Cyclists in Christchurch 'arrogant'

Last updated 12:30 22/05/2014
TIGHT SQUEEZE: Do cyclists take enough responsibility for their own safety?

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I have lived in Christchurch all my life and starting driving at the age of 16.

I use to always travel around on my bicycle before that, but started to feel uncomfortable at the distance between cyclists and cars on the road.

Ever since I have started driving, I have noticed that not all drivers should be blamed for cyclists getting hit off their bikes. If a cyclist is hit off their bike, it is always the driver that will be at fault, even if the cyclist was actually at fault.

Cyclists in Christchurch (and when I say cyclists I'm generally referring to the lycra-wearing ones) are extremely arrogant because to them, they're always going to be a victim. But also they put their lives at risk themselves.

Travelling beside each other instead of the single file which is law, getting too close to cars on the road, cutting in front of cars and generally not actually caring for the hazards and environment around them.

I understand the current situation in Christchurch makes it difficult for cyclist to share the roads. With road works you can only fit one car on each side, but I do think cyclists should then be allowed to ride on the concrete path or they can just avoid the city all together.

Why are lycra-wearing cyclists so angry? They are extremely abusive when they need to realise it is not always the car and the driver that are the problem here.

Anytime the media has an article about the cycling situation, all the comments that are trying to defend cyclists and bash drivers. 

As I drive over the hill between Lyttelton and Dyers Pass Road, I forever find myself stuck behind a cyclist who shows no consideration to those behind them who would like to get passed but cannot do so in a safe manner. There are copious amounts of pull-over areas that they should pull into to be considerate and let the vehicle past. The cyclist can then continue their ride. When situations like this arise, I feel that they are behaving this way on purpose.

Yes, I do think that we need to cater for our cyclists, but the cyclists also need to stop thinking they have the right of way and that they are constantly the victim. They need to stick to the law. Ride single file, avoid roads with road works without areas for cyclists and consider your surroundings. 

If you're riding on a main road with trucks, be extra cautious, get some mirrors on your bike and try to stop what seems to be the inevitable.

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