Does NZ need the royals? Yes, for now

Last updated 05:00 25/07/2013
FIRST GLIMPSE: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the hospital this morning with their newborn son.
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OUR NEW LEADER: Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge with their newborn son.

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Do we need the royal family?

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This week a baby was born on the opposite side of the world and is now third in line to becoming head of state of 16 independent nations. But should he be?

Simply because of who his great grandmother is, this little person is better than you. Nothing you ever do will ever be as important as the announcement of his birth. Better by birth is feudal nonsense left over from the dark ages but is still entrenched in our society.

The royal family may be out of date but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have them.

They look pretty, wave for the cameras and give us weddings and birthdays to celebrate. In times of conflict they can unite the people and comfort them in times of crisis.

They have few real powers and seldom use them.

Imagine if we had a president second guessing everything the Prime Minister did. Vetoing every decision regardless of how much support they had from the people.

The Queen and her representative, the Governor General, are there to sign off our laws and give their ceremonial authority to parliament. They may not be democratically chosen but they do not harm our democracy. They are A-political.

I would much rather read articles about the royal family than Kim Kardashian or Teen Mom.

Do we need the royal family? No

Should we keep them? For the time being, yes.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Becoming a republic would not fix our problems and the royals don't usually cause any.

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