NZ an outpost no more

Last updated 05:02 10/04/2014

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Do we need the royal family?

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New Zealand does not need a Monarchy structure. The connection that used to exist between the UK and NZ is long gone.

In the beginning NZ was an outpost of an empire. In time this evolved to an independent status, but was still tied in key areas. These ties were for the benefit of the UK, not NZ.

Today there is no rational reason for any tie to exist unless it is trade and/or defence related. At this stage the UK has little sympathy for NZ in the trade sense and virtually no connection in the defence sense.

Any platitudes about coming to the aid of NZ should military threats arise are simply that - platitudes. The way in which any form of aggression might occur will leave little or no time for any supposed ally to come to NZ's aid - including the Australians, who despite their defence expenditure, have little in the way of effective resources.

So, if we have no need for a titular head of state, do we need a head of state at all?

I personally believe that we do need some sort of hierarchal structure whereby we can have checks and balances on governments of the day. This is something we do not achieve with the British monarchy.

The opportunity is available for NZ to redefine itself from the top down. To address with finality the Treaty of Waitangi issues, to remove separations between citizens, to develop a whole inclusive political democracy where we move away from majority rules to a system of hearing all voices and achieving decisions through consultation, inclusiveness and agreement.

From this perspective I think we need to develop a novel head of state concept where that position wields the ultimate vote which must always be cast in favour of the status quo unless there is overwhelming evidence of consultation and community agreement to change, whatever that might be.

We do not want an American system, we definitely do not want any Russian, middle European or Chinese type system. We do want a system that will contain the utmost transparency.

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