Crossfit has changed my life

Last updated 05:00 22/05/2014
TAKE NOTE: Joshua Cameron after a Crossfit session.

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When I first joined Crossfit seven months ago, I was fat, lazy and unmotivated.

My friend had been doing it for four months and when I last saw him he was the size of a small wildebeest. He turned up to my birthday and I was not even sure it was him. Surely there must be something to this craze, to turn my slovenly sloth-like friend into a demigod. 

I turned up to my free intro session and I was hooked. I was dead for the next week while I waited for my "On Ramp" course. This is a course to introduce you to the safety of the movements. It went over two weeks and I learned how to Crossfit, as they say.

Naturally I wanted to get straight into it, and lift the heavy weights and do all the movements like the big boys. But early on it was taught to me that that's not what it was about. I got taught that if you work at your level and work safely at that level, you will get stronger and over time I would be one of the people the newbies looked up to.

So I trained and I trained. I'm still nowhere near playing with the big boys, but Crossfit has taught me so much more about who I am as a person. I am now motivated, I can do basic activities without sweating. To me this is all the benefit I need.

Crossfit gets given a lot of grief when it is done wrong. The common cause is trainers who are just in it for the money. So in the States there have been heaps of gyms opening up after doing their three-day affiliate course. 

Where I train, the coaches have been PTI's in the army, and all of them have a fitness background. The intern programme means that no one is going to allow people to be unsafe while training. You can get called out pretty quickly if you are doing a movement wrong. Other members care more about you and your safety than you do at times. 

Poorly trained personal trainers are everywhere. But at Mount Crossfit, I would trust the coaches with my life, because they actually look after you.

The kipping pull up is a contentious issue, and a very easy target. If they were only used in competitions they would be done correctly. Ripped hands are signs of idiots I agree. But sometimes it happens and instead of wearing them like badge of honour, proper care needs to be taken to prevent it happening again.

Injuries occur in every sport. When Crossfit injuries equal the number of injuries sustained in rugby, or running. then something needs to be looked at. A lot of people will hate on new things. My personal view is that if there are people out there trying to get fit, what's the problem?

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The coaching in New Zealand is quality, and if you don't listen to what others are saying and you get injured, its not Crossfit's fault. You need to put in the time and effort on technique and mobility first to prevent injury.

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