Christchurch drivers 'hate cyclists'

Last updated 05:01 16/05/2014
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WHAT'S THE HURRY?: The only way to keep cyclists safe would be to separate them from motorists altogether, writes Rodger Heijgen.

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What's it like to cycle in your city? We asked our readers on two wheels to share their views and experiences. 

Rodger Heijgen reckons Christchurch drivers are small minded and that they hate cyclists.

Large numbers of Christchurch drivers hate the cyclist.

They are so small minded that every ounce of their being is hell bent on getting to the destination first.

It's a small town mentality.

I have seen this phenomenon in other counties as well. You can almost see the smoke coming off the drivers' heads as they see a cyclist fly past the row of traffic they are sitting in.

Then the driver gets ahead only to be passed again at the next traffic jam. Of course the cyclist is pedalling hard to achieve this result, just to make a point and get a twisted but great feeling of satisfaction from it.

Separate the cyclists and cars as much as possible, that's the best way.

Do "small-minded" Christchurch drivers really hate cyclists, or do you think both forms of transport work well together? Just click the View The Assigment button, and then contribute your views.

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