppa had no choice stuff nation

Shouldn?t we cater to the needs of the dying in a way that aligns with their personal values?

Euthanasia about head not heart stuff nation

As a nurse, I used to support euthanasia. What changed my mind?

Still haunted by his suffering stuff nation

"Dad would have hated living like that - an intelligent man locked in a body that no longer served him."

We need dignity in death stuff nation

My grandparents did not want this. The family did not want this for them.

Dying should be on our terms stuff nation

We deserve, and are justified in demanding, the right to end our pain and suffering on our own terms.

Euthanasia: Please let me go stuff nation

I have stuffed kidneys. I should be allowed to say 'Please let me go, I don?t want this existence any more'.

Watching dad die was hell stuff nation

Watching Dad die was the most horrific thing of my life. I clung to his hand for four hours and begged him to go.

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