Mum always picks herself back up

Last updated 16:40 07/04/2014
Olive Henry
LOVE MY MUM: Olive Henry always picks herself back up again after tragedy.

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Mums are busy people who often don't get all the recognition they deserve. We asked our readers to tell us why they love their mums. 

There were five children in our family so Mum (and Dad) were always busy.  

We initially lived on a farm in the Hawke's Bay and even though Mum took care of the five us, she never failed to have a hot meal on the table for Dad when he finished on the farm or find time to help him.

We later moved to a hotel in the Hawke's Bay and again mum would spend her time either dealing with us, cleaning the hotel, serving the 'punters' or fixing accommodation and food for visitors. 

She is always there for me no matter what.

My mum has been through a lot in the past including losing a son (1978), husband (2002) and a daughter (2010), yet she picks up the pieces and carries on.

She is a strong, sometimes opinionated but always caring and loves all of us including her grandchildren and great grand children unconditionally and equally.  

Not long after my sister passed our relationship became a little strained.

They had a close relationship as my mum lives in a house behind my sister's home in Matamata and I live in Christchurch.

Each visit I made after my sister's passing seemed to add to the strain and after about a year (and probably a few too many wines!) the dam burst, so to speak, and things were said.

But instead of it damaging our relationship it made us closer. Someone was smiling down on us that day. I now have a better understanding of what my mother has had to go through with the loss of a husband and two children and the grief she has had to work through. 

Both Mum and Dad worked long, hard hours and they both have/had a great work ethic.  I like to think that their work ethic, values, beliefs and mum's resilience has rubbed off on me. Mum is now over 70-years-old but still remains youthful.

She enjoys having a good time, especially with family and friends, and is often the life of the party.  

I probably didn't really appreciate what my mum did for us kids until I became a mother myself.  She is everything to me and I love her immensely.

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