Unlikely best friends

Last updated 05:00 27/03/2014
Zita and Teenie

PEACEFUL: While Teenie the cat does like to be in charge, she and Zita share a special bond.

Indie dog
Wayne Severn Zoom
HARD AT WORK: Indie shows off her uniform vest for her work as a sniffer dog.

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Cutest helper of them all

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Zita and Teenie are two best friends and their work is bringing happiness to our household.

They are a credit to the peaceful coexistence of dogs and cats. Although Teenie likes to keep the upper paw in the power game, she knows that Zita is her best canine friend.

The two of them are happy to play together nicely, whilst also being happy to share bedding options. If anyone is thinking of owning a spoodle and cat combination, then these two are testament to a happy outcome.

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