Put that cyclist on the bus

Last updated 05:00 17/05/2014

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What's it like to cycle in our cities? We asked our readers to share their experiences. Rod Klaassen has given up biking in Auckland.

I used to ride a bike a long time ago. I won't now and I tell everyone that rides a pushbike in rush hour traffic not to.

The roading system wasn't designed to take pushbikes, cars, trucks, motorbikes and buses. They don't, and never will, mix on the same piece of road.

I live in Auckland and commute daily over the Harbour Bridge.

Our biggest problem during peak hour is traffic congestion.

Traffic that is crawling uses more fuel, pollutes the air, loses productivity etc. We all know the bad side of this.

Too often I hear the argument that cycling to work is good for the environment. I have to disagree. In so many of the suburban bus lanes you frequently see one lone cyclist wobbling up a hill at 5km/hr while three buses packed with 150 people are crawling along behind, holding them up spewing diesel fumes everywhere.

Put that cyclist in the bus.

It's about moving mass numbers of people quickly at rush hour.

If the cyclist wants to get fit, do it at a gym or in a park.

Until we get cycleways that are away from the traffic it's not safe to be on the road.

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