Cyclists, do you feel safe?

Guys in utes 'worst drivers'


While not technically poor drivers, guys in utes appear to think they own the road, says John Taylor.

Ever heard of sharing the road?

Cyclist on the road

As a road cyclist you never know what's going to come out and hit you, writes Courtney Leith.

The game of 'cycling roulette'


After a dozen close calls while out on his bike, Matt Clarke wonders what's going wrong on our roads.

Are seconds worth a life?

A close encounter with a car in Hamilton reinforces Louis Marco's call for penalties on drivers.

Lessons from cycling in Chch

Cycleway, cycling, lane

You have to assume other road users have not seen you, even when you are lit up like a Xmas tree.

Drivers put my life 'at risk'


Cycling is my sport. It is my passion. It is my pastime and obsession. But is it safe?

Cycle route changes flawed


There are good ideas with cyclists in mind, but no practical experience in implementing them.

Why UK beats our cycleways


If the cycle path isn't littered with broken glass, somebody's parked a car in the middle of it.

Some road users are bullies


Whenever I vent at a driver I say: "If I was a damn Kenworth truck, you'd give way, stop or think twice."

It only takes one...


Hopefully the cycling accidents I have had are like earthquakes - lots of little ones avoid the big ones.

5 Welly cycling deathtraps

cycling wellington

I risk my life every other day to save the average Petone commuter 20 seconds a day by not driving.

Fluro won't save you

cyclist hi vis

Brett Tulloch share his tips for staying safe on a bicycle. Hint: fluro won't help.

Cyclists 'need nine lives'

cyclist hi vis


Despite wearing the right clothing, having lights on my bike and obeying the rules, I'm not bullet proof.

A cycling 'enlightened' city


Why can't drivers and cyclists just get along? Well in Vancouver, they do.

Most drivers are considerate


Heidi Davies, who cycles 30km every weekday in fair weather and foul, says she respects drivers.

Safer cycling in Auckland



Peter Jenkins has a simple suggestion on how police could keep cyclists safe from texting motorists.

Cycling gamble worth risk

Cyclists have to do every thing they can to make themselves safe, say non-Lycra-clad Philip Smith.

Two wheels, less stress


I would encourage anyone who is cycle curious to get on their bike and try it.

'Idiot' drivers terrify cyclists


It's shocking that more people die cycling our roads than doing the extreme cycling sports.

Your bike, your safety


Cycle like everyone is trying to knock you off your precious two wheels, John Burrows writes.

What's it like to be a cyclist in NZ?

Share your stories, photos and videos.

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