Monarchy a 'feudal relic'

Last updated 05:00 27/07/2013
Princess Kate, George Alexander Louis, Prince William
BY GEORGE: Princess Kate and Prince William with their new-born son, to be known as High Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, on the steps of the hospital.

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We've asked our Stuff Nation readers: Does NZ need the royal family?

The monarchy is a feudal relic, a reminder of past times when the English nobility possessed a born-to-rule mentality and a minority inherited a life of privilege.

England still has strong elements of a class-ridden system but New Zealand is an independent nation. England is no longer the mother country and given our egalitarian principles and ethos it's time we moved to republican status.

The royal family has developed into a posh political version of celebrity worship and the cult of the personality. The media frenzy around royalty and their comings and goings is way over the top and a symptom of just how perverted our focus is in a world where important issues are replaced on front pages by royal baby photos.

New Zealand needs to move on and introduce a presidential system more in keeping with a modern society, based on principles of merit and cultural appropriateness. I would think the powers of a New Zealand president would be the same as the present Governor General, largely ceremonial, non political and appointed in the same manner. The quality of recent Governor Generals has been very good and there are plenty of distinguished New Zealanders to select from.

We will of course need to ditch the British honours system and do away with the knighthoods. The British in their country have had plenty of scandals around theirs: the Blair cash for titles scandal was the most recent in a long line of 'shonky' awards to tarnish the honours system. I'm sure we can do better.

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